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This is all about the best organized dorm rooms.

organized dorm rooms

I was obsessed with dreaming up what my dorm room would look like from how I was going to decorate it to looking at pictures of organized dorm rooms.

Maybe it's the type-A perfectionist in me or maybe I was just ready to get out of my house ( 😉 )but I would spend hours doing it.

...and I know I'm not the only one.

This post gives you SO many really cute and organized dorm room inspiration that you can go and recreate in your own room.

Insanely Organized Dorm Rooms:

1. Keep Everything In a Corner 

Copy This Dorm:

One of the best ways to create an organized dorm room is to keep everything in the corner of the room. Why? Because it makes the space seem bigger because there is more space in the middle of the room!

So keep your bed and desks in the corners of the room to make your dorm look like the most organized one on the hall.

2. Keep Things on the Back of Your Desk 
organized dorm rooms

Copy This Dorm:

When being organized, the key is to be almost minimalistic! 

I hate having things cluttered around my desk and not having enough places to lay my books out (that sounds stupid but it's honestly true haha).

Also, I love how this girl added contact paper to her desk! Such an easy way to cover that ugly and worn wood in your dorm room.

3. Hang Lights On Walls
organized dorm rooms

Copy This Dorm:

Another great way to create an organized dorm room is by hanging lights on the wall.

It's a great hack that makes the room look more spacious because it maximizes space. Definitely something to think about! 

4. Bedroom Upstairs, Office Downstairs
organized dorm room

Copy This Dorm:

This picture honestly  looks so cozy, and organized too! 

Lofting your bed is one of the smartest ways you can keep an organized dorm room because it creates SO much more space.

And this idea is awesome because if you're at your desk studying, your bed is out of sight, and therefore out of mind so you can GRIND! 

5. Have Nothing Except a Rug on the Floor

Copy This Dorm:

Much like when I said to keep furniture in a corner, keep the floor clean as well. I'm talking minimalistic honestly. Sure the poofs and the ottomans are cute and come in handy, but if you really want an organized dorm room consider only having a rug on the floor.

With how nasty dorm room floors are, having a rug is an essential.

6. Keep With Whites and Neutrals
organized dorm rooms

Copy This Dorm:

An organized dorm room is half actual organization, and another half life hacks. 

So here's another life hack: use whites and neutrals as much as possible in your dorm room. Color is fun, but keep it limited so that you look like you have a lot more space than you actually do! (I like to add color in pillows so I can change it seasonally)

And white and neutrals just LOOK clean, so buying them means you've already won half the battle when it comes to organization! 

7. Organize Your Things Under Your Lofted Bed 
dorm room organization

Copy This Dorm:

Dorm beds are abnormally high, but there's a reason for that: STORAGE!

By putting stuff under your lofted dorm bed it allows for more storage and honestly is a win-win. I lofted my bed the two years I lived in the dorms.

8. Keep Surfaces Minimalistic  
organized dorm rooms

Copy This Dorm:

Pretty much obsessed with everything in this dorm room.

9. Use The Top Of Your Fridge To Organize Your Mugs
dorm organization ideas

Copy This Dorm:

It is well known on this blog that I love tea and will therefore find a way to incorporate it into about every blog post.

I love how this girl didn't waste the storage opportunity on the top of her fridge and actually made it cute!

10.Bring In Extra Furniture  
organized dorm rooms

Copy This Dorm:

This is only if you have space, but those new dorms at basically every SEC campus are not just essentially hotel rooms so if you're headed into SEC territory, you can probably apply this to your dorm! 

Bringing in extra furniture makes an organized dorm room in that it provides more space for you to hide things. Makes perfect sense, right? 

dorm room essentials
11. Black and White Combo ALWAYS Looks Organized

Copy This Dorm:

Contrast looks good. Good looks organized. Black and white is a contrast, so black and white looks organized!

12. Use The Same Colored Furniture 
organized dorm rooms

Copy This Dorm:

Maybe black and white isn't your thinkg, totally understandable!

Whatever your color may be, just use it all throughout your room. The same color creates a flow throghout your room and makes it look neat and tidy! 

13. Add The Same Patterns  
college dorm organization

Copy This Dorm:

You can take this tip for any style (if your thing isn't sunflowers but it does look SO happy) and use repeated patterns throughout your dorm.

Plus, this is good inspiration for suite rooms!

14. Put A Hutch Behind Your Bed 
organized dorm rooms

Copy This Dorm:

I think that this is one of the most genius ideas for an organized dorm room. And it's very unique too if you want to be a trendsetter! 

Have a desk hutch built up so that it can also be a headboard. It provides even more space for storage and organization!! 

15. Add Greenery/Succulents   
dorm room inspiration

Copy This Dorm:

I've probably made it seem like you shouldn't have any decor in your dorm room at all but that is SO not the case! Decor is needed, but it must be the right decor.

"Well what is that?" It is greenery and succulents. It makes a dorm room look organized because it provides some freshness and brightness to the room. Organization is all about the look of something, and greenery looks good! 

16. Keep A Few Things on Your Nightstand
organized dorm rooms

Copy This Dorm:

See how this nightstand has a lamp and a picture and that's it? It looks good right?

Keep like one to two things on your nightstand because less is best when it comes to an organized dorm room!

17. Just A Few Strands of String Lights  
college dorm

Copy This Dorm:

I know I know, string lights are almost like a necessity in dorm rooms nowadays! But yes, they contribute to an organized dorm room, too!

Don't use to many of them. There are so many spots for them and ways that you can use them it is so tempting to just put them everywhere but you're room will look like it vomited christmas lights if you use them everywhere.

18. Make a Sitting Area
organized dorm rooms

Copy This Dorm:

A lot of times people confuse organized with cozy, take advantage of this! 

A great way to make a cozy, yet organized dorm room is by creating a little sitting area. It doesn't take a lot of effort, just a bench or chair and some pillows. And people will love your dorm room! 

19. Loft Your Bed 
dorm room

Copy This Dorm:

This is a pretty obvious way to keep an organized dorm room. But sometimes we forget the obvious, so I wanted ot make sure and remind you! 

20. 1-3 Things Per Cubby  
organized dorm rooms

Copy This Dorm:

See how this cubby in the dorm room only has a few things in each cube and isn't just jam packed? It makes it look clean and organized, right? 

I know I said to store things, but where things are visible to other people, store them smartly!! 

21. Put Beds To One Side  
college dorm room ideas

Copy This Dorm:

This is a lot like putting the beds in the corner, keep things together to create flow and yes that can include your beds!

And putting your beds to one side also maximizes space and makes the room seem a lot bigger than it actually is which also plays into looking organized!

22. Create Symmetry  
organized dorm rooms

Copy This Dorm:

Another eye trick that you can play on people to make them think that your dorm room is insanely organized even if you haven't truly cleaned in ages is by creating symmetry throughout various places in the room!

This nightstand is the perfect example of that. It has the same lamps, and the same poofs in front of it. It makes it look nice and nice makes it look organized.

23. Put Items On Window Sill Instead of Furniture Tops 
cute dorm rooms

Consider putting a lot on there because you can technically hide it when you close the blinds. It's a great way to make use of unique space.

24. Just A Tapestry
organized dorm rooms

Copy This Dorm:

I suggest tapestries for a lot of things, they're great! But if you're going for an organized dorm room and want a tapestry, stick with just the tapestry. 

Tapestries have designs on them that when paired with other things can look messy and cluttered, and that is the opposite of what we want our dorm room to look like! 

This post was all about the college apartment decorating ideas on a budget.

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