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This post is about a favorite amazon home hack that happens to be the best solution for keeping rugs in place!

home hacks

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As an interior designer who is constantly decorating homes, I'm always on the lookout for affordable products that can help me take my spaces to the next levels, whether that be for my clients or myself. 

Over the past several months I have developed the biggest irritation for rugs and runners that move around and curl up on the ends. They are huge pet peeve for me and I knew I needed to find a solution ASAP or I was going to lose my mind!

After some research (aka I saw someone post about it) I was able to find the perfect solution that I will be using forever!! 

This post is all about one of my favorite home hacks.


truly one of my favorite things I’ve bought on Amazon yet

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Maybe this is a personal problem, but there's nothing more irritating to me than when I'm in the kitchen and rugs move around. When I come home and the rug is moving around it drives me wacko.


I saw someone on Instagram post these on her story and I bought them. I will forever use them on all my rugs!

They're super cheap. Comes in a pack of 16. I've used them on almost all of my rugs and they don't stick to my floor.


You want to but them on all corners of your rug. They're super easy to use, you just have to peel off the lining that covers the stick parts of each strip!

Your rugs will not budge. It's the best thing in the world.

You can vacuum over them!

home hacks

For more tips & tricks follow me on IG @bysophialee!

If you're someone who loves to decorate their home and wants to make sure their rugs stay in place, I highly recommend checking out these rug grippers on Amazon! Trust me, they're worth it.

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This post was all about one of my favorite home hacks.

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