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This post is all about romantic questions to ask your boyfriend to become closer.

romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

Whether it's a date night or just a night you're bored and want to have a deep conversation with your boyfriend, sometimes we all need some romantic questions to ask our boyfriend. 

Asking these fun and romantic questions can lead to some really sweet and fun conversations that neither of you will forget. These questions are guaranteed to make you and your significant other much closer!

So, if you need some really great romantic questions to ask your boyfriend during a drinking game, a text conversation, or a fancy date, here are 23 great romantic questions to ask that will all start some really amazing conversations.

This post is all about romantic questions to ask your boyfriend.


1. Do You Believe In Soulmates?

Asking your boyfriend if he believes in soulmates can start a really sweet conversation! Even if he doesn't, hearing his explanation why will be really interesting and start a great conversation as well.

2. What Is Your Favorite Quality Of Mine?

Who doesn't love hearing great things about themselves? Especially when it comes from your boyfriend. I love asking my boyfriend what qualities of mine he loves so that I can improve those qualities as well as others. Make sure you also tell him what qualities you love about him too!

3. What Is Your Favorite "Flaw" Of Mine?

I absolutely love this question! You never know what small thing your boyfriend loves that you may hate. Hearing your boyfriend's answer to this will most likely make you love your flaws more. We all need a little confidence boost sometimes!

4. What Is Your Favorite Thing We Do Together?

You and your boyfriend may have the same answer to this or different answers! I know for me, I love to go out to dinner with my boyfriend and do fun romantic things like going to a pumpkin patch in the fall or going to look at Christmas lights in the winter. For him, he loves doing outdoor activities together like hiking. 

Whether you and your boyfriend have the same favorite couple's activity or different, it will be fun to hear each others opinions!

5. What Do You See Our Future Together Looking Like?

Brining up the future can be scary for some couples but it is always an important question to ask!

Personally, I love talking about the future with my boyfriend. This can include anything from a year from weddings, where to live, how many kids you want, pets, what type of house, etc. Planning things out with your S.O. is always fun.

6. What Is One Thing About Yourself You Have Never Told Me Before?

Whether you think you know your boyfriend super well or not there is most like something he has never told you! Who doesn't love secrets right? Hearing a secret he never told you will for sure be interesting!

7. What Made You Decide You Wanted To Be With Me?

What better romantic question to ask your boyfriend than what made him want to start a relationship with you? His answer could be anything from a certain quality you have, a certain moment he spent with you, or something you said to him. Whatever it is, it will be fun to hear what made him want to start a relationship with you.

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8. What Is One Thing You Wish We Did Together More?

This question could go multiple different ways! Your boyfriend may have a specific thing in mind that you both did together once and he loved doing. Or, this could be something you two have never done together that he would like to do more. Know that you know what that thing is, you two can plan a fun date together!

9. What Do You Think Is Most Important In A Relationship?

You may think honesty is the most important quality to have in a relationship while he may think communication is. There really are no wrong answer to this question but it is good to know which quality each other think is most important.

10. How Do You Think You Have Influenced Me/ How Have I Influenced You?

This is a super romantic question to ask your boyfriend and it will be so sweet to see how you have influenced and changed each others lives. This could be something as small as what food you introduced him to, or as big as how he views love as a whole. Either way it will be super sweet to hear.

11. Do You Think We Would Have Dated In High School?

Unless you are high school sweethearts, you probably met at work, a social event, or another way. So, if you didn't meet in high school this is a really fun question to ask. I actually saw this question being asked to their boyfriends on Tik Tok and it ended up being really funny and sweet. 

12. When Did You Fall In Love With Me?

The moment he fell in love with you is such a special moment and you may not even know when that moment was. Asking when he first fell in love with you is a super romantic question and will end up being super sweet to hear.

13. What Is Your Favorite Part Of Being In A Relationship?

You know there are always those guys that love the single life. But there are also guys who absolutely love relationships and your boyfriend is one of those guys! Since he is in a relationship with you, it would be a great romantic question to ask your boyfriend what part of being in a relationship is his favorite.

14. Where Would You Want To Get Married?

Here is one romantic question to ask that involves weddings! And what girl doesn't love talking about their perfect wedding. Most likely, your boyfriend won't have too much of an opinion on wedding venues but he may have a couple ideas. This will allow you two to talk about wedding plans which is always so fun.

15. Do You Like Surprise Proposals Or Planned Ones?

This is a question I actually talked about with my boyfriend the other day. I had no clue this was even a debate honestly! I always though proposals are always surprises and that the guy would plan a photographer to take pictures of the special moment in advance. Buttttt that apparently is not the case.

I have been hearing lately of some couples that knew it was coming and had it all planned out. Hearing what you both would want will start an interesting conversation!

16. What Was Your First Impression Of Me?

Hearing people's first impressions of you is always interesting. You usually come across differently to different people. Hearing what your boyfriend first thought about you can be really romantic! 

17. If I Had To Move For A Job Would You Come With Me?

This question can be romantic if he answers correctly ?. But, having to move for a job is a very big possibility and could effect your relationship. So, make sure you ask and talk about this together! 

18. What Are Five Words To Describe Me?

Asking what five words he feels describe you will give you huge insight into how he views you and what qualities he finds most prominent about you. After he answers, tell him what five words you think describe him too!

19. What Is Something I Do That I Don't Realize I Do That You Love?

Whether or not you realize it you do something that your boyfriend loves that you may not even notice. This could be something as small as cleaning up after dinner or even just how you laugh at your favorite tv show. I think this question is so fun to ask and now every time you do it you will know he loves it.

20. What Is Your Love Language?

People receive and give love is different ways and these are called love languages. The five love languages are words of affirmation, physical touch, gifts, quality time, and acts of service. Knowing each other love languages is key in communication and will make you much closer.

For example, you may show love by giving your boyfriend a gift while you may receive love best by spending quality time together. You guys may have very different love languages and knowing which love language is theirs will make it much easier to show your love for them!

21. What Would Be Your Go-To Way Of Cheering Me Up?

Knowing how to cheer up your significant other is so so important in a relationship. So, hearing how your boyfriend would cheer you up when you're sad is great information to hear! If he doesn't exactly know, now is a great time to let him know exactly what would make you happy when you are sad.

22. What Is Your Favorite Restaurant We Go To Together?

I feel like most couples have their go to restaurant but his answer may surprise you! He may even like going to that small burger joint together more than your favorite steak house.  

23. What Is Your Idea Of A Perfect Date?

Everyone has their own idea of a perfect date and hearing your boyfriend's favorite idea of a perfect date is so fun. Plus, this is a sneaky way of getting to know how to plan your next date that you know he will absolutely love.

He will most definitely ask you your idea of  a perfect date too so make sure you know exactly what to tell him so he can plan you a great date too! 

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