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amazon home must haves

There has been A LOT of things I have bought on Amazon in the last year for my apartment. Some bad, some okay, and some that are REALLY good. Like, so good that I would buy them over and over again. 

I love seeing what other people rave about so I thought it would be fun to go through and show you the products I swear by. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably heard me talk about a lot of these. When I love something, I realllyyy love it. 

These are my hands-down favorite Amazon products I've bought for my apartment.


1. Vegetable Chopper

Holy ?. If you like to cook, this is the best thing EVER. I have raved and raved about this thing so much it's probably annoying.

This cuts all your vegetables in .2 seconds. I especially love it for onions but really anything works in here. It even has a zoodle spiralizer attachment. 

I've purchased 5 of these (not kidding) because it's my go-to apartment gift for my friends when they move for the first time. 

2. Pre-Cut Parchment Paper

This is definitely a first world problem, but I can not rip parchment paper for the life of me. I pull out like another mile of parchment paper anytime I use it. I found these pre-cut parchment paper sheets on Amazon and omg - they are SO nice. 

Measure your sheet pans and then look up a pre-cut size that fits yours. They even out to be the same price as traditional parchment paper rolls AND I swear I use less paper because of them.

3. Meat Thermometer

This is one of my newer Amazon purchases and I am obsessed. I am a meat freak and always think I am going to get food poisoning so I love that I can stick this into any type of meat while in the oven and it will tell me exactly the temp.

This was one of the cheaper meat thermometers available on Amazon and it works great. You can stick that pokey part into your meat and actually put it in the oven. I don't even set a traditional timer when I cook anymore, I just set this to what temp I need the meat to be and it starts beeping when it hits that time. 

4. Organization Turntable

I swear turntables are the holy grail to organization. I use them in my pantry, under my kitchen sink to organize my cleaning products, and in my bathroom. They are the BEST and utilize space so well.

5. Sugar + Flour Containers

These are kind of random and probably my least favorite thing out of this roundup but I still really like them and they are a great price. It comes in a set of two, has a great suction to keep the flour and sugar fresh, and is pretty cheap. 

They look pretty in your pantry/or on your counter too.

6. Cheap Mattress (the BEST)

Okay, I have had this mattress for a year now and OMG. It is SO GOOD. If you get this mattress, budget in the mattress topper below too. I have only slept with both of them but let me tell you, it is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on.

When I was moving into my apartment, I had to buy two mattresses and did not want to spend a lot of money. I ended up buying two different cheap mattresses from Amazon (this one is less than $300 which is an insane deal). This is by far the winner -- seriously, the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on.

7. Mattress Topper (also the best thing ever)

As I said above, the combo of this mattress topper and the mattress above are MAGIC. If your mattress sucks, invest in this first. It might make your bed feel brand new.

If you get this, put it in the dryer with a tennis ball. It will fluff it up.

8. Sheet Set

This brand of sheets has a cult following on Amazon. I've bought these sheets for my bedroom growing up, my dorm room, my college apartment, and now both of the beds in my apartment.

They come in all different colors, are really soft, and are super cheap. 

9. Necklace Organizer

I was trying to find a way to organize my jewelry and I didn't really want one of those wood organizers that goes on your wall.

When I saw this necklace organizer, I knew it was perfect for what I needed. I've had it for 8 months now and loovee it.

10. Earring Organizer

Got this earring organizer at the same time as the necklace organizer and same thing - needed a way to organize all my earrings and loved this.

Mine doesn't shut because I have a lot of hoop earrings, but I still love it and it works perfectly for what I need.

11. Makeup Organizer

This thing is amazing for organizing makeup. I keep everything in here and it holds SO MUCH. I had this in my Amazon cart for like a whole year and finally pulled the trigger to buy it last year. I love it and wish I bought it sooner!

12. Gel Manicure Set

My sister in law got this back in 2019 for Christmas and I would go to her house every two weeks to use it. By March, I decided to buy my own and it is the BEST. My nails last two weeks and I can't even imagine going back to normal nail polish.

Here's how I get mine to stay - Buff my nails, get them wet with water (no soap), dry them with a towel, put base coat on and under light for 90 secs, layer of color, 90 secs, another layer of color, 90 secs, top coat, 90 secs. You're done!

There you have it, those are my absolute favorite purchases I have made on Amazon. I use these things everyday and they are the BEST.

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