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This post is all about college relationships.

tips to navigating college relationships

It is pretty easy to see what college relationships are going to last and which relationships won’t.

Some couples just have it together and provide the Best Relationship Advice to others and they rarely ever fight and just seem to know how to navigate this difficult and testing time in our lives.

…and then there are others that break up every other day, are constantly jealous of other people, and fight 24/7. Yeah, we all know one of those.

SO, what exactly makes those good college relationships so good??

This post shows you how to navigate college relationships and the traits needed to ensure you have a healthy relationship.


The first step in successful college relationships is that they trust each other.

 I know, obviously. I am getting this one out of the way because even though it’s obvious, it is so important. Especially in college.

What is one thing college relationships are known for? The drunk hook up. It is pretty normal for college students to go out on weekends (and many times weekdays) and you need to be trusting that your boyfriend won’t go hooking up with a random girl and use the excuse that he was drunk. (and same applies to you 😉 ).

You most likely won’t always be able to keep an eye on your boyfriend 24/7 to make sure that he isn’t doing anything else with other girls so it is imperative that you trust him.

Strong relationships in college have full trust that the other person is loyal when they’re not together.

2. They spend time apart.

It is really easy to only spend time with your boyfriend. After all, you would rather spend time with him than anyone else.

However,  it is essential that you still have parts of your life that don’t involve your boyfriend. Of course, let him know what you are doing but go out with just your girlfriends or do something else without him.

It is very normal for couples to spend 24/7 with each other but spending that much time together could possibly put other relationships in trouble. And let’s be real, spending that much time together gets old quick.

Having something that you like to do without your boyfriend will make those times you do spend together so much more special.

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3. If something is bothering them, they speak up.

Certain people would rather hide something that is bothering them then just speaking up about it and fixing the problem.

While being quiet about whats bothering you might work at the moment, it will eventually come up or turn into something bigger.

Strong couples in college will speak up if something is bothering them or if they don’t like someone that the other significant other is hanging out with.

Example, if your boyfriend is snapping a girl that you think has bad intentions, speak up and say you don’t feel comfortable with that. If he respects you he will stop talking to her and it won’t turn into an issue like it could if you kept it to yourself.

4. They mutually like each other.

Obviously, if you’re dating each other you both like each other, right?! Well, yes. But do you ever see those couples from afar where it is obvious that one of them is way more into it then the other?

Forcing a relationship on each other is not going to work in the long run.

As a college student, you are SO young and don’t wont to be wasting your time (or heart…lame but true 😉 ) on someone that doesn’t care about them like you do.

5. They share the same values.

College, in general, is a test of your values. Do you have sex before you’re married? Drink before you’re legal? Cheat on tests?

Okay, those are just some main ones that a TON of people breaks. And I am not saying those are wrong (guilty :/ ). But if those aren’t in your boyfriend’s values but you are okay with, there will be some issue.

Moral of this all, it’s important to be clear on what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with.

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6. They know how to compromise.

Being in a relationship is all about compromise. Compromising is not easy but if you can’t master the art of compromising, you won’t have a strong relationship.

More importantly, if you both don’t know how to compromise, you won’t have a strong relationship.

Whether it’s doing what you want to do one night and his the next, go see a movie you don’t want to see but he is dying too, or you going to a restaurant you love and he doesn’t like as much, its all about compromise.

The strongest relationships in college know how to compromise even if they don’t want too.

7. You schedule date nights.

Scheduling a date night a few times a month is SO important. I truly believe that making date nights important is key to a successful relationship.

College students are broke so it is easy to just put date night to the side. However, there are so many free and inexpensive date nights you can do that don’t break the bank.

Having date nights just the two of you (put those phones away), allows you to truly talk and hear about the other person life and what they are going through.

8. They speak highly about the other person.

Do you ever hear those couples that are just constantly putting the other person down? I hear it all the time.

For example, I have this one friend that always talks about how annoying her boyfriend is. And, I have another friend that always is talking about her fights with her boyfriends.

I am all about having one or two people who you can vent to, everyone needs someone like that. But constantly putting your significant other down is going to ruin your relationship.

You need to speak just as highly of your boyfriend as you hope he speaks about you. It will strengthen your relationship in ways you didn’t know it could.

Your relationship will constantly be tested in college so making sure that you have a healthy relationship is essential.

These 8 traits are obvious in all strong college relationships and will allow couples to continue their relationship to grow long past their college days.

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  1. Huge YES to #2! I saw so many unhealthy relationships in college because the couple could NOT spend any time apart! Such an unhealthy thing!

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