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Looking to organize under the kitchen sink? This is something that I have been excited about for years so I take you through the entire process and show you the best tips for how to organize under your own kitchen sink in a way that looks good but is also insanely practical. 

under the kitchen sink organization

There is nothing that makes me more excited about organizing (I know, I'm basically 100 years old) and I have been dreaming about organizing under my kitchen sink.

The sad thing is, I'm completely serious ?

When searching how to organize under the kitchen sink I was finding a lot of great ideas so I mixed all of my favorites together and got a cabinet that really works for my everyday life.

Favorite part by far - my dishwasher pods being in the turntables. I have no idea why but it drives me crazy when those things are in the containers!

In this post, I show you exactly how to organize under the kitchen sink and tell you all the best hacks and tips I learned while doing it.

How To Organize Under The Kitchen Sink:

Kitchen Organization Video

Under Kitchen Sink Organization Products:

I wanted my space to be really organized, but I didn't want it to cost an arm and a leg (which believe, organization products DO cost an arm and a leg). 

I searched Pinterest and Instagram and I was always drawn to the cabinets with turntables. It just looked really good and seemed to be super practical.

I decided I wanted two of those and then a bin in the center. I am also planning on doing my bathroom organization with similar products, so to save money I got both of these in packs of 4. This honestly saved A LOT of money. Probably 50%.

Before + After of Under The Kitchen Sink Organization:

how to organize under the kitchen sink

This was how it looked before. Honestly, not terrible but also no organization there at all. I knew I wanted to keep all of these products in here since this is what I reach for on a daily basis. 

Because I am in a rental, I also wanted to make sure that nothing had to be screwed down.

how to organize under the kitchen sink

Here's the after! Looks pretty good right?!

I really did not want to get too many organization products because of how expensive they are and think that this ended up being perfect.

It fit everything (including the backstock). 

The Best Tips For Under The Kitchen Sink Organization:

1. Measure everything before buying.

kitchen sink organization

With how weirdly shaped these cabinets can be with all the piping, it is SO important that you measure everything to make sure it fits before it is ordered.

I measured my different products and they *barely* fit. If it was 1/4" bigger, it wouldn't have worked which would be really annoying since I spent the time waiting for it to ship in.

2. Use the back of the cabinet for extra space.

under the kitchen sink organization

I saw this from a video on Youtube and thought it was so smart! Using command strips allows for the perfect place to put your gloves and also hang your sink stoppers.

To hold the sink stoppers, I used a sponge holder that I got in a set of two from World Market. I use the gold one and just had the rose gold one sitting in my cabinet so this ended up being perfect.

3. Divide products efficiently. 

kitchen sink organization

My dishwasher is directly to the left of my sink so I made sure that all the dishwasher products were on the left side of my cabinet.

Vice versa, on the other side is the trash can so I have all the trash bags in the turn table over there. That's what made sense to me!

4. Use clear shelfs for additional storage.

Recreate This Kitchen Cabinet:

This post was all about how to organize under the kitchen sink.

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