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Moving into a new home and looking for studio apartment decor ideas? These are 19 of the best ideas that are guaranteed to give you all the studio apartment decor inspiration you need.

studio apartment decor ideas

Studio apartments can be tricky. Most of the time they are a little too small for your liking and may leave you wondering how you can make your space feel like a home instead of just a cramped apartment.

Luckily, you are not the first person to question the exact same thing so there are plenty of amazing studio apartment decor ideas out there already to remedy your small apartment situation.

From functional layouts to inexpensive decor ideas that can be used in any size apartment, these studio apartment decor ideas are undoubtedly going to inspire an amazing studio apartment of your own.

This post is all about white couches for every budget.


1. Functional Studio Apartment Layout

Recreate this studio apartment decor idea:

While your studio apartment may not have walls or barriers designed to separate your space similar to the one here, this inspiration is still the perfect representation of a functional studio apartment layout.

When designing a studio apartment, it is important to utilize every inch of your space while still designating separate living spaces. Turning the couch so that the back is facing the bed creates the illusion of a separate living room and bedroom while still keeping your space open.

2. Neutral + Airy Studio Apartment Furniture & Decor

Recreate this studio apartment decor idea:

Because studio apartments tend to be smaller, decorating with bright and airy neutrals is a great way to brighten up your space and make it feel bigger. This inspiration does a fantastic job of showing how a studio apartment can be designed to incorporate a living room, dining area, and bedroom while still keeping it open concept. 

To add additional storage space, place a media console or cabinet behind your sofa. This not only adds style to space but gives you storage that is always much needed in a small apartment.

3. Hang Curtains Towards The Top Of Your Ceiling

studio apartment decor

Recreate this studio apartment decor idea:

If you ask any interior designer what their number one recommendation is to make a small room feel bigger they are going to tell you this: Hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as you can. This is a guaranteed way to make your room look taller and bigger and it requires no additional effort or money.

4. Neutral Toned Bedding & Decor

Recreate this studio apartment decor idea:

While it is totally okay to incorporate color into your studio apartment, try not to go overboard with patterns, color, and excessive decor. This will only clutter your room and make it feel smaller than it already is. Instead, stick with neutral tones and minimal decor so that your studio apartment feels bigger and brighter.

PS. Did you notice the curtains? Told you they make every apartment look bigger! This apartment is actually pretty small but by strategically hanging curtains, decorating with neutral decor, and using a large but simple area rug, this space is completely transformed into a functional and stunning studio apartment.

5. Create A Separate Living Space

Recreate this studio apartment decor idea:

Every studio apartment is different in size but if you have the room to design an open but separate living space it is definitely worth considering.

All you need to create a living area in your studio apartment is a couch, rug, coffee table, and media console. But, make sure you take into consideration the size of your space before buying furniture! The size of your furniture should be proportionate to the size of your living space to ensure your room doesn’t feel cramped.

6. Use Lots Of Shelving

studio apartment layout

Recreate this studio apartment decor idea:

Shelving is the way to go when it comes to buying studio apartment decor and furniture. You are most likely already limited with the floor space that you have so it is important to take advantage of vertical space as well. These gold bookshelves are absolutely stunning and will create a ton of space for decorating or storing small items.

In addition to shelving, don’t forget to take advantage of your counter space which includes your dresser counter! Using small trays and jewelry organizers to style your dresser will keep it looking clean, organized, and put together.

7. Utilize Vertical Space By Decorating Your Walls

Recreate this studio apartment decor idea:

By now you are probably pretty sick of hearing how you should use vertical space but seriously... do it. This studio apartment is the perfect example of how to decorate wall space while elongating the look of your room.

8. Opt For A Smaller Coffee Table

Recreate this studio apartment decor idea:

Depending on the size of your apartment, you may want to opt for smaller furniture in certain rooms. What furniture you choose to minimize is up to you but if you are running low on space, think about which pieces you really need and plan to use and which you feel may just take up space.

In this case, they chose a smaller “coffee table” and opted for an elegant ottoman that functions similarly but without taking up as much space. Again, the furniture you choose is totally up to you but make sure you are buying practical pieces for your studio apartment.

9. Small Dining Area

Recreate this studio apartment decor idea:

Here is a practical dining space that can totally be implemented into a studio apartment. Choose a small dining set that works in your space. This can be a circular table with seating space for 4 or even a small breakfast table with seating for 2.

10. Boho + Airy Decor

neutral studio apartment decor ideas

Recreate this studio apartment decor idea:

If you are a fan of boho decor, you are bound to love this studio apartment decor. To recreate this bedroom, decorate with light and neutral-colored decor. And to finalize the bohemian look, accessorize with beige-toned pampas grass in vases.

In addition, create storage space with an ottoman that can also serve as stunning decor and functional seating space.

11. Place A Large Floor Mirror Against Your Wall

Recreate this studio apartment decor idea:

Floor mirrors have been saving the lives of small apartment owners for years now so it is no surprise that they work wonders in studio apartments as well. Place a large mirror against a wall to reflect light and brighten up your apartment. This creates the illusion of a much bigger space which is something every studio apartment owner is undoubtedly looking for.

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12. Create A 2-Person Seating Area

Recreate this studio apartment decor idea:

Even if you don’t have the room for a formal dining space in your studio apartment, don’t bail on the idea just yet! Remember the small dining area for 4 people? This inspiration is just the smaller but chic version.

A small 2 person coffee table is the perfect way to create a seating area that still provides the look of a dining space but without the cost or space of a full dining table. Just think how cozy drinking your morning cup of coffee would be in this space. Such a simple but stunning way to give yourself the luxury of a dining area which makes it one of the best studio apartment decor ideas out there!

13. Use A Storage Cube As A Media Console

boho studio apartment decor ideas


Recreate this studio apartment decor idea:

What studio apartment owner is opposed to additional storage space?! I’ll wait… Using a storage cube is a smart and functional way to create storage space out of your media console. Storage cubes are much less expensive than furniture marketed as “media consoles” so doing this will save you tons of money. In fact, this unit is only $83 on Amazon which is a fraction of the cost of other media consoles listed.

If you want to glam up your storage unit a bit, you can always screw metal legs to the bottom to give it a more formal look. Then all you have to do is buy some stylish baskets to go in the cubbies.

14. Bar Stools

Recreate this studio apartment decor idea:

Don’t have space for a dining table but have a bar in your kitchen? Bar stools are 100% the way to go. Using bar stools in your kitchen creates ample space for you and your guests to eat and takes up no additional room in your studio apartment.

15. Divide Your Space With Purposeful Furniture

Recreate this studio apartment decor idea:

Creating separate rooms in a studio apartment without closing off the look of your space can be a little tricky. But, this is one of the best studio apartment decor ideas to divide your rooms while still keeping it open concept.

Use purposeful furniture to create the illusion of a divide within your space without closing it off as a whole. This black shelf is the perfect example of how this can be done! By picking furniture you can see through, the division of your space will be apparent but not so much that the room appears smaller.


16. Serving Tray

Here is a simple but amazing studio apartment decor idea that literally anyone can use. Serving trays not only add style to your space but are super functional as well! Use serving trays to style decor, place on top of your ottoman to steady drinks, and organize your kitchen or bathroom counter. Overall you really can’t go wrong with buying a serving tray or two for your studio apartment.

17. Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a guaranteed way to add style and class to any apartment. You can either buy aesthetic coffee table books online or use ones you have already! But, coffee table books can be insanely expensive sometimes (Seriously… why are they so pricey? Does anyone actually read them?!)

If coffee table books are top of your list of studio apartment decor ideas but you just can’t convince yourself the price is worth it, I have just the hack for you! Turn old book covers inside out to create neutral coffee table books! I have an entire post on how I did this linked here.

18. Decorative Vases

Decorative vases are probably a no-brainer when it comes to thinking of studio apartment decor ideas but just in case it hasn’t crossed your mind here is your reminder! H&M has amazing home decor and these unique vases are ones I just had to include!

19. Wall Art

Make sure to think about how you plan to decorate your wall space in your studio apartment! The easiest and least expensive way to do this is with wall art. Whether it’s large canvases or small wall prints, decorating your walls should be a must on your list of studio apartment decor ideas.

20. Plug-In Wall Sconces

Want to add accent lighting to your room? Plug-in wall sconces are a renter-friendly way to add chic lighting that makes your apartment look expensive while sticking to a budget.

21. Wall Shelves

There is no bad choice when it comes to using wall shelves in your studio apartment. Buy wall shelves for your bathroom to organize and store bathroom products or even for your living room to simply decorate with.

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