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Looking for the best fashion advice you will ever receive from someone who is having a wardrobe crisis?! Here is Shelby's Christmas list/the winter capsule collection Shelby wants (needs) to give life to her very-drabby-at-the-moment clothing collection!

Helloooo everyone! It's Shelby here; this might be my favorite post I have ever made for Sophie; who doesn't want to put together their Christmas wishlist?!

I am currently having a wardrobe crisis, and every single day I go to my closet and think, "I have nothing to wear." haha! I know many people go through this, and I think it's because I'm now starting to think about life after college (I'm currently a junior at UW-Madison) and how I want to be presentable instead of looking like I just got out of bed. At Madison (as we like to call UW-Madison), everyone basically dresses in strictly athleisure/ very casual wear, or close to it, and while I appreciated that for a while, I'm looking to change things up a bit!

For real, if you go into my closet, you will mostly see hoodies (not cute ones which you can find below in my wish list, I'm talking gross don't-wear-in-public ones) and athletic clothing, and as someone who likes to think themselves "fashionable", I am definitely not proud of my clothing choices at the moment! SO, this year I have made a wishlist, and basically a winter capsule, for my new "wardrobe"!

I hope you guys enjoy a few of the pieces; many are very basic, and that is because I'm trying to build a wardrobe that will last me through the years. There are a lot of layering pieces featured, but they're all amazing pieces. I am also a tall, curvy-er girl, so I tried to find pieces that would compliment my figure. For example, I've found that waist-belts do wonders for me.

(Also, my Dad, kindly asked for my Christmas list, and I am literally sending him to this post (haha). So Dad, for reference, I am a size 6 in tops, size 29 in bottoms, and a 9.5-10 in shoes. Should I say love you, or is that weird to put in a public post on Sophie's website...?). FYI Sophie's my sister, so this is her Dad too!!

This post is all about Shelby's Christmas list.


Best Overall:  Knit Turtleneck Sweater

"Sweaters are a must have for me. I am all about quality and this one looks perfect!"

Best Under $25: Stone seam detail ribbed hem oversized hoodie

"Give me alll the cute basic hoodies. They are perfect for layering and that is what I am all about since I walk in the freezing cold to all of my classes."

Best Value:  Mom Ankle Jeans

"H&M has really stepped up their game and I love soo many things they have. Their jeans are amazing and I want almost every pair."

Favorite Top: Corduroy Shirt Jacket

"This sweater looks sooo soft and cozy and I think would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe."

Favorite Bottoms: Black Straight High Ankle Jeans

"I need a nice pair of black jeans and I love how these can be dressed up and down!"

Favorite Jacket: Tie Belt Coat

"I think this would be the perfect winter jacket; chic but effortless. I want all of my jackets to have belts now!!"

Favorite Shoes: Urca Bicolor Leather Low-Top Sneakers

"In love with these shoes!!!!! My sister has them and absolutely loves them. After seeing her in them I knew I had to get them myself!"

Favorite Accessory: Chunky Chain Link Necklace

"Everyone needs a cute necklace to wear with their outfits! I love this one and think it would be the perfect addition to my non-existent jewelry collection!"


1. Knit Turtleneck Sweater

This turtleneck sweater was love at first sight. The color is stunning and it's the perfect piece for layering. I think this will be the perfect sweater to wear in the cold weather when I'm walking to class.

2. Checked Knitted Cardigan

Definitely a more "trendy" piece I will say, but the style really reminds me of classic Chanel which I love, and the reason I chose to include it in my wish list!

3. Turtleneck Sweater

Another turtleneck (of many more to come) because they are truly the best for layering in the winter. I love the color and think it will be perfect in my wardrobe!

4. Knit Turtleneck Sweater

When in doubt, I always put on black; it's truly a staple in my closet. I love the chic, sophisticated, put-together look you get whenever you wear it.

5. Fine-knit Sweater

Love the color and thought I needed a sweater option that wasn't a turtle neck! Perfect for layering!


I love a hoodie look with a cute trench coat on top. Perfect for the winter season and will become a staple in my wardrobe.


christmas list online

I looovveee the look of satin! I also think the button-down look is sexy with the satin, yet adds a masculine touch; my favorite.

8. Puffed shoulder t-shirt

fun christmas gifts

I am a huuggeee puffed sleeves fan and I think this top would be perfect with a cute pair of jeans. I haven't mentioned it before but I am really trying to find pieces that I think are cute, but will also work for the office.

9. Fine-knit sweater

creative christmas gifts

Another amazing sweater because, why not! Although I can't feel the fabric, it looks incredibly soft (which I love)!

10. Stone seam detail ribbed hem oversized hoodie

good christmas gifts for 11 year olds

CUTE, fashion-forward hoodies are soo cute and I love them. I need more of them in my life. For hoodies like this I like to be much more over-sized!

11. Relaxed Fit Hoodie

best christmas gifts 2019

I highly recommend going to Pinterest and looking up fall fashion trends with hoodies. You will find so many amazing looks. I love the hoodie and trench coat look, or the hoodie and cropped puffer jacket look! 

12. Fine-knit sweater

	christmas gifts 2020 for her

I felt as though these hoodies were going to become staples in my closet so I wanted to make sure I had them in multiple colors!

13. Relaxed Fit Hoodie

creative christmas gifts

One last color (of the same style hoodies in the two previous mentions) because the more, the merrier!


14. Wide High Jeans

I am in need of all new jeans. Seriously, the only "nice" pair I have are completely ripped the knees slits open from a night out in Madison when I had too much fun.

I love the look of these jeans and hope that they will look as good on me as they do on the model, one can only hope! 

15. Mom High Ankle Jeans

I love the wash on this pair and think it has the perfect amount of distressing. You can definitely dress the jeans up and down. 

16. Straight High Ankle Jeans

I really need a good pair of black, straight leg jeans. I think this pair has a very flattering look to them and I love how high waisted they are, without being too high waisted. 

17. Slim Mom High Ankle Jeans

Mom jeans are in and here to stay for some time. At this point I'm really just focusing on the wash because I don't stray too far away from the style I like, which is high waisted with straight legs.

18. Regina Slouchy Jeans

christmas gifts for friends

Love how the beige washed pants look. I can already picture the knit sweater I'll wear with a trench coat on top! 

19. Leather-Effect Elastic Waist Trousers

christmas gifts 2020 for her

I am a little nervous about buying faux leather pants. I know that there are companies out there making poor quality ones and do not want to fall into that trap. However, Mango is a very well-known and liked brand so I trust that there version will be amazing! I really do LOVE the look.


20. Corduroy Shirt Jacket

I told you I was really into the waist belts. They look extremely flattering on my figure and if you have a curvy figure they will on you too! 

21. Tie-belt Jacket

Love the pattern and think this will be perfect on top of a beige or white sweater!!

22. Tie Belt Coat

Have you seen anything so gorgeous?!! I can already picture myself strutting through the streets of NYC in this haha!


23. High Top Converse

I have seen soo many people rocking Converse in a very chic way. I am so into it! I love how it can make a look feel effortless. I really want these this Christmas!

24. Urca Bicolor Leather Low-Top Sneakers

good christmas gifts for girlfriend

I am a huge white sneaker fan, so these had to make my wish list.

Sophie has these shoes and I'm obsessed. My Nike Airs need to retire and be thrown in the garbage they are so gross.


25. Leather Shopper Bag

I want this bag sooo badly. However, it can't be at the top of my list because I really need clothing haha.  I am just so over my backpack and think this would be perfect for me and all the crap I have to carry around everyday. 

26. Square Buckle Belt

I neeeeddd a belt. I legit have one and it is NOT cute. Hoping this one ends up in my stocking or something!

27. Interwoven Sash Belt/Wide Belt

I want these belts SO badly. Feel like I'm saying that about everything but for real, I can already picture how I'm going to style them. They're perfect for my figure and will add so much to a look.

28. Fringed Edge Scarf

I really need a nice scarf (Sophie will not let me go out in the scarf I have right now and I completely agree with her). I love the color on this scarf and think it will be perfect with a nice trench coat.

29. Herringbone Chain Necklace

I love the look of the necklace, I'm pretty sure this is the exact one Sophie has and she said she loves it.

30. Pendant Necklace

I saw Gwyneth Paltrow in a necklace very similar to this one (obviously MUCH more expensive) but I loved how it looked on her and if I can look even a little more like GP, I'll be a happy camper.

31. Sterling Silver Knot Ring

I really want to start wearing rings and I thought this would be the perfect one for stacking. Love the dainty knot it has!

32. Gold Plated Ring

Soooo cute and again, perfect for stacking!!

33. Gold Plated Ring

A little bit hesitant about this one, just because I'm scared it's going to be a bit too big since it's for men, but I have seen so many people in this style and I love the look.

34. Chunky Chain Link Necklace

	christmas gift ideas for him

One of my favorite fashion content creators on instagrams (@pheebslfashion) has worn this multiple times and I always think it looks amazing!

This post is all about Shelby's Christmas list.

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