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This post is all about kitchen apartment ideas.

kitchen apartment ideas

I may be one of the very few, but when I dreamed up my first apartment I first thought of my kitchen. For me, the kitchen is the heart of the home. I have always pictured my friends and family around the kitchen laughing and having an amazing time.

We're covering all the bases when it comes to the kitchen - organization ideas, the best kitchen decor, and kitchen cleaning supplies I can’t live without. Once you’re done here, you’ll be a kitchen connoisseur or at least a BSL kitchen connoisseur. Anyways, I am obsessed with my kitchen and I am so excited to share with you all of my favorite tips and tricks. 

This post is all about kitchen apartment ideas.


First things first: organizing. Disorganized kitchen = disorganized life. The things you use to organize your kitchen are as important as the products you use to clean your kitchen (more on that later). Without overwhelming you, I’m going to go over eight of my favorite kitchen organizing ideas that will change the way you think about organizing.

1. Label Spices

	apartment kitchen ideas for renters

Recreate kitchen apartment ideas:

I have to give my good friend Hannah a shoutout for this one. When I found out she did this to her spices I almost lost my $hi*! Talk about an amazing idea. I just love when something as simple as changing spice bottles can completely change the vibe of your kitchen.

2. Over-the-Cabinet Storage

Over-the-cabinet storage is a game-changer, especially if you have a small kitchen. The accessibility it gives you for simple things like your shopping bags and sponges will blow you away. Any place I live I always make sure to have over-the-cabinet storage!!

3. Acrylic Organizer Shelves

If I could give only one tip for kitchen organization it would be this: utilize your vertical space. If you do this, you will be light years ahead of the game. I love these acrylic organization shelves because they’re sleek and give you so much more space for your plates, etc. If you have a small space, don’t let that vertical space go to waste.

4. Organization Storage Bins

A simple way to keep your space organized: bins. They allow you to divide and conquer all that stuff you’ve piled up. Organization bins are especially helpful if you label them - then, if you live with other people, they will be more likely to put things away where they go (personally giving my significant other a shoutout for this one).

5. Divided Turntable

One of my favorite kitchen apartment ideas: Divided turntables, lazy susans, whatever you call them and they are a gift sent from God. I have these things all over my house: for my hair products, kitchen supplies, oils & spices (they are literally for everything). These are especially amazing for utilizing those annoying corner cabinets.

6. Acrylic Can Dispenser

I always have a stockpile of classic drinks on hand so I love these handy-dandy can dispensers for organizing them. Basically, any canned items you get from Costco will fit beautifully in these bad boys.

7. Air-tight Food Storage Containers

I keep saying it, but this is another one of my favorites. I love putting flour, sugar, cereal, crackers, etc. in these instead of leaving them in their original packing. These will keep cereal and crackers from going stale and makes baking less of a mess.

8. Kitchen Drawer Silverware Organizer 

Everyone needs a silverware organizer and this is the exact one I use! I love it because it expands so if I decide to switch drawers for my silverware, or when I eventually move, I know that I won’t have to buy another one!


I personally like to keep the decor in my kitchen super minimal. I don’t want a bunch of random things on the counter. I know a lot of kitchens don’t have a lot of cabinet space, so sometimes things have to go on the counter. But, I try to avoid it. However, that just means the few decor pieces I do choose to buy are essential and always make my kitchen look like a million bucks.

9. Gradient Vase

Having a vase in your kitchen with flowers (mine, most of the time, are fake) can make your kitchen look so much fresher and cleaner. Having a vase is also a simple way to spice things up in your kitchen. Depending on the season, you can decide what you want to display in your vase. This is definitely my favorite decor item to have!

10. Cutting Board

I love wood cutting boards as a decor piece behind my stove. I think it makes my kitchen look so much more professional and I also use these boards for appetizers when I have friends and family over!

11. Essential Oil Diffuser

I have never been so in love with an essential oil diffuser before. If you have seen my gift guides, this diffuser is all over the place. I love it for any room in the house!

12. Salt & Pepper Bowls

I like to display my salt & pepper (personal preference) and I actually grab for them all the time so it’s really nice to have them out. The little spoons are adorable and I think this whole setup is so cute. (One of my favorite kitchen apartment ideas people usually don't think about)

13. Kitchen Utensil Large Holder

Another one of my necessities, a marble utensil holder. For those large kitchen utensils that barely fit in drawers, I give you this gorgeous marble holder! This goes to show you that even the most mundane organization items, like a utensil holder, can become gorgeous decor pieces.

14. Gold Fruit Bowl

kitchen ideas with island

I fell in love with this fruit bowl as soon as I set eyes on it. Truly, it was love at first sight. I always have apples and lemons on hand and I think they look amazing displayed, especially in this bowl!

15. Spoon Rest

kitchen decor ideas

I completely forgot about this when I was deciding on items I wanted to decorate my kitchen with but can I tell you, I cannot live without this spoon rest! Anytime I cook on the stove this spoon rest is used. A spoon rest is also another simple item you can switch up during the seasons!

16. Tea Kettle

I am a tea addict (and I have a whole drawer dedicated to my teas) so I knew I needed a gorgeous tea kettle to display on my stove. I am a gold lover so I thought this one would be perfect for me but if you love a little more detail go for it!

17. Paper Towel Holder

If you have a small kitchen, I would recommend putting your paper towel below your sink so it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space, but if you do display your paper towels on your counter, this is the holder for you! As you can see, I love marble haha.


But what’s even more important than decor? Cleaning supplies!! Raise your hand if you want a gross kitchen…. Exactly – you don’t want it and neither do I. Cleaning supplies are so important so I make sure to have all my bases covered and I am making sure you do too!

I honestly love cleaning (I haven’t always, but after years of forcing myself to say “this is soooo much fun” while cleaning, I’ve eventually grown fond of the “activity”), and shopping for cleaning supplies is almost as fun as shopping for decor. I’m going to lay out all my must-have cleaning supplies that you will definitely want for your kitchen.

18. Dish Soap

A definite necessity (as are all of these)! I love Method’s dish soap — I also think it’s one of the few that are cute to display. Could not recommend more, it’s a definite yes for me!

19. Stainless Steel Cleaner

If you have stainless steel, let me introduce you to my little friend, Weinman Stainless Steel Cleaner. The name speaks for itself!! I love this cleaning product.

20. Dawn Platinum Power Wash Spray

I was in awe the first time I used this spray. It’s honestly kind of crazy how it comes out! You’ll have to see for yourself but I will definitely continue repurchasing this product.

21. Kitchen Gloves

kitchen decor sets

Sometimes, it’s just too gross to touch with your bare hands. Growing up, my mom always wore rubber gloves whenever she cleaned the kitchen. Not only do they help your hands from not drying out, they allow you to get down and dirty without feeling gross. My mother stans Williams Sonoma gloves, so I highly recommend them.

22. Microfiber Towels

I’ve tried to cut back on my paper towel use and I love my microfiber towels! They work just as well as paper towels and will last you forever.

23. Dishwasher Pods

I mean, duh! These are my favorite dishwasher pods but you can use whichever ones you like.

24. Finish Rinse Aid

Rinse Aid is for those pesky stains everyone gets on their glasses from the dishwasher soap. If you add a little bit of this potion it will make them go away and leave your dishes sparkly clean!

25. Soap Dispensing Dish Brush

I love this handheld sponge (if I can keep my hands from getting wet while cleaning dishes, I will). It also has a little stand so if you want to display it you can.

26. SOS Pads

I use these guys for those hard-to-remove pieces on plates and pans! 

27. Disposal Cleaner

Disposal cleaner has saved my life on many occasions. I have had a few problems with my garbage disposal (or as my family calls it garburator) smelling horrible. After testing a ton of different remedies, I’ve found that these packs are the best!

This post is all about kitchen apartment ideas.

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