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This is all about the best Valentine's Day Gifts to get this year. 

valentines day gifts

I obsess over Valentine's Day and love the chance to get to celebrate love and show your significant other how much you care about them.

I really like to channel into what my boyfriend likes and get him something special that he will be shocked I even thought about it.

These are the best Valentine's Day Gifts that your significant other will obsess over.

Best Valentine's Day Gifts: 

1. Custom Coordinates Art Work

valentines day gift idea

I love anything custom for Valentine's Day because it really shows that you put a lot of thought into the gift.

This Valentine's Day Gift is such a special reminder of where it all started. Plus, it makes a perfect addition to your home decor.

2. Robe 

I personally think that robes are one of the best gifts you can give a significant other. I mean who doesn’t want the gift of the coziness of a robe? 

This is a Valentine’s Day gift that your boyfriend or girlfriend is sure to obsess over. 

3. Funny Valentine's Day Card

How funny is this Valentine's Day card?! It's less than $4 on Amazon and can't find cards cheaper than that if you went to Target or some other place like that.

I ordered this for my own boyfriend for his card this year ?.

4. Weighted Blanket 

These things are amazing, and would make for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your significant other because it's like a constant hug lol. 

Weighted blankets are known to help with anxiety and sleeping issues because they make people feel safe and secure. 

5. OR an Electric Blanket 

If a weighted blanket doesn’t sound like your significant other’s cup of tea, then I highly suggest heated blankets! They are the BEST.

This would be an awesome Valentine’s Day gift because in February, pretty much everywhere is super cold. An electric blanket provides extra warmth on those cold winter nights. 

6. Coffee Mug 

One can never have enough coffee mugs because one can never have enough coffee (...or tea in my case).  

A coffee mug is always a great go-to for any kind of gift because there are so many that you are bound to find one that is perfect for your significant other. 

8. Morse Code Necklace 
valentines day gifts for her

Boys you know that a great go-to gift for your girl at any time is jewelry. But there’s just something about getting custom jewelry on Valentine's Day that just really does it for us. 

I LOVE this option for those girls that love a special meaning behind a piece of jewelry but don't want a necklace that spells out your name. You can get your name or another special word to you and it isn't so flashy about what it is. 

7. Heated Coffee Mug

If your significant other is super particular about their coffee and must have it piping hot at all times, then look into getting them a heated coffee mug for Valentine's Day. 

It’s a little bit more expensive, but it's a Valentine's Day gift that your significant other will use every day, and have you to thank for the great start to their morning! 

10. Bracelet 

This is my last stop on the jewelry topic I promise lol. But I couldn’t forget bracelets and these type of tennis bracelets are so popular right now! 

11. Watch 

If you have a little extra cash to spend this Valentine’s Day, I totally suggest getting them an Apple Watch. They’re lifesavers truly, and your boyfriend or girlfriend will thank you literally everyday.

12. Pajamas 

Especially in the colder months like February, pajamas come in handy and make bedtime or just lounging around the house that much more comfortable! Such a great Valentines Day gifts ideas.

13. Purse 

The one thing that women love almost as much as they love jewelry is bags! 

Amazon has a ton of great bag options for great prices. Whatever kind of purses your girlfriend wants, you can definitely get one for her without breaking the bank. 

And if your boyfriend needs a briefcase or a backpack, that works too! Don’t count guys out on this one ladies!

14. Adventure Book

Either fill this out for your significant other before you give it to them or save it to do as an activity together. Either way, this will be such a special Valentine's Day gift that you will be able to look back at for years to come. 

15. Cute Photo Frame

This is such a cute frame and would make the perfect gift for Valentine's day.

16. Cold Brew Coffee Maker 

Cold brew is all the rage right now, especially for all of the Starbucks lovers out there! 

If your significant other is obsessed with cold brew, help them save some cash by getting them a cold brew maker so they can have their cold brew at home. They’ll be energized and saving money and super thankful to you for all of it! 

17. What I Love About Us Journal 

If your significant other loves the sentimental gifts, then this is one that you have to get them on Valentines Day! 

It’s a journal all about your relationship that you fill out for them. 

18. Fuzzy Socks 

Fuzzy socks are always a great gift to any girl ever but these Barefoot Dreams socks will take it to a whole another level.

If your girlfriend knows brands, she will definitely know what Barefoot Dreams is and will be impressed that you knew to buy them.

19. Vans 

These are such a classic shoe option for boys! And they’re so comfortable too! 

20. Cologne/Perfume

This is always a staple gift idea for your significant other on any occassion. So why not get it for them on Valentines Day? 

We all know that it's really as much of a gift for us as it is for them. Because who wouldn't want their boyfriend or girlfriend to smell amazing all the time? 

21. Nintendo Switch 

This is a perfect Valentine's Day gift idea for your boyfriend!

It brings back childhood memories with games such as MarioKart, and has two player options so you can play each other. If your significant other loves to game, this is the gift to get them on Valentine's Day! 

22. "Our Moments" Conversation Starters

This is so perfect if you and your significant other love to go out to eat or cook for yourselves at home. These cards guarantee that you never run out of things to talk about.

23. Sex Coupon Book

If you and your boyfriend like to joke around a bit with gifts, this is guaranteed to make him laugh...and turn him on ;). 

24. Books

On the more serious side.. books are always such a great gift idea on any occasion. Valentine's Day is no exception! 

If your significant other is a bookworm, I totally suggest heading to Amazon and getting them a couple of books. Amazon always has the lowest prices on them, so they won't break the bank either!

25. Tile Set 

Is your significant other always searching for their phone or their keys? Then give them the gift of always finding them for Valentine's Day this year. 

Tile Sets connect an app on your phone to a tile on your keys so that if you have one, then you can find the other. It's a gift worth giving because it will save the day, everyday! 

26. Sunglasses

This is another great gift option if you are looking to spend a little more on your significant other this Valentine's Day. Sunglasses are definitely an important staple in anyone's wardrobe. 

27. Ticket Stub Diary 

This is the perfect Valentine's day gift for the couples that love music and go to tons of concerts and music festivals! 

This diary keeps all of the ticket stubs from those kinds of events in one place so that you and your significant other have a souvenir to look back on forever! 

28. Ugg Slippers

This is what I want for Valentine's Day, hands down! 

Ugg slippers are SO comfy and cozy. Your girlfriend will obsess over them I promise. 

29. Cute Winter Gloves

With Valentine's Day smack dab in the middle of winter, having gloves is an essential. It's even better to have really cute gloves like this ones.

30. Corkcicle Anything 

I love Corkcicles! They're pretty AND functional. They have a hugeee variety of products so there is definitely something that your significant other will love. 

Trust me, they'll obsess over it and use it all the time!    

31. Hydroflask

I feel like there are two kinds of people in this world: Corkcicle lovers and Hydroflask lovers. 

So since I talked about Corkcicles, I felt like I have to talk about Hydroflasks too. They're really great if all you drink is water and you prefer it ice cold. If that sounds like your significant other, then this is the gift to get them for Valentine's Day! 

32. AirPods

These are the greatest inventions ever. 

If your significant other doesn't already have AirPods this is the perfect gift for them.

33. Jacket  

If you've been wanting to spice up your boyfriend's wardrobe, use Valentine's Day as the chance to do so!

They will appreciate it so much, because it is honestly something that they just don't think of.

34. Wallet 

Everyone needs a good wallet. If your significant other is in the market for a new one, this is a great gift idea for Valentine's Day! 

35. Bose Speaker 

If you and your significant other enjoy music, then this is a great gift idea for them. 

Bose speakers honestly make or break a party. They're a little on the pricier side, but honestly they are such nice quality that the price is worth it!

36. TicketMaster Gift Card 

While new things are always fun to get, getting something for you guys to experience together is always a great idea. 

A ticketmaster gift card gives your boyfriend or girlfriend money to spend on a concert or show that you guys could go to together! 

This post was all about the Valentine's Day gifts for your significant other. 

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