25 Insanely Healthy College Meals You Can Make In A Dorm

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This post is all about healthy college meals.

healthy college meals

Finding healthy college meals is not an easy feat. 

You are surrounded by tempting unhealthy food but after awhile you just want something that you can feel good about eating.

I know when I lived in the dorms and was only eating the cafeteria food, I felt so disgusting all the time. I was searching for healthy college meal ideas that I could make in a dorm room and all the options I found were so expensive or way over the top and not actually feasible to make.

While majority of the recipes I am including here are made in a microwave, I survived last year in the dorms by using a George Foreman to cook all my meat in less than 10 minutes. It's a great way to add protein to these healthy microwave meals!

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Here are 25 of the best healthy college meals that are delicious and easy to make.

Healthy College Meals:

1. 10 Minute Microwave Enchiladas

How delicious does this dorm meal look?!

These enchiladas can be done in just 10 minutes and only require 3 ingredients.

This recipe does include chicken so either use the George Foreman (like I did in my dorm) or go to your cafeteria and just get a cooked chicken breast (I would also do this occasionally).

Find this recipe here: 10 Minute Gluten Free Enchiladas.


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2. Microwaved Sweet Potato Chips

I don't know about you, but I always craved something like chips that I could snack on and then would feel so guilty afterwords.

These is the perfect solution to snacking and not feeling guilty about it.

You can get this recipe here: Microwave Sweet Potato Chips.

3. Microwave Poached Eggs

Did you know that you can make eggs in the microwave?

These poached eggs are super easy and will make a healthy college meal that looks like it could have never been made in a dorm.

You can find this recipe here: Microwave Poached Eggs.

4. Chicken Fajitas In Just 15 Minutes 

Have you been craving some good fajitas since you went to school?

These are extremely easy to make and take less than 15 minutes.

This recipe is also a great meal that can be frozen to be enjoyed later on.

You can find this recipe here: Chicken Fajitas In Less Than 15 Minutes.

5. Five-Minute Vegetarian Rice Bowl

Need a quick and healthy vegetarian meal to enjoy in your dorm room?

This recipe takes just five minutes to make and looks delicious.

You can find this recipe here: 5-Minute Vegetarian Burrito Bowl.

6. Peanut Butter/Banana Sandwich

Back to the basics.

Don't forget about just making a delicious sandwich. 

Buy some whole-wheat bread and top it with almond butter and bananas (and maybe some honey if you want to get fancy with it ;).

7. Cauliflower Mac N' Cheese

This cauliflower mac n' cheese can be made in less than 5 minutes with just four ingredients!

It is the perfect substitute to regular mac n' cheese and will fill all those comfort food cravings.

You can find the recipe for this here: Low Carb Yum.

8. Microwavable Scrambled Eggs 

I made this almost every single day last year when I was living in the dorms.

It was the perfect dorm breakfast and my roommates would often come out asking what smelled so good!

I honestly still make my scrambled eggs in the microwave now that I am living in an apartment because it is so much easier!

You can get this recipe here: Microwave Scrambled Eggs.

9. Spinach Ricotta Lasagna

This is a great recipe for all you lasagna fans.

I will admit that this recipe does require a decent amount of ingredients, but if you're looking to get fancy one night than this is the perfect healthy college meal for you.

You can find this recipe here: Spinach Ricotta Lasagna In A Mug.

10. Spiced Lentils With Yogurt, Almonds, and Mint

Want to feel really good about what you're eating?

This is a super healthy dorm meal idea that you can easily throw together.

Find this recipe here: Spiced Lentils With Yogurt, Almonds, and Mint.

11. Parmesan Herb Microwave Spaghetti Squash

How good does this look?!

My freshman year of college consisted of my making spaghetti squash pretty regularly because I could just throw it in the microwave and I had a meal that I was used to eating from home.

Find this recipe here: Parmesan Herb Microwave Spaghetti Squash.

12. Pizza Quesadilla

How fun is this?!

This is a great "healthier" version to the pizza you will find in your colleges cafeteria.

You can find the recipe for this here: Pizza Quesadilla.

13. Microwave Risotto

This meal looks really fancy but you can actually put it together in just 10-minutes.

Here is the recipe for this: Microwave Risotto.

14. Margherita Pizza Quesadilla

If you are a fan of margarita pizza (um, me!) than this is a great way you can recreate it in your dorm room.

You can find this recipe here: Margherita Pizza Quesadilla.

15. Spinach and Feta Mashed Potatoes

This recipe just costs $4.79 to make and will give you 6 servings.

Plus, it can be made entirely in your microwave!

Find this recipe here: Spinach and Feta Mashed Potatoes.

16. Microwave "Baked" Berry Oatmeal Cobbler

This looks like a dessert, but you won't have to feel guilty about eating this berry oatmeal cobbler.

Find the recipe here: Microwave "Baked" Berry Oatmeal Cobbler.

17. Microwave Fried Rice

I am the biggest friend rice fan and I so wish I knew about this microwave fried rice when I was living in a dorm!

So easy and so yummy.

You can find the recipe here: Microwave Fried Rice.

18. Microwave Salmon

Salmon is one thing that seems almost impossible to make in your microwave but this woman was able to perfect microwave salmon (plus that sauce she puts on top looks so good).

You can find this recipe here: Microwave Salmon.

19. Brown Rice With Edamame and Pineapple

This is one of the healthy college meals that you could make over and over again because it is so easy.

You can find this recipe here: Brown Rice With Edamame and Pineapple.

20. Cheesy Broccoli Rice Casserole

Well this might not be the healthiest meal featured here I can almost bet that it is healthier than the majority of options you would have in your meal plan (plus, it looks way better too!).

You can find this recipe here: Cheesy Broccoli Rice Casserole.

21. Chickpea, Avocado, & Feta Salad

This is a delicious option for all you salad lovers!

You can find this recipe here: Chickpea, Avocado, & Feta Salad.

22. Tomato Toast + Basil Cream Cheese

This looks like a very healthy meal but it is actually super easy to make.

Plus, it includes the cream cheese recipe that you can keep in your fridge and use over and over again.

You can find this recipe here: Tomato Toast + Basil Cream Cheese.

23. Caprese Zoodles

If you haven't tried zoodles before you should. A lot of recipes call for cooked zoodles but this one actually has them raw in more of a salad form.

I will definitely be trying this recipe out.

You can find this recipe here: Caprese Zoodles.

24. Two Minute Thai Peanut Noodles

This is the perfect meal to make when you are in a rush! It can be made in less than two minutes and tastes delicious.

You can find this recipe here: Two Minute Thai Peanut Noodles.

25. Black Bean Soup

This soup only calls for three ingredients.

The recipe does say to cook it on a stove but mix everything and microwave it until its hot and you are good to go.

You can find this recipe here: Black Bean Soup.

This post showed 25 healthy dorm meals you won't have to feel guilty about eating.

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