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Looking for the best bar stools? Here are a variety of bar stools that are trendy yet classic all at the same time.

best bar stools

Creativity oozes out of every single part of the design process. From the carpet to the pictures hung on the wall, it seems we have it all figured out... except the bar stools.  

I don’t know about you, but shopping for bar stools knocked the wind out of me; I was not prepared. I would always look at photos on Instagram and think how cute everyone’s bar stools were, completely ignoring their price. Then, low and behold, the day finally came when it was time to go shopping for the perfect bar stools, and oh my goodness. I did not know how expensive they were! I swear every place I looked at the price got higher and higher.  

The last thing I expected was having to drop a couple hundred on bar stools; it truly blew my mind.  

I’m telling you this not to stress you out, no one needs a panic attack right now, but to help you, warn you in a way because I went into this whole “bar stool buying process” completely naïve.  

Thankfully I have now done my research and have found bar stools at affordable prices and splurge-y prices that would look amazing in any space. Honestly, trying to find affordable bar stools was very fun for me, there few-and-far between so when I found one that was actually cute, I felt like I won a game, haha. 

I am happy I now know the ins-and-outs of buying bar stools. Hopefully, you are now much more prepared than I ever was. Enjoy! 

This post is all about best bar stools.


Best Overall:  Back Black Metal Bar Stool with Swivel Seat

"Those chairs are elegant and the height was exactly what I was expecting. They are comfortable and designed to support heavy weight, ideal for my small space!"

Best Under $50: Metal Counter Height Stool

"Love my new stools, exactly what I have been looking for. Perfect size for my kitchen bar and super cute!"

Best Value:  Modern Armless Kitchen Stool

"I love it!! Works perfect with my kitchen decor. It is sturdy, stylish and comfortable. I love that its not bulky like other stools. It gives a light airy feel."

Best Metal:  Rattan Bar Stool High Stool 

"Those chairs are elegant and the height was exactly what I was expecting. They are comfortable and designed to support heavy weight, ideal for my small space!"

Best Swivel: Silver Orchid Caines Glam Counter Stool 

"Gorgeous. very classy and love the velvet feel of the seats. Easy cleaning as well.


Becket Metal X Back Barstool Black

target bar stools

These were the cheapest bar stools I could find that were cute. I ended up finding them at Target and it was $130 for a set of two. I thought that was pretty dang good.


Lenox Counter Stool

I love the velvet and gold cushions on these stunning bar stools. These are definitely on my décor bucket list! 

Back Black Metal Bar Stool with Swivel Seat

Shoutout to Walmart for coming out with these well-made, affordable bar stools. They’re classic and would work in any space! You really can’t go wrong with these.  

Metal & Wood Seat Counter Stool

I love the white metal look these counter stools have. They would be fantastic for a modern kitchen or a kitchen that needs a bit of a pop. These counter stools will definitely make a statement, in all the right ways!  

Estrada Metal Bar & Counter Stools

You can’t make the metal more gorgeous than this, haha. I love the gold look, reminds me of something from Restoration Hardware, which I love. These are a bit on the pricier side, but they’re a classic pair of bar stools that you can have forever.  


Now onto the best part, the bargains I was able to find! Hunting for an inexpensive bar stool(s) that is still well made can be a challenge. Ultimately, the best one’s at these prices are going to be on the more basic, or for better wordsclassic style. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the look you’re going for. There are so many ways to add a touch of style to basic bar stools; cushions, ribbons, mini wreaths during the holidays, truly the world is your oyster! 

1. Natural Wood Stool

A perfect example of very classic but well made. You can style these however you want, but if your money is divided and you have to decide between splurging on bar stools or putting the extra money into a well-made couch, I would choose the couch. This is a fantastic staple bar stool that will not take away from any space! Perfect if you’re on a budget.

2. Metal Counter Height Stool

 Black metal is a sophisticated look for the kitchen. I love the look of these bar stools and I think they are a classic pair that will never go out of style. 

3. Metal & Wood Seat Counter Stool

The white metal finish on these bar stools looks amazing contrasted against the wood seat. I love the look and I think it would add the perfect amount of spice to space! 

4. Matte Black Bar Stool

backless bar stools

Metal bar stools seem to compliment a kitchen so well, you really can’t go wrong.  

5. Back Black Metal Bar Stool with Swivel Seat

walmart bar stools

Definitely one of the best of the bunch, price-wise. I love that these bar stools are affordable yet made extremely well. The reviews are almost all fantastic and I think these barstools from Walmart are a great option!  

6. Upholstered Counter Stool with Metal Frame

bar stools with backs

I love the texture these upholstered stools give to space. The metal frame just adds to the entire look. 


Under $100, but more than $50, is kind of the limbo area when it comes to bar stools. There are the great quality classics, and then the cheaply made dupes of the luxury bar stools out there on the market right now.  

If you are in between this budget for each of your bar stools, I would again highly recommend sticking to a basic style. Personally, I don’t trust the ones that are trying to look like they’re trendy $300 bar stools because chances are, they aren’t (or they would have priced them at $300). 

8. Kitchen Barstool with Walnut Wood Frame and Black Powder Coated Footrest

A different style that would look great if you’re looking for a pair of bar stools that will make a statement without stealing the spotlight!

9. Mirage Metal Upholstered Backless Bar Stool

For the feminine girl out there, who is thinking “where’s the gold?!”. This one’s for you! I love this chic look and if you have space where you can go a little more feminine, I think this is a great option!

10. Wood & Steel Counter Stool

These bar stools are from Chip and Joanna Gaine’s line at Target; therefore, I have nothing but good things to say about them! Kidding aside, I think this a great option. If you’re looking to add a little touch to them, you could always add a blanket on the back or like I said, mini wreaths during the holidays!

11. Copley Upholstered Counter Height Bar Stool

bar stools clearance

These bar stools look extremely comfy, and I’m the type of person who ends up doing a lot of work at my kitchen island which means I am in love with these!

12. Steel Counter Stools

I love the look of the steel bar stools. They would be fantastic in a bright kitchen to add some depth!

13. Carbon Loft Ruska Steel Bar Stool

bar stools for sale near me

I love the look of the steel bar stools. They would be fantastic in a bright kitchen to add some depth!


I use the word luxury, but honestly, most bar stools fall into the $100+ area which can be very frustrating for some (I feel you) and not a big deal for others (you go girl). If you have the means to spend over $100 on your bar carts, then this is your time to truly shine. You can go for the gorgeous, a bit trendy but not in a bad way, velvet cushioned bar stools, or the fantastic quality leather bar stools that will last for years. Whatever you please, go get it! 

14. Rattan Bar Stool High Stool 

These are the barstools I dream of. I love the woven rattan design and have countless kitchens with these bar stools saved on my Instagram! 

15. Lenox Counter Stool

Again, these are just stunning. I love the gold against the texture of the velvet cushions. The look is stunning and would catch anyone’s eye.

16. Natural Wicker Loren Counter Stool

Another rendition of the natural woven look. The wicker would be fantastic in any colored kitchen and bring a light and bright sense into the room!

17. Camille Anthracite Velvet Counter Stool

Simple, stunning, classic. These bar stools are gorgeous, and I think they are simple, yet still make a huge statement. Very sophisticated which I love.

18. Modern Armless Kitchen Stool

These are a great bar stool I have seen a lot. The look is great and really easy to manage!

19. Milla Counter Stool

If you’re looking for wood stools, these would be perfect! Love the look and simplicity.

20. Estrada Metal Bar & Counter Stools

28 inch bar stools

Most gorgeous all metal bar stools I have ever seen!

21. Azalea Champagne Bar Stool

I mean... how chic is that bar stool? I love this one!  

22. Signature Design by Ashley Showdell Bar Stool

These bar stools are amazing quality and extremely durable. They’re the type of bar stools that will only look better with wear and tear!

23. Nils Brass Base Counter Stool

Love the bright statement with this color. Really into velvet bar stools right now if you can’t tell! 

24. Finley Counter Stool

Another velvet option (I wasn't kidding) but more muted. Simple and classic, a phrase I keep using but really mean. I try to find pieces you could have for a long period of time and usually that means they are simple and classic! 

25. Silver Orchid Caines Glam Counter Stool 

The black on gold looks fantastic. A statement while not being too over the top.

26. Armen Living Jagger Modern Bar Stool

Another great wood option that would add a lot of texture to space. If you have brown wood cabinets, I wouldn’t recommend these. I personally think they would clash too much! 

This post is all about best bar stools.

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