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This post is all about gifts for boyfriends.

gifts for boyfriends

Finding gifts for boyfriends can be hard. Either they already have everything or are happy with "anything". Like what?! Us girls just need some inspiration.

These gifts are so good that your boyfriend will be asking you how you even thought of them.

This post is all about the best gifts for boyfriends.

gifts for boyfriends


1. Bluetooth Record Player

This bad boy is less than $50 and looks SO cool. I also feel like it looks so much more expensive than it is. 

2. Tile - Key Finder

If you have a boyfriend who is known to lose his keys, a Tile will save their life! 

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times my boyfriend and I have been ready to go and he can't find his keys...

A Tile can easily be put on a keychain and tracks where it is through an app. Surprisingly, it's actually very inexpensive!

3. Trendy Boots

gifts for boyfriends

Personalized gifts for a boyfriend are my FAV to give because it doesn't even have to be expensive!

This is such a silly and cute gift idea any boyfriend will love to receive from their girlfriend (wink wink)

4. Wallet

gifts for boyfriend

Okay, Ben got one of these wallet card holder things last year for Christmas and I seriously have never heard talk about a gift so highly before. I can't tell you why he likes it so dang much but he sure does. I know Ben and our guy friends rarely ever carry cash so I feel like this is the best option for their wallets.

5. Funny Book

I am totally giving this to Ben for Christmas hahaha. I don't know why but I think it's hilarious. Also, it's only $11.

6. AirPods

I wish I could get everyone AirPods because they seriously have changed my life for the better.

Yes, this is more on the pricey side but if it is a gift for your boyfriend and your anniversary this is great!

7.  YETI Water Bottle

I think this is the perfect ~manly enough~ version of a Hydro Flask. Great for the guy that loves to work out or just needs to drink more water lol. 

8. Grilling Kit

This is the perfect gift for a boyfriend because most guys like grilling if they cook at all! Grilling is my boyfriend's favorite and for most guys this is an ideal gift.

9. Megaboom 3 Speaker

If you want the best of the best for speakers, this is it. We won't pretend that this is cheap, because it's not. But, if you're boyfriend loves listening to music or entertaining this is the perfect gifts for boyfriend.

I also think it's one of the more "sleek" gift options.

10. Air Fryer

There is one thing all guys love... FOOD. 

This air fryer is amazing and would be a great gift for any man in your life this year!

11. Cordless Vacuum for Car

Okay, hear me out. I know this one is kind of weird but if your boyfriend likes his car or is a clean freak (you're lucky), than he will like something like this. Honestly, I want this for my own car haha.

12. Workout Clothes 

If you want to get your boyfriend AMAZING work out gear then Lululemon is your spot. 

Seriously, their selection is amazing as well as the quality. Everything will last him years and years. 

13. JBL Speaker 

Another speaker -- I know, kinda annoying, but I feel like a speaker is such a staple gift idea for a boyfriend. JBL speakers are truly superior to most. They are such great quality and sound amazing. 

For the guy that loves to blast his music, this is for him. 

14. Charging Station

This is the perfect electronics organizer for men and something to keep all of your boyfriend's sh*t together.

I gifted my boyfriend one of these last year and he literally freaked out over it! ... more than the amazing Ugg slippers I got him (ugh).

15. Roku Stick

A Roku allows you to watch all of your favorite shows (including Netflix and Amazon Prime) with just internet on a TV.

It is SO nice to have and my boyfriend actually introduced me to it and I genuinely feel like ANY guy would really love it!

16. Alo Yoga Shorts

gifts for boyfriends

You can't go wrong with some nice quality lounge shorts. I love these Alo Yoga ones because they're trendy but also really comfy.

17. Ugg Slippers

gifts for bf

Tip - Ugg has a line of Kohls for WAY cheaper. When I am putting these in, these are only $59 compared to the other Ugg slipper versions for over $120.

I know these are kind of "daddish" but Ben would love these, so I figure your boyfriend might like them too ;).

18. Bombas Socks

gifts for boyfriends

Okay, Bombas socks are a must gift for guys. My boyfriend's dad literally doesn't shut up about them... they're that good! 

Socks aren't always the most exciting gift but trust me, these are life-changing.

19. Apple Watch

Apple watches are also another "it" item. Apple is really taking over the world! 

For real though, Apple watches are such a popular gift right now and one I highly am considering getting my boyfriend for our anniversary because they are awesome.

20. Toilet Golf

If this doesn't scream GUY the I don't know what will. The bathroom is a guys office (lol) so this potty putter gift is so funny and creative!

This is one of those gifts to get your boyfriend just to piss him off a little bit and get a good laugh. 

21. Ray Ban Sunglasses

Can you really go wrong with Ray-ban sunglasses?! If your boyfriend loves sunglasses this a great pair to add to their collection.

These are on the pricier side but are great quality and a classic style!

22. Running Shoes

For the man that loves being active, these shoes are for him. The On Cloud running shoes are everywhere now a days and for good reason. He will obsess over them! 

23. Meal Prep 

If you have a boyfriend who is into health and wellness this is a unique and creative gift for a boyfriend.

Meal prep containers can be something we need but just avoid getting. Seriously, this is a great gift for a boyfriend just because you want to let them know you care and take an interest in his likes!

24. Carry-On Suitcase

Regardless to who you are, odds are you need a good and reliable suit case! This Hardware suitcase includes two locks so your suitcase is 100% secure... 

I know suitcases can be a hassle to purchase so it is always nice to receive one.

25. Sneakers

gifts for boyfriends

Sneakers are a must for just about everyone, especially guys!

If you need a good idea as to what to get your boyfriend for Christmas and are running out of time this is a thoughtful gift for him!

26. Joggers

gifts for boyfriends

Nice looking joggers are great for men to have so they don't look homeless when they're lounging around lol. Having slim fit joggers is essential for any guy so definitely great gifts for boyfriends.

27. Trendy Sports Team Apparel

gifts for boyfriends

Okay, sports apparel is such a great go to cute gift for a boyfriend because it's so easy to gift! You literally can't go wrong with sports apparel because boys can't have enough. 

Check out '47 Brand for actual trendy sports clothing and hats. I actually love everything they have.

28. AirPods Case

gifts for boyfriends

AirPods are the go-to gift for literally anyone and is something that is guaranteed to be used all the time.

I feel like this AirPods case makes it look more mature but it also helps him from losing it. 

29. YETI Beer Rambler

My boyfriend got this for his 21st birthday and he uses it all the time. I feel like it's a step-up from a traditional koozie and something they would never buy for themselves but a perfect gift idea!

And honestly, this was a cheaper YETI product than I thought it would be.

30. Amazon Echo Light Kit

This kit is SO cool for any boyfriend.

Not only do you receive an Echo (aka Alexa), you also receive two lights that can be turned on and off from your Amazon Echo. 

If you are laying in bed you can simply say, "Alexa, turn off my lights" and with this kit, all the lights will go out. The lazy in your boyfriend will love this.

31. Cologne

Boys don't always love spending their money on cologne so do it for them! I love this scent for men.

32. Leather Phone Case

Love this phone case for boyfriends because I think it looks so professional but also is practical since it hold their cards. Plus, it's $15 so win-win-win.

33. Playstation 4

Lets be honest, guys LOVE their video games so this one is a no brainer!

A gaming system is more pricey but if you want to spend a little more than this is a great gift for a boyfriend!

34. Temperature Control Mug

Goodbye cold coffee!

Your boyfriend will be thanking you when he goes to work. This mug keeps your coffee/tea at a constant temperature throughout the day. How cool is that?!

35. Beer Bottle Opener

If your boyfriend is a beer lover, he will love this bottle opener that has a magnetic cap catcher! 

Plus, it's less than $20 so it won't break the bank!

36. Apple Watch Band

If your man loves his Apple Watch, help him make it look a little more professional with this band. Now it looks like a real watch! 

37. Dart Board

gifts for boyfriend

Ladies, a dart board that will look good in our home lol. Weirdly excited about this dart board and how cute it is. Only thing that would make it cuter is if the wire numbers were gold. Still love it though.

This board also comes in a gray and black version. Love it!

38. A Nice Watch 

Every man needs a nice watch. It's such a great way to elevate his style and help him look even more put together! 

This watch is a great price and looks way more expensive than it is which I love.

39. Gift Card for Massage

Um, who wouldn't want a gift card for a massage?! A massage is something just about everyone wants but they just don't want to spend the money on.

Luckily, you can gift your boyfriend this for Christmas and he will be so excited!

This post showed 41 best gifts for boyfriends.


  1. I absolutely loved this list. Practical is my favorite kind of gift!

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