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This post is all about ways to make your dorm room smell good without candles.

ways to making your dorm room smell amazing without candles

Dorm rooms can get smelly fast. No wonder, since you’re basically doing every single thing in there.

You eat, sweat, get ready, do homework, and maybe even occasionally throw up (it is college and I wanted to add anything that would smell bad :/).

Moral of that all, dorm rooms freakin’ smell.

And the biggest issue with all of that: Dorms don’t allow you to have candles.

Here are genius ways on ways to make your dorm room smell good without candles.


1. Use a plug-in air freshener.

YOU GUYS! This keeps my room smelling so good. Last year, I used different scents from Bath and Body Works and they smelled amazing but this year I opted for a cheaper version and it smells just as good.

Right now, I am using this air freshener in the vanilla scent. I believe it was less than $4 dollars. I have only changed it once throughout this whole year and our room remains smelling so good. Like so good that people will walk in there and ask how we are making our room smell that good.

Also, last year one of my guy friends ended up having a really rough night and his room smelled disgusting (here’s where the throwup comes in…) and begged me for my wall plugin. He ended up buying it from me because it made his room smell so much better. So, basically, you should definitely be purchasing one of these!

2. Put essential oils in your humidifier.

When I got to school I noticed that my skin got super dry. It started peeling and was just gross so I bought a humidifier from home and have used it ever since. A few weeks ago I was at the store and they had some essential oils and thought I would add a few drops into the humidifier and see if it made the room smell better.

While it isn’t super strong, it gives just a hint of smell which leaves the room feeling so refreshed! I am about to go back and purchase the lemon scent so that I can put it in the humidifier while I am cleaning.

You could also buy the traditional diffuser which I hear works great! Here’s a cute one that is really inexpensive on Amazon.



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3. Get Febreze scented trash bags.

This is a total game changer. It honestly eliminates the smell of anything you put in your trashcan.

If you are in college or going to college, I highly recommend getting a pack of these. Since you are doing so much in your dorm, a lot of different things end up in your trashcan and sometimes you forget to take it out…for a while. No one will know that you haven’t taken it out for two weeks with these trash bags because they are that good.

And last time I am going to circle back to throw up (sorry guys…I think we can just all agree that this can make your room smell disgusting)… but, these hide every scent of that puke. I, unfortunately, have had this one tested in my dorm room :/.

4. Put dryer sheets in your shoe drawer and fan.

Most of us have dryer sheets in our rooms already, so take one out and shove it inside your fan. It will blow the smell of the sheet around your room and make it smell like you just did your laundry.

I like to also shove this in shoes that start smelling bad and in my sock/underwear drawer to make it smell better.

It’s a super easy and inexpensive way to make your room smell really good. You can also reuse dryer sheets that you used to do your laundry…they still hold a lot of smell!


5. Get a wax melt warmer.

This will probably be the closest thing to a candle for your dorm room.

The thing I like about this one so much is that it gives a similar “feeling” to having a candle lit.

One of my favorite things to do when I have a free night is to get in my comfiest pajamas, light a candle, and watch some shows that I need to catch up on.

This fills my void while I am at school even though it isn’t the same exact thing.

Bath and Body Works just came out with wax melts which is amazing because you can get the same smell as their candles but for WAY cheaper! The wax melts are less than $5 dollars each and last a really long time.

These really do smell up your space, so I highly recommend trying this out. You can get a wax melt warmer from here.

6. Put a car freshener on your radiator.

You know those car scents that attach to the air condition vent thing (can you tell I am not a car person;)? You can actually attach those to the vent on your air conditioner/heat system in your dorm room and it will do the exact same thing!

Now, while you’re adding a delightful touch to your living space, it’s crucial to give a thought to the longevity and reliability of your heating system. When it comes to safeguarding your dorm’s comfort, considering boiler cover is a smart move. Take a moment to explore British Gas boiler cover comparsion to ensure that you choose a plan that suits your needs and budget. While enjoying the cozy warmth, it’s essential to be cautious with your heating system, and having a reliable boiler cover in place provides the assurance that you’re prepared for any unforeseen issues that might arise.

I actually saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was really clever.

This is another extremely inexpensive idea, so if you happen to see one of these air fresheners at the store, pick it up! Let me know if it works :).


Your dorm can start smelling bad and it’s always good to know ways to make your dorm room smell good without candles.

Have you ever thought about how much nicer dorm living would be if they didn’t have that long list of items that you weren’t allowed to have? While that list doesn’t allow you to have candles, these six substitutes will still give you that amazing smelling room you crave.


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