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The back hallway and half-bath were so much fun to work on. I make all my bold design choices in half-baths so I'm excited to spill all the details 😂.

From the bead board to the wallpaper, the tile, and the door, we made some major changes to transform that payed off in the end (hopefully you’ll agree on that too).

I hope you’ve enjoyed the reveals so far! The Sophomore House was a true labor of love and each room in the home has a special place in my heart.


One of my favorite spaces to design is half-baths. I have so much fun with them and love creating a moody atmosphere. A half-bath is a small space that allows me to take design risks, knowing that it's easy to change in the future if wanted!

I also enjoy incorporating traditional designs into bathrooms in a fun way. This particular bathroom already has a burst of character, which I absolutely loved and used as my starting point.


half bath

The bathroom already had bead board going around the perimeter, but it was in rough shape. The painter, Ben, ended up doing a lot of work to make it look new. He filled in holes, smoothed out rough patches, and added a fresh coat of paint. The end result made the bathroom feel brand new in the best way.

half bathroom

We had about three feet of space above the bead board, which I thought was perfect for adding, you guessed it, wallpaper!


We finally got our hands on this really cool vanity that has caught my eye for a while now, and I've always wanted to incorporate it into a design project! So glad I finally got the chance; it fits the space perfectly.

The faucet we used for the vanity is from Signature Hardware. Faucets are often overlooked as a small detail, but they can truly make a difference and completely elevate a bathroom (or kitchen, laundry room, the list goes on).


The first thing I picked out was the tile. I ordered so many samples from Bedrosians' to see different options (sorry Bedrosians). When I saw this one, Modni Emery Mosaic Tile,

I knew it was perfect for the bathroom. It adds a playful element that won't go out of style in a few years; just a classic piece!

the sophomore house

We matched one of the shades of the wallpaper for the paint, creating a monochromatic look.

small bathroom decor ideas


The back hallway was quite a sight 😅. The door, in particular, was in horrible shape; the paint was chipping off in many places. We were faced with a decision: should we replace the drywall entirely, skim coat it, or instal tongue and groove ($$)?



Ultimately, we opted to install tongue and groove on the wall. It was definitely one of the more expensive solutions compared to simply using drywall, but now that we have the end result, I think it was one-hundred percent worth it.


As for that door, oh my God 😍. I found a Pinterest picture with a similar design and sent it to Zuerns, asking if they could replicate it. They were able to customize it and the results… beautiful. The door is painted in Tricorn black, which is my go-to color for black.

back hallway


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