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Here are all the BSL Team's favorite products we're loving this week!

favorite products

Every single week, during our BSL team meeting, we spend at least 10+ minutes catching up and chatting about all of our favorite products. Each person on the team has impeccable style & taste, so it felt unfair to keep the details to ourselves!

So, we decided every week we'll be sharing the products, tips & tricks, etc. that each of us on the team have been raving about. From the tried & true to brand spankin' new you'll definitely hear about something different every week ☺️.

We hope you enjoy and have a wonderful rest of your day !!

Here are all the products the BSL Team is obsessing over this week.


favorite products 2022
favorite beauty products

1. Hannah's favorite portable charger  

I am unhealthily obsessed with this portable charger. I have so many chargers that I never use because I need to find another cord to plug it in and charge it before using it. This one requires no separate cords and it’s the best thing ever!! - Hannah

THIS FOUNDATION. I thought it was overhyped, but I kid you not everyone keeps complimenting me on my makeup and my glowing skin lately. I wouldn’t say it’s full coverage at all, but it really evens out the appearance of your skin and adds a subtle glow. So worth the money. - Hannah

gifts for her
best product in the world

3. Charli's  Pure Wonder fragrance mist 

I haven’t bought a Bath & Bodyworks perfume in YEARS but they seriously stepped up their game with this one. You know when someone walks by and they smell SO good but you don’t know what it is? That’s what this smells like. - Charli

4. Charli's favorite Aerie OFFLINE Leggings

I got my first pair of these for Christmas and they are the only pair of leggings I will wear now. They make your waist look SO good and they are insanelyyy soft. PLUS they are on sale right now for $33!!" - Charli

favorite products 2022
trending beauty products 2021

I used to wear Converse every day in high school until I wore them to pieces (like they had so many holes in them). I’ve been wanting to repurchase for the longest time and finally did it! So comfy, cute, and affordable.  -Sarah

6. Sarah's uni-ball gel pens

Also been loving these uni-ball pens. They literally glide on the page… it’s so satisfying 😮‍💨

best beauty finds
best products

7. Izzy's hydro flask

I can’t go anywhere without this water bottle. I’ve tried bigger ones and I hate when they can’t fit in my cup holders in my car, so I decided to try this size and love it. I’m always one to keep trying different water bottles but this is by far my favorite and the color makes me so happy. - Izzy

best beauty products
amazon products

8. Sophia's new beach bag

Saw this bag at Target and instantly became obsessed. I actually bought it before I knew I was going to Key West and it ended up being used the entire trip. So freakin' cute!! - Sophie

Last week I talked on stories about how I was losing SO much hair. I got of a ton of you saying that you were going through the same thing and that you saw a big difference once you started using Rosemary Mint Oil. I've been using it these past few weeks but I'll really give you an update in a few months. I just put a little after I get out of the shower on my scalp (key - use a little. The first day I used too much and literally had to shower again because I was so greasy)/ smells like you're at the spa when you put it in your hair. - Sophia

favorite products 2022
trendy products

10. Shelby's vaseline perfume hack

An old trick in the books, BUT randomly I decided to put a bit of vaseline on my wrists and neck before spraying those areas with perfume, and O.M.G. my perfume lasted allllll day. Normally when I wear perfume I can't smell it, but something about the vaseline makes it so you can smell your perfume; I kept getting whiffs all day. If I'm paying $$$ I might as well get to enjoy it too! I now do it every day.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our favorite products. See you next week!

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