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Looking for the best Valentines Day ideas? Here are a variety of date night ideas that will make this holiday one to remember.

valentines day ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you know what that means - trying to figure out how you’re going to top last year (or actually trying to put effort into this year for the first time in forever). Either way, we’ve all been there, and if you’re out of the honeymoon phase, trying to find romantic things to do with each other can be hard. Especially if the most romantic thing you guys do together is sitting next to one another while you watch tv. 

But have no fear, I have managed to come up with 27 Valentine’s Day ideas that will keep both of you entertained with date ideas well passed February 14th. Yes, these ideas don’t have to be done on Valentine’s Day - they work for any time of the year! 

So now, let’s add a little fun, a little spice, and a little pizazz to this year's Valentine’s Day and pray to God we all make it until next year!

This post is all about Valentines Day ideas.

1. Virtual Cocktail Class

Calling all you guys and gals who are over 21! After the nightmare that was 2020, virtual cocktail classes are all the rage and you should have no problem finding one that is perfect for you. 

If you don’t feel like leaving the house this Valentine’s Day, but still want to have some fun, a virtual cocktail class has your name written all over it.

2. Naughty Truth or Dare

I cannot be the only one who actually liked playing truth or dare when I was younger - the classic game was the closest I ever got to kissing my middle school crush. But, move aside middle school, we’re here for the real deal and what better game to play with your significant other than truth or dare naughty edition! It could get rough, it could get heated, it could be fun and that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

3. Have a "Night in Paris"

Emily in Paris has got me obsessed with France so I highly suggest taking a trip to Paris (aka your kitchen) and whipping up a Parisian meal in style. I say you both get fancy and make it a night to remember. Oui, oui!

4. Netflix and Chill... but in a cute way

Netflix and chill has been getting a bad rep ever since it was born into existence. But there’s a right and classy way to Netflix and chill. Get a large blanket, make a fort with your significant other, add fairy lights for extra effect, grab popcorn and all the best snacks, and put on the best rom-com you have ever seen. Sounds pretty magical to me.

Oh also, if you want to go the extra mile order each other matching Valentine’s Day pajamas (it’s cheesy and that’s exactly why you should do it).

5.  Take a Scenic Hike

So you want to stay active, I get it. Scenic hikes are a great way to explore the unknown and get to know your significant other even better. I’d like to put emphasis on going somewhere neither of you has been - it will allow the activity to become a special, unique moment for both of you!

6. Go Ice Skating

I swear half of the population loves ice skating and the other half tried it once and will never step on the ice again or wouldn’t even put their feet on ice to begin with lol. If you are the latter, this idea isn’t for you. But if you love ice skating or have always wanted to try, you go girl.

7. Take a Mini Getaway

A girl I follow on Instagram (@keatonmilburn) rented a literal TREE HOUSE through Airbnb as a getaway trip for her and her boyfriend… This is what Valentine’s Day is for people - you can get away, rent a treehouse and no one would question you! Highly recommended and I will be following suit.

Airbnb has so many amazing options (and there are obviously other rental sites out there). Any place you want to go, chances are there’s a stunning rental you can go to for a weekend away to celebrate you and your partner! This is definitely one of my favorite Valentines Day ideas! 

8. Karaoke Night

Whether you can or cannot sing, Karaoke night with your significant other would be hilarious and such a fun memory to create. If you do decide to do this, please film it. I promise you won’t regret it!

9. The Classic Dinner and Movie

Dinner and a trip to the movie theater. Such a classic date idea. If there’s a great new movie out and a restaurant you love going to, it sounds like a match made in Heaven.

10. Spa Night (so you can glow together)

Whether that be you having a boujee night at the actual spa or you making your own spa at home, I don’t know anyone who would not like this idea! Masks, massages, and a bath - sounds romantic and relaxing to me!

11. Take a Ride Down Memory Lane (go somewhere that means something special to the both of you)

I think it would be so cute if you surprised your significant other and took them somewhere that means something to the both of you. Whether that be the place you guys kissed or your first date, any gesture to say the moment still means something to you would be so romantic!

12. Write a Heartfelt Letter to Each Other

People forget how sentimental and intimate handwritten letters are. They’re something your significant other can have forever to look back on and they make me want to cry just thinking about them! Regardless of what you do this holiday, I think this is one of the most romantic Valentines Day ideas.

13. Get Fancy, Go to a Museum, and Play Fake Tour Guide

Okay I was only going to suggest going to a museum but then I heard the most hilarious thing - a couple went to a museum and they switched off pretending to be the tour guide. I mean if you want to pee your pants from laughter this is the perfect Valentine’s Day idea for you.

14. Go Glamping

Very similar to my treehouse recommendation but a great idea. As you can tell, I’m not a “camper” or I would have just flat out suggested camping haha. But if you are a camper then you go for it, I’ll be honest I’m jealous, I just can’t get myself to enjoy it! But glamping... I mean sign me up! There are so many glamorous camping (aka glamping) sites out there that I’m sure you can find one within a few hours of where you live!

15. Roses are Always a Yes

What’s more romantic than roses? If you’ve been on Pinterest or Instagram I’m sure you’ve seen all the romantic photos of roses all over the bed or making a trail somewhere. Whether you want to go above and beyond and decorate your bed in rose petals or simply buy your significant other roses, I think this is one of the best Valentine’s Day ideas!

16. At Home Cook-Off 

Let the competition begin! If you’ve never had an at-home cook-off, they’re hilarious! Whether it be you are both given a limited amount of time or have a certain food to cook, it’s always a hilarious event.

17. Scavenger Hunt (but make it romantic)

Scavenger hunts can be so much fun so why not do a romantic one for Valentine’s Day? There are a bunch of romantic scavenger hunts on Google that you can find but here’s one that I found: Easy Romantic Scavenger Hunt

18. Have a Take-Out Tour

Can never decide where you want to eat? Make this Valentine’s Day your favorite holiday by going to buy ordering or getting to-go food from all your favorite restaurants! Holidays are the times to have fun!

19. Attempt to Learn a Dance Together

If you can dance or if you can’t, this idea is hilarious and will lead to the funniest night. I know there are so many couples dances on TikTok and YouTube, you’re bound to find one that both of you like. Also, I am not suggesting you take learning the dance seriously at all - have fun with it!

20. Favorite Movie Series Marathon

At-home movie nights are a thing for a reason. They can create some of the best memories and we should not set aside such a great and classic date idea when weighing our options for what to do on Valentine’s Day! If you and your partner are constantly running around all the time, a cozy night in could be just what you need. Let Postmates and Netflix do the work for you.

21. Have Phone-Free Day

How romantic is it to look at each other’s faces instead of your screens! Aww, I can already hear “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from Lion King playing in the background.

22. Have a Tennis Date

Really any sport works, I just thought tennis was a cute idea! Getting out and playing tennis then going to grab lunch or dinner is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day!

23. Do Couples Yoga

Couples yoga is really hilarious! There are so many couple’s yoga posing videos you can find on Youtube that will teach you how to basically become acrobats.

24. Buy a Kid's Science Kit and Make It Together

Okay, I have never really seen anyone suggest this idea but it is so much fun!!! All you want to do is find a kid’s science kit online, Target, etc, and then you guys can spend the day or night making it together! Check the box though and make sure it doesn’t require steps that take multiple hours of waiting. Definitely one of the most unique Valentines Day ideas I've seen!

25. Create Vision Boards

Manifesting and envisioning the life you both want to have together can help bring you both together again and make you excited for what’s to come in the new year!

26. Do an Online Ballet Class Together (you'll never laugh harder)

Very similar to finding dancing videos on Tiktok, Youtube is flooded with ballet classes. Have you seen football players try to do ballet? It’s hilarious! You will die of laughter if you decide to do this for Valentine’s Day.

27. Drive Through Your Dream Neighborhood

If there’s a neighborhood near you that you both have always dreamed of living in, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to drive or walk through it and envision your life there. Anything is possible!

This post is all about Valentines Day ideas.

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