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Let's just start out this post with making it really clear that taking care of plants is not one of my strong suits :/. Basically every plant that comes under my care dies. I've always wanted a fiddle leaf tree and knew my opportunity to get one was with the GBOGH house.

I ordered this fiddle leaf tree online and had it delivered to the office. The whole thing didn't start out to hot because when I opened the box, it was upside down 😩. That definitely didn't help the situation and then I looked further and the branches were snapped and a few leaves were dying. While I didn't know how to save it, I knew you guys would! 

Thank you all of you plant experts out there for your advice!! SO many of you had really great advice on how to take care of them. I had a decent amount of messages of people asking me to share the advice I got so I figured I would roundup all the tips I got on how to revive a fiddle leaf tree. 

P.S. It's still tbd on if this lil' guy is going to survive... or look good enough for the house staging. I'll keep you posted! I'm crossing my fingers 🤞🏼.

How to Save a Dying Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

1. Cut all bad leaves and branches

This was the number one tip I got in my DMs. Cutting out the bad leaves and any dead branches can encourage new growth. 

Also, if the leaves pull off with a tug, remove them, but if not, let them come off on their own. 

2. Water every 1.5-2 weeks or when soil feels dry

Someone also said that the main thing to know about fiddle leaf plants is that you cannot overwater them. It will give them root rot and kill them quickly. They like to be watered every week and a half to two weeks. Here's a few ways to know when to water them:

  • You can check the soil. Water it whenever the soil gets dry enough that it won’t stick to your finger if you touch it. 
  • You just need to wet the entire base every two weeks! Make sure the soils completely dry before you water again.
  • I like this idea that someone said - Basically every time you go, “I can’t remember the last time I watered this thing.”

3. Don't move them

Fiddle leaf trees don't like to be moved around (which is why this plant was angry when it was shipped all over the place). Find a good spot in front of a window and don't move it around after that so it can adjust to its new environment. 

4. Mist or wipe branches 

Fiddle leaf trees love to be misted regularly because it’s a plant that grows in the rainforest. You can also wipe the leaves every now and then. I guess they really like being pampered 💁🏻‍♀️

5. Rotate the plant

Rotate fiddle leaf trees so the all of the leaves get equal sun light. The leaves lean towards wherever their source of light is coming from so when you rotate them, the leaning will equal out. 

6. Placement is important

It needs to be in front of a window (bright indirect light basically means in front of a window). You really just don’t want it to be in a dark spot. Also bring the plant out from the wall so It has space to spread out. 

Those are all the tips I got for how to save a dying fiddle leaf fig tree. Now let's pray mine makes it to the other side 🙏

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