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Looking for the best college planners that will keep you insanely organized? This post is all about the best college planners.

college planners

Staying organized is extremely important in college. One of the key ways to stay on top of everything is by having the perfect planner. 

There are so many different college planners out there. For me, I love time-blocking so that's something I looked for in a planner. Some people are goal-oriented so having goal planning pages is important to them.

No matter what kind of planner you are, there is definitely something out there for you! Here are our favorite college planners that are sure to keep you on top of your A-game.

This post is all about college planners.


1. BSL College Planner

The BSL team wanted to come up with something to keep you extremely organized and make sure no assignment or to-do is forgotten. As obsessed organizers, the BSL team is in love with this planner and we know you will be too. 

This has it all - from time-blocking, semester schedule, 4-year course planning sheets, weekly overviews, monthly goals & budgeting sheets, and so much more. This would have saved my life in college!

Looking for an iPad version? We've got you covered... click here.

2. Erin Condren Life Planner

academic planner 2021

I have heard amazing things about Erin Condren planners. If you are someone that loves having a college planner that has everything laid out for you - full day pages with time blocking, to-do lists, notes, etc. - this is the planner for you. 

My sister has the Life Planner and has nothing but good things to say about it. Definitely one that comes highly recommended! 

Erin Condren also has other planners that aren't as intense. If you aren't someone that time-blocks, they have more simple planners as well. They also have a ton of designs that you can customize too! 

3. Ponderlily Weekly Planner

cute academic planners

The Ponderlilly Planner is simplistic in the best ways possible. Each month has a “roadmap” where you can layout your wellness, relationship, finance, home, and project goals to really ensure you're on the right page for the coming month!

The week is set up into timetables which are amazing and they have a to-do list on the side. If you need a to-do list for every day of the week you’ll definitely need to use sticky notes but that’s not too big of a deal. If you are looking for a small planner that still gets the job done, this is it!

4. 2021 Year Task Planner

custom college student planner

I went out of my way to see if Nordstrom had any planners and I’m so glad I did! This planner is amazing if you have your schedule down and you just need a place to write your to-do lists. I know for me there’s a point in the semester where I stop using the scheduling part of the planner because most days look the same every week. Love this planner a lot!

5. My Daily Planner by Papier

high school student planners

The name of this planner speaks for itself - it’s all about making it happen daily. I love this planner because it really implements all the best productivity tools into one. I also love that the planner incorporates goal-making. I think this is an amazing planner whether you’re in school or not. 

6. Full Focus Planner Planner

academic planners

The Full Focus Planner is all about staying on task and getting into the “zone” to ensure you accomplish as much as you can in a day. There is a section for annual goals and goal details - here you can really hone in on what you want to accomplish and how you are really going to make that happen. There’s a daily page(s), weekly preview, and quarterly preview. These sections will keep you on top of everything! I highly recommend this planner! 

7. Papier Customized Planner

college planner

I have this planner and have loved it. It is super straightforward so if you’re the type of person who wants to quickly jot down a few thoughts for each day, this is the planner for you. 

8. Goldie Floral 2021 Planner

high school student planners

This planner is absolutely beautiful and makes me smile every time I look at it! If planners are supposed to make you extremely happy then this one hits the hammer on the nail.

9. 2021-22 Sugar Paper Academic Planner

ultimate student planner

This planner has all the necessities you could want to be laid out in a simple, easy-to-understand format!

10. Retro Custom Planner

high school student planners

Minted has a customizable section of notebooks that can be turned into planners which is amazing! I love the cover of this planner and how you can personalize it with your name.

11. Leopard Print Personalized Planner

erin condren student planner

This is another super simplistic planner that gets the job done in the most straightforward way possible!

12. Elegant Notes Weekly Planner

erin condren student planner

Another planner from Minted that I had to show because I am so in love with the cover! The inside is super straightforward and allows you to get your thoughts out.

13. 2021 Weekly Planner

high school student planners

Target has a wide array of planners and they get the job done! With weekly and monthly calendars, notes sections, and a space to write out your daily to-do’s it’s super easy to use.


14. Productivity Planner

academic planner 2021

If you're struggling most with staying productive, definitely look into this productivity planner. This is made my the same company that created the Five Minute Journal (also an amazing product!) and they really know what they're doing. 

The planner is "based on historical leading Productivity Principles and Supported Goals Research that are proven to increase productivity." People are raving about this productivity planner.. I might get myself one too! 

15. Make It Happen Planner

online college planner

Planners that really focus on productivity are my absolute favorite. I honestly think that’s what planners should be all about! This planner is 16-weeks long and really allows you to fully focus on your personal growth goals.

16. Pastel Brilliant Weekly Planner

best college planners

MochiThings is an extremely well-known company, specifically for its planners. Including a yearly, monthly, and weekly plan you can really get into the nitty-gritty of your routine.

17. Daily Greatness Journal and Planner

college student planners

“How we start our days determines how we spend our days.” This is the beginning description for the Dailygreatness planner and I think it’s so true. For those looking for a planner that incorporates your physical and mental health, along with the normal daily planner pages, this planner is for you!

This planner has daily pages, as well as places to write things like personal goals - both physical and mental - gratitude, successes, etc. which I found really cool.

18. Five Minute Journal and Productivity Planner Bundle

college stickers for planners

I already discussed the productivity planner a little before this, but I wanted to show you that they offer a bundle that includes The Five Minute Journal which I absolutely love. 

19. Panda Planner Pro

For a simple, no-frill planner, the Panda Planner is your guy. People rave about this planner. And it's also pretty inexpensive which is always a plus! 

With space for goal setting, gratitude, and focus, as well as weekly and daily agenda sections, this college planner will definitely ensure you're as productive as humanly possible.


While having a good college planner is a great step towards an organized life, you're definitely going to need the right tools to go with it! From color coordinating notes and schedules, to having the perfect pen, these are some of my go-to supplies for staying organized in college.

20. Gold Page Markers

planner accessories

I wanted to start with these gold markers because I think they’re so cute and will elevate any planner (but there are more useful items below). There are so many little sections in my planner I constantly go back and forth to, so having these markers makes it a whole lot easier. 

21. Pens

I'm not even kidding when I say these are the best pens I have ever written with. I will never write with another pen again ? Highly recommend getting a big pack of these so if you lose one, you have back up! 

22. Highlighters

I love highlighters. They make me feel so much more put together and organized. If you know, you know. 

23. Colored Pens

Something else I love to do to keep organized is use colored pens in my college planner. Every time I would get a syllabus at the beginning of the semester, I would go through each big date (like exams or projects) and put them in my calendar. For the next class, I would do the same but with a different colored pen. Basically I would color coordinate depending on the class! 

Colored pens are nice to have when making notes or edits to things too. Definitely a must in college! 

24. Sticky Notes

Ahh... sticky notes. I love sticky notes! Whether you're making a note in a book, or giving your future self a reminder, sticky notes are great to have on hand. 


Productivity books are my absolute favorite and I have read so many under the sun. They are the cherry on top to really ensuring you get the most out of your day and know exactly how to utilize your college planners. 

25. Atomic Habits

cute college planners

Atomic Habits is one of my favorite books ever written. It shows you just how easy creating a habit can be. And yes, I said easy. Just a 1% change in your life can catapult you in a completely different direction. Whatever you want to be, he gives you the exact steps to making it happen. 

26. Getting Things Done 


The author of this book, David Allen, is a veteran coach on management consultant and basically knows everything about productivity. From his personal experience, he gives the go-to guide on how to stay focused and achieve ultimate success in your day.

27. The Power of Habit

productivity planners

The Power of Habit goes into all the science behind the habit. The insane amount of knowledge packed into this book is incredible and you’re guaranteed to learn something you never knew before!

28. The 12 Week Year

full focus planner

The 12 Week Year is a book all about reframing how we look at goal planning and reframes our entire outlook. The book creates clarity on what truly matters most and how to get it done!

This post is all about college planners.

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