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Looking for the best gifts for your significant other? Here are the top Valentines Day gifts of 2022.

valentines day gifts

Valentine’s Day, the official holiday of love, is here and what better way to your lover’s heart than with an amazing gift? They say it’s the thought that matters but we can do better than that - this Valentine’s Day your significant other is going to open your gift and say, “how did you know?!” 

Even though it can feel like Christmas was yesterday, gifting for Valentine’s Day can still be a fun, exciting time to show your partner you still care (lol). 

So sit back and relax because we did all the research for you. These Valentine’s Day gifts are equally as good as a shot from Cupid’s arrow. Who knows, you may even be compelled to buy something for yourself - enjoy!

This post is all about Valentines Day gifts.


Best For Him: Ray Bans

"Some of the best sunglasses I've ever owned. Would recommend to anyone- especially other guys."

Best For Her: 14k Gold Letter Ring

"This ring is so cute! The quality is amazing and it's such a great staple for everyday wear."

Best Under $50 For Him: Football Cap

"I've bought three of these as gifts and each person said they love wearing them so I knew I had to get one for myself! Absolutely love it."

Best Under $50 For Her: Tartelette In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette

"This is my favorite neutrals palette! I’m not into very dramatic looks & find that I can do very pretty looks with these shades. The shimmer/glitter shades do have some fallout but other than that there are no issues!"

Most Popular for Him: Nike Sneakers

"This is my second pair; I absolutely love them. They are retro stylish and very comfortable. They run a little narrow so I order one size up."

Most Popular for Her: Custom Lennon Necklace

"The quality is wonderful. & the meaning behind it makes it so much more special to wear."


1. Alo Yoga Pants

These yoga pants are amazing. I promise you’ll want to steal them from him after Valentine’s Day. They’re perfecting for lounging or for casual wear. Highly recommended and the reviews are fantastic.

2. Football Cap

If your guy is a football fan, a baseball cap with their favorite team’s logo would be a great option for Valentine’s Day. I love the color of this one and I think it’s the type of hat where the more wear it gets the better it looks. 

3. Charcoal Gray And Black Dart Board

I never thought I would ever consider dartboards for decor - but this is one of the most stylish dartboards ever. Whether your guy has a man cave, lives alone or you know the perfect place for this dartboard, I think it would be a really great gift!

4. Fossil Wallet

Chances are he needs a new wallet. I feel like wallets are the one thing guys refuse to spend money on. My question is why? I don’t think we’ll ever know the real answer. However, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give him one.

5. Nike Sneakers

One of my favorite pairs of Nike sneakers for guys. I think they work well with so many different outfits (which is perfect for the guy who doesn’t really care about style) and they’re not too out-there either.

6. Ray Bans

I swear these ray-bans look good on every guy. They’re such a classic and will last him years.

7. Surge Short 6" 

If he’s athletic and likes working out - you need to get him these shorts. They are the perfect way to keep your phone on you, while not getting in the way. No need for those quirky armbands!!

8. Time Teller Watch

valentines day gifts for husband

A nice watch can change any outfit. Let’s be honest, it's for the outfit not for the watch's capabilities. Most millennials can’t even read a clock but I will say - this watch is sleek and so worth it (even if he really doesn’t use it). It will take any of his work outfits to the next level.

9. Carhartt Watch Hat

Carhartt hats are for real all the rage. They look good on the majority of the population and somehow really elevate an outfit. The best part, they actually keep your head warm.

10. Tile Essentials (Bluetooth Tracker)

Tiles are one of the most amazing gadgets created. If he loses things easily (keys, wallets, etc.) then you need to get him tiles. They are Bluetooth trackers that have the easiest app that you can download onto your phone. You can rename each of the tiles and easily know where all of your valuable items are at all times. Love it!

11. How to Live with a Huge Penis: Advice, Meditations, and Wisdom for Men Who Have Too Much

Okay, obviously this is a funny Valentine’s Gift - and funny it is. I bet 30 minutes after he opens this gift he’ll sneak it into a different room and read it where you can’t see. So funny.

12. Rewind Beer Bottle Candle

Candles should not be just for girls. Everyone deserves to have a nice smelling apartment. I think these masculine candles are a fantastic gift for guys. They’re made from recycled beer bottles and have a great deep tone to them that’s not too overwhelming.

13. Water-Repellent Puffer Jacket

valentines day gifts for couples

I love this jacket for guys and it is on the affordable side as well which is perfect for those of us on a budget this Valentine’s Day! The jacket comes in multiple colors and honestly most things from H&M right now would be great gift options - they have really stepped up their game!

14. Scuff Slippers

valentines day gifts for him pinterest

Ugg slippers are the best slippers in the world. I might even say life-changing. Even if he’s not a slippers guy, he will become one after he gets these.

15. Compostable iPhone Case

best valentine gift for boyfriend

Phone cases are another thing that guys seem to hold onto for years even if they are completely destroyed. I love how simple this case is and the best part, it’s from recycled materials!!

16. Nike Killshot

Another Nike sneaker that I think is fantastic and perfect for everyday wear. Nikes are that type of brand where you really can't go wrong with their basics - every guy will love them.

17. Apple AirPods Pro

AirPods are game-changers and the best Bluetooth headphones on the market, in my opinion. These are a great, simple gift you really can’t go wrong with!

18. Pro ShakeSphere Shaker

For the athletic guys, this protein shaker is the real deal. A great way to feel comfortable carrying around your protein shake will still have all the amenities the crappy clear plastic ones have!

19. TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

first valentine gift for boyfriend

These foam rollers are supposed to be amazing. I don’t have one, but I know a lot of people who do! The foam roller has a “multi-density foam surface to deliver firm compression on tight muscles, knots, and kinks.” The reviews are also great as well!

20. JBL Flip 5

I have a JBL speaker in white and I have had so many guys ask me where I got it. The sound quality is fantastic and the color options allow you to really customize the present for your guy!

21. Replica Jazz Club Eau de Toilette Fragrance

valentines day gift ideas

This high-end perfume has been all the rage and so are the other scents in its line. I love the look, so a nice fragrance just tops it off! The scent is “A woody, spicy men's cologne that recalls the cozy atmosphere of a private club and the warm scents of smooth cocktails and smoking cigars.”

22. Breville ® Duo Panini Press

I was watching “Holidate” with my family and the main guy character went on about how his ex-girlfriend stole his panini maker and how it was his favorite. Loved the movie but now I can’t think of gifts for men without panini makers coming into my mind!! Panini makers are fantastic and if your man loves to make them, this gift is calling his name this Valentine’s Day.

23. Everyday Plus Cushion Crew Training Socks

They may seem like a simple, non-Valentine’s Day gift but Nike socks are amazing and you can make a whole gift basket with them! Socks shouldn’t be overlooked, they’re great and we all wear them haha.  

24. Nike Black Half-Zip Puffer Jacket

Love this puffer jacket and think it’s a great option if you’re looking for something in the clothing department this Valentine’s Day. Black is super simple and a color you can’t go wrong with!


25. Hexagonal Flat Ray-Bans

Love these Ray-Bans so so much! Ray-Bans honestly feel like a Valentine’s Day gift to me - I have no idea why, but they do! I love this classic look and I think it takes any outfit to the next level.

26. 14k Letter Ring

A super romantic gift to give on Valentine’s Day - you can either put her initials, both your first initials, or go Troy Bolton style and just put yours!

27. Aimee Claw Hair Clip Set

These hair clips are for real all the rage right now. I would be more than happy to get them this Valentine’s Day.

28. Always Pan

The Always Pan is actually incredible (my super cool and trendy coworker Sarah asked for this for Christmas - so you know it has to be good). For starters, their branding is absolutely incredible so I highly recommend checking out their website and their actual products are just as amazing.

29. Champion Classic Logo Patch Hoodie Sweatshirt

Loungewear is all the hype right now (thanks 2020) and I love this Champion beige hoodie. With some gold jewelry, you could take over the world.

30. Tarte Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette

One of the best palettes I have ever used - hit pan a few weeks ago, very sad. For real an amazing palette that looks fantastic on any eye color. I will definitely be repurchasing for myself! 

31. The Work Tote

A Christmas gift I received and cannot stop raving about. If your girl is looking for a tote, this is the one. I will say this is a more professional tote so if you’re still in college it may not be your vibe... yet.

32. Custom Compostable iPhone 

This is the same case I shared before for the guys, but this time in pink. I actually love all the color options they have so really choose whatever your heart desires. I just thought pink was perfect for Valentine’s Day!

33. Pave Baby Alalfi Hoops 

The most gorgeous earrings I have ever seen. They just take any outfit to the next level and I have literally fallen in love with them. If your girl isn’t afraid of a little shine, these are the earrings for her.

34. Limited Edition Dior Gloss Set

Dior has some of the most beautiful lip colors and I love this simple set. I think they’re perfect to grab and go!

35. Apple TV HD

Apple TV’s are incredible and change the TV game. So many networks are available and the quality is fantastic. You can easily project your computer and phone as well which I love.

36. Chain Link Monogram Necklace

A perfect custom necklace (I’ve included one more #46 on this list which is probably my favorite, but love this one as well) that is perfect for layering!

37. Nécessaire Body Products

Nécessaire body products are so hyped up, I would not be surprised if your girl already knows about them. They are one company that every big influencer talks about. I haven’t tried them, but they are on my list for sure!

38. Barefoot Dreams Blanket 

I have four barefoot dream blankets scattered throughout my apartment and I have convinced multiple people to purchase them and all of them have said they are the best blankets they have ever had. I kid you not they’re the best!

39. MasterClass 

Masterclass is a great gift to give her that you can both do together. They have the most high-quality masterclasses from the top experts in all their fields, from James Patterson to Stephan Curry - there’s a class out there for any and everyone.

40. The Stone Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are fantastic to keep your room smelling amazing and essential oils have so many amazing beneficial properties for your health (I’m not an expert so do your own research). I absolutely love mine!

41. Tocca Eau De Parfum

Tocca perfumes have the most beautiful scents and I also love this one as a decorative piece for a bedroom (you’ve got to get the most out of your purchases)!

42. Nespresso Frother

My girlfriends and I have recently become obsessed with making chai lattes and this frother is one of the best. No need for handheld frothers anymore!

43. Ambient Lighting Edit House Glass Palette

The most beautiful highlighting palette that can do way more than just highlight. Hourglass is one of those companies that you can just trust to have the most high-quality products. Love them!

44. Revlon Hair Dryer and Volumizer

If your girl doesn’t have this, allow me to change her life. This blow dryer will give her the softest, most gorgeous hair with all the volume. Every girl I know has this, including myself and I absolutely love it.

45. UV LED Nail Lamp for Gel Nails

I got really into doing my own nails over quarantine and this gel UV LED lamp is perfect because the lights go down the sides as well to really make sure your thumbs are properly set!

46. Custom Lennon Necklace

Okay, by far my favorite necklace on this gift guide! I am in love with the look and you can add in your own personal date. I just think it’s beautiful!

47. The Ever Need Makeup Case

An amazing makeup bag that gives you all the compartments you could ever want. They’re sold out of every color besides mauve right now, but it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!

48. SLIP Silk Scrunchies

Regular hair ties are horrible for your hair and aren’t the cutest. However, these bad boys are the best and will not only keep your hair protected but also act as the best accessory.

This post is all about Valentine's Day gifts.

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