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deep cleaning kitchen

The apartment is getting a good ol’ spring cleaning and this year I decided to break it up into one task a day instead of trying to clean everything in a few days. After five days of doing random deep cleaning tasks in the kitchen, the kitchen is spotless and feels so good!

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I’ll break it down for you what I did each day and what products I used to clean it. Nothing I cleaned took more than 15 minutes which is a major plus.

You can see all the other places I am spring cleaning in my Spring Cleaning Checklist. 

Here’s how I broke up my kitchen deep cleaning into five days:

  • Pantry Clean-out (Monday)
  • Clean Out Fridge (Tuesday)
  • Clean out stovetop (Wednesday)
  • Clean dishwasher (Thursday)
  • Degrease Cabinets and Backsplash (Friday)
  • Wash kitchen rug (Friday)
  • Clean Light Fixtures (Friday)
  • Clean Baking Sheets/Pots/Pans (Friday)

I did end up switching around Thursday and Friday…but considering I got it all done…I am calling the first week of spring cleaning a major success.

Spring Cleaning Day 1: Pantry Clean Out

deep clean kitchen
@bysophialeeapartment pantry organization (!!)♬ original sound – bysophialee

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I went through and organized the entire pantry last year. I LOVE it but it needed some major loving. Food was way expired, things in the wrong places, crumbs everywhere…you get the gist.

I spent time just cleaning it all up. This took me the longest out of everything to do but all in all it was done in 1 hour. Honestly, I feel so much better with it organized that I wish it was done before!

I wrote an entire post here going over where we got everything in this pantry. I also talk about the things we love about this pantry organization and the things we hate about it. Spoiler alert – The BEST thing about this pantry organization (well, there’s two) is that it was really affordable to do in terms of an organization project and it can easily move with me when I buy a home.

Spring Cleaning Day 2: Clean Out Fridge

Day 2 was spent going through the fridge. For the fridge, I used one of my favorite cleaning products ever, Dawn Dish Spray. It does SUCH a good job as an all purpose spray. It’s honestly alarming how many things in my fridge were expired. When I was finished, the fridge was basically empty because there was so little of food!

For the fridge, we’ve realized that the less amount of containers the better. When I first moved into my apartment, I organized the entire fridge and it looked perfectly organized. WE HATED IT. I think Ben even made it his duty to get rid of half the containers. 

We got rid of majority of the containers besides the top shelf. The top shelf has a turntable for condiments and then we have a bin for drinks. When we have friends over we can just bring the bin down and keep it on the island so people can grab what they want. 

Here’s what it looks like (I know, I now need to go grocery shopping haha)…

easy fridge organization
@bysophialeespring cleaning day 2 – cleaning out my fridge♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

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Spring Cleaning Day 3: Stove Cleaning

deep cleaning kitchen

Day 3…the stove! For the stove, I used Dawn Dish Spray again for the majority. Did you know you can literally take out everything on the top of your stove? Like the turner on things come off, the plates where the gas comes out of, everything! Our gas stove drives me crazy. There is always crumbs in it and it never looks clean. I know a gas stove is the majority favorite, but I might be an electric stove type of gal haha.

For the glass on the inside of the stove, I used Bar Keeper’s Friends. That cleaning product is purse magic. It cleans everything and anything!!

@bysophialee spring cleaning day 3 – cleaning my stove #fyp #cleaning #springcleaning ♬ Roxanne – Instrumental – Califa Azul

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Spring Cleaning Day 4: Random Kitchen Deep Cleaning Tasks

apartment kitchen ideas

Day 4 was spent doing random tasks in the kitchen. I cleaned the cabinets down, wiped the backsplash down, cleaned the light fixtures, and went through and cleaned up our baking sheets. People we’re surprised that I sprayed soap right on my cabinets…I didn’t think twice about it haha. They were so greasy and needed it!

Bar Keepers Friend is the BEST for getting those stains on baking sheets that do not come off. Like, look at this before and after…

kitchen cleaning hacks

This pan was SCRUBBED. This stain was not coming off!

kitchen cleaning hacks easy

And after it was scrubbed with Bar Keepers Friends! Pretty good, right?!

@bysophialeespring cleaning day 4 – the kitchen!♬ original sound – bysophialee

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Spring Cleaning Day 5: Cleaning The Dishwasher

Did you know you have to clean your actual dishwasher?! Apparently, you’re suppose to do this once a month. Who would’ve known🤯. 

I’ve had a lot of dishwasher problems. The dishes don’t get fully clean, the cups have a fog on them, etc. I am hoping with cleaning this dishwasher up it will help with our issues.

First thing I did was clean this mesh piece in the dishwasher. Unless your dishwasher is super old, your dishwasher probably has a spot that you can pull out and rinse off. I wanted to actually vomit doing this, it was nasty.

kitchen cleaning checklist

To do the dishwasher deep clean, I used one of the Dishwasher Cleaning Packets from LemiShine. LemiShine is one of my favorite cleaning brands and you can get this at Target. You just sprinkle it in. So easy!!

how to clean a dishwasher
@bysophialeenever knew you had to clean the actual dishwasher 🤷🏻‍♀️ spring cleaning day 5! also surprised I’ve actually kept up with my spring cleaning checklist haha♬ original sound – bysophialee

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Next week, we’re onto the bathrooms! Exciting times over here ;). But I do love how it feels to be in such a clean space. If you’re looking to spring clean, you can see my Spring Cleaning Checklist here. 

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