45 Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Boyfriend That Show How Much You Miss Him

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This post is all about long distance relationship gifts for boyfriend.

long distance relationship gifts

There is nothing like being surprised with a gift when you are in a long distance relationship.

Every day can feel like a century but these long distance relationship gifts for boyfriend make the time go faster.

Surprise your man with one of these gifts and it will show him that no matter the miles between you two he is always on your mind.

These 45 long distance relationship gifts for boyfriend show just how much you love him.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts for Boyfriend:

Sentimental Long Distance Relationship Gifts:

1. Relationship Key Chain

This has to be the cutest idea ever!

This is combining a cute long distance quote with a sentimental twist that can be customized so your boyfriend always has a piece of you with him. 

I personally am OBSESSED with this and will be ordering one for my own long distance boyfriend. 

2. Long Distance Relationship Pillow

I love this idea!

If you are in a long distance relationship then you would know there are SO many times we wish we could hug our significant other- well this gift idea is perfect for those moments.

I always see long distance relationship pillows all over Pinterest and they are so fun!

3. Matching Bracelets 

Let's talk jewelry!

This gift idea is perfect for any boyfriend because it is just masculine enough and feminine enough for both partners.

My long distance boyfriend and I have this EXACT set and it was one of my boyfriend favorite gifts I ever got him.

4. Military Scrapbook

Okay, this is the perfect long distance relationship gift for anyone especially if your loved one is in the military.

This shows exactly how much you care because it is completely personalized.

Side note- Thank you SO much for your service (those who are serving and those back at home while their significant other serves - both HUGE things!).

5. Quote picture frame

Everyone loves a good picture frame. I feel like I have received so many of these as presents or memories.

This idea is super adorable and can even be a DIY project if you are feeling creative!

What a perfect gift for any significant other who is missing their partner constantly. 

6. Message in a bottle

If you are an avid Pinterest Girl and are looking for a long distance relationship gift for your boyfriend than this is for you!

You can DIY this gift idea if you want to go the extra mile or purchase on amazon

I am obsessed with how adorable this idea is and will for sure use this in the future.

7. Personalized Bracelet 

long distance relationship gifts

This is a best seller for a good reason!

I am obsessed with this bracelet because it is the perfect accessory to remind your boyfriend of you everyday.

It is totally customizable from color, message, size, etc. This is a must have for long distance relationship gifts for your boyfriend. 

8. " Why I miss you" Journal

Okay, this idea may seem super cheesy but it is the perfect long distance relationship gift must have! 

If you love romance this is a super sweet and inexpensive way to show you love your boyfriend.

9. Electronics Docking Station

long distance relationship gifts ideas for boyfriends

Let's be real, we could all use one of these!

For men this is a must have because they can have a track record of losing things - and this not only is super useful but helps him stay organized.

10. His Favorite Cologne 

SO many men love cologne and to be honest us ladies love it as well!

Cologne for men is such an amazing surprise for a long distance relationship boyfriend because it shows you were thinking of them and know their favorite scent.

11. Silly Underwear

This is such a humorous gift for any boyfriend. 

If you and your boyfriend love laughing this is a perfect long distance relationship gift for your boyfriend. This is such a funny gift, I love it!

Practical Long Distance Relationship Gifts:

12. Passport Holder

Depending on how far away your loved one is , this is a perfect surprise for a long distance relationship boyfriend because this shows you miss them and want them to come see you!

The holder is also a  cute addition to that adorable surprise (aka a plane ticket!).

13. Charger Cords

You can NEVER have too many charger cords, ESPECIALLY if they are 10ft charger cords.

A pack of charger cords would be a highly appreciated gift for anyone!

14. Northface Backpack

This is hands down THE BEST BACKPACK!

Men tend to gravitate towards backpacks and my own personal long distance boyfriend brings a back pack with him every time he visits me to carry clothes or essentials.

15. Roku Stick

A Roku allows you to watch all of your favorite shows (including Netflix and Amazon Prime) with just internet on a TV.

I bought my boyfriend one of  these and he is obsessed! 

Any boyfriend who loves technology or TV will love this.

16. Memory Foam Slippers

You can never go wrong with slippers.

This is a cute idea for a long distance boyfriend so they have slippers to wear at your house to feel like your home is his home as well. 

17. Phone Battery Charger

Majority of the time, it can almost be guaranteed that most people tend to run out of battery.

Especially when you go out, you use your GPS to get to your loved ones house, etc. Seriously such a perfect idea for any guy!

18. Funny Games

creative graduation gifts

These games are SO fun and such a good way to bond with your boyfriend while you have him!

These are personally my two favorite card games to play[ A favorite of my boyfriend and I's.]

19. Apple Watch

Apple watches are such a great gift for anyone!

For guys they LOVE tech stuff and an Apple watch is perfect working out, GPS, or just to play around with.

This is for sure a bigger purchase but something that will for sure show your boyfriend you care for a birthday or anniversary. 

20. Promise Ring

Okay, I know what you're thinking... CHEESY!

Honestly, this is such a cute idea that I am sure any boyfriend would appreciate, especially since you are away from them it is so nice to be re assured and promise your love to someone.

21. Sunglasses

Can you really go wrong with giving a pair of Ray Bans? 

So many men wear Ray bans, and love them! This is perfect for any guys no matter who they are.

22. Monogrammed Toiletry Bag

Once you get a nice toiletry bag, chances are you are going to be using that for YEARS!

This beautiful toiletry bag (I mean seriously though, aren't these so well designed?!) will be the perfect idea for any boyfriend that travels frequently because we all need to carry toiletries. 

23. Workout clothes

Workout clothes are the perfect item for any boyfriend.

Men LOVE going to the gym so a workout outfit is such a great gift for a guy. I can guarantee he will love the gift and use it so often.

24. Amazon gift card

Whether your boyfriend orders tools, workout clothes, etc. an Amazon gift card is perfect because you can just about get everything off of Amazon!

When you are in a long distance relationship I feel this is a good gift idea to send to your significant other as a surprise for whatever he may need or want.

25. Briefcase

If your man is a business man then this is PERFECT !

Brief cases are such a different idea to give because they are practical and super different to gift to a boyfriend. If your long distance boyfriends job requires a brief case this is the it gift!

26. InstantPot

Okay, I am OBSESSED with InstaPots!

Seriously, I got it for Christmas and I use it all the time. It really is the perfect gift for seriously ANYONE because you can make delicious meals in less than 30 minutes.

My boyfriend is super impatient ( like most men) and has been wanting one of these. Every guy loves food so this is a super practical gift idea.

27. Beer Mug

This is actually a super good idea for any guy of age!

Most men LOVE beer and if you have a loved one who loves it too then this is a simple gift idea that is inexpensive. 

I can guarantee you can't go wrong with this !

28. Sports Team Apparel

Truth is, men love sports and I don't think they will ever complain about getting something with their favorite sports team on it!

This has to be the ULTIMATE gift idea for any sports lover. There so many apparel options from t-shirts,hoodies, hats, socks,etc. 

Amazon has such an amazing array of sports team apparel. You can easily have this shipped to your long distance boyfriends home. 

29. Engraved Watch

long distance relationship gifts

If you're looking for a special long distance relationship gift, this is it!

Men LOVE watches, and this idea is 100% custom and special for him. I love anything engraved and personalized when it comes to long distance relationships because we all know we tend to miss each other SO MUCH!

This is a cute way to remind your boyfriend that you are always with him.

30. Wallet

Having a nice wallet is something that is essential. You carry so much information in your wallet, so its essential to have a sturdy one. 

I feel like most women at some point get their boyfriend a wallet, it is such a classic  gift idea!

31. Shoes

Sometimes I think guys care more about their shoes than us!

Actually though, men love their shoes and what a great gift idea for a long distance boyfriend.

You're boyfriend will be thrilled to add another pair of shoes onto his collection. 

Popular Long Distance Relationship Gifts:

32. Tool Kit

Is you're boyfriend a handy man?

If so, this is such an awesome idea to gift to a special someone. Just like girls love clothes and makeup, men love tools!

Insert the perfect tool starting tool kit. 

33.Comfy Robe

If you want to give a really cute gift AND make it extremely easy on yourself, a comfy and cozy robe is  the way to go!

If you are a man or women we all know we love being comfortable. I have purchased one of these for my own long distance boyfriend for when he comes to my house and he LOVES IT!

This is super caring and shows you love him.

34.Car accessories 

This is one of the best gift ideas ever, and one of the number one thing women buy their boyfriend.

Car accessories are a brilliant and useful gift for a boyfriend. I bought my boyfriend car accessories on so many occasions and it never let me down.

Amazon is flooded with so many options!

35. Couples massage

A couples massage is such a cute idea that shows you care!

In long distance relationships we really need to value the time we spend with our boyfriend and this is a perfect gift to both of you! 

36. Coffee Cup Warmer

Is this not so cool?!

If your boyfriend/husband is a coffee lover, this is perfect for him. You can set the temp to exactly what you like and then it keeps your drink warm all day!

37. Girlfriend Pillow

This long distance relationship gift idea is so funny!

If this doesn't show you care I do not know what else will ( LOL) . Get you're boyfriend a girlfriend pillow so when he misses you he can have a special girlfriend to cuddle up with( not as good as you, but close)

38. Letter to open when..

Okay, this idea for a long distance boyfriend is super sentimental. 

I love little gifts like this because I feel these show the most thought. This is perfect because we can't always there for our boyfriend when they need us so this letter idea is perfect for certain times when they need us the most.

They can open you when sad, when discouraged, or when they simply are missing you!

39. Silk Pillow Case

I do not care who this is for, everyone needs it!

I love silk pillowcases they genuinely should be given as gifts to everyone. I know my boyfriend really wanted some silk pillowcases after sleeping on mine. 

This is something different to gift to a boyfriend because maybe it remind him of sleeping next to you or just because they truly are life changing!

40. "What If?" book

For any boyfriend who always asks absurd questions, ladies here you go!

This is just a fun little gift that will make your man laugh. I think its is a funny little something to let him know you are thinking of him.

41. "I love my Girlfriend" Shirt

This is the ultimate long distance relationship gift for a guy because this is hilarious and extra silly.

Not only does this claim you're man and let everyone know he is yours( LOL) but it is something that shows you love being his girlfriend!

I love silly gifts like this.

42. Electric Toothbrush

This may not be the most romantic gift, but it is so useful!

I love my electric tooth brush so much and I feel like if you do not know what to gift this is such a great gift to give to any man. 

We all need to brush our teeth, so how can you go wrong?

43. Personalized Key Chain

This keychain gives the subtle reminder of how much more the love means than the miles between you two. 

Another plus, this is a great cheap gift for a long distance boyfriend but will mean so much! 

44.  Miss you candle

AH, I love this idea so much. 

I think gifts that have some creativity are the ones that say you care the most and this is one of those. I see this on Pinterest all of the time and for a good reason.

This is a great cheap gift for a long distance boyfriend but will mean so much to them while being inexpensive!

45. Long distance survival guide

Okay, I love books like this!

keeping coffee table books around that promote positivity or remind me of someone is such an awesome idea.

This is great for a long distance boyfriend because it can actual help him learn how to cope with the distance while also reminding him of you.

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This post showed 45 long distance relationship gifts for boyfriend that show how much you love him.

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