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I am so close to getting all the "big" stuff ordered for the GBOGH house and one of the last things I need to figure out is the wallpaper selections. I know, I know...wallpaper when you're selling the house?! Maybe it's not the most practical thing to do but I am really trying to make this house special. It's so much more than just a "flip" house and I really feel like adding special touches like this will make the home not feel like every other home being built/renovated right now.

Plus, wallpaper is completely having a moment and I am here for it ;).

As a lot of things in this house, I had NO idea how dang expensive everything would be. I remember thinking I could get plumbing fixtures for $150. hah! The same thing with wallpaper...and it happens that all the wallpaper I like is the most expensive on market. How does that always happen🙃.

I stumbled upon a new business where people can upload their own designs and it can be turned into wallpaper. I honestly tried to get a partnership with them for this wallpaper, but I think we need to prove ourselves first with this project haha. The company is called SpoonFlower. I haven't actually installed the wallpaper yet, so can't really speak about that but from a selections/customer service perspective so far, they have been great! And their wallpapers are at such great prices.

I am for sure set on wallpapering the half bath which you see immediately when you walk in the house. The other room that I am 95% wallpapering is the "twins" bedroom. We found layers and layers of wallpaper in that room so I think it would be a fun ode to it's previous years.

The Half Bath Wallpaper Options…

First up, the half bath! This bathroom is a full on construction site right now so keep your imagination open. The vanity is getting replaced, new mirror, new wall sconce...All tile is staying though. 

The new vanity is black so I love the idea of the bottom and top wallpaper tying in nicely to that. We're swapping out the vanity plumbing fixture for this fixture...isn't this beautiful?!

Top Wallpaper | Left Wallpaper | Middle Wallpaper | Right Wallpaper

All of the samples I ordered are the grasscloth version. I have more of the non-pasted traditional pebble coming and I am crossing my fingers I like them because it would save a lot of money.

At first I was set on the bottom wallpaper. I loved that it had the black in it which worked well with the rest of the bathroom. But now, I also love the top?! 

Definitely comment your opinions below...

Twin Bedroom Wallpaper Options…

I am 100% doing wallpaper in the half bath but this bedroom I can't decide about. I really think it would make it feel so much more special so I think I am going to do it. This room has literally always been wallpapered so it feels wrong NOT to wallpaper it. hah!

Here's the wallpapers I am debating on...

Top Wallpaper | Middle Wallpaper | Bottom Wallpaper's my thoughts on all of them.

Top wallpaper: Love this one especially because it reminds me of the previous wallpaper. I feel like it's not too boyish or girlish which is great for resale. 

Middle Wallpaper: So freakin' cute but too young looking for a bedroom I am trying to design with a 6-year-old boy in mind, ya know?! But I definitely want to use this at some point.

Bottom Wallpaper: Love this one too...But I think I like the top stripes better?

Here's a peek at the bedroom furniture and layout I am going for in here...

Here's a closer look at the bedroom before...

Can't you kind of see how the striped blue wallpaper could be a cute kind of similar option?! I think that's the direction I am feeling...but then again apart of me is like just make life easier and do wallpaper. But the other part is like "Don't be basic, Soph!!".

So, what's your final vote?! Comment below...I am going to order in one week-ish!

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