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This post is all about a college workout plan.
Image That Shows 10 College Workout Plans

Let's be real, the freshman 15 is no joke. 

You have so many new food, friends, and alcohol by you that it shouldn't be surprising the amount of weight that can be gained.

If you're anything like me, you went a few weeks indulging in all the "new" that college brings you until you started feeling gross. Your face has started to break out, your pants don't fit as well as they used too, and you're craving a good workout that makes you feel better.

When you get to the point of realizing all of that, you've decided you need a college workout plan.

Here are 10 workout routines that you can do in your college dorm or gym that will make up the perfect college workout plan.

My Personal College Workout Plan

College Workout Routine

This is the college workout plan I personally did my freshman year.

When I would get really into it, I would use this every other day and do Kayla Itsines BBG on the other days. I really liked this workout because it hit almost every part of the body.

I also liked it because I could get it done pretty quickly so I could do it in the morning or between my classes.

One huge issue I had was that they had minimal equipment which was so annoying! I came up with this workout because it didn't use a ton of weights. Also, if the weights weren't available I could adjust to not need them.


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Cardio Workout:
Flat Stomach Workout:
Booty Workout:
Slim Waist Workout:
Flat-Abs Workout:
Full-Body Workout:
Do-It-Anywhere Workout: 
Beach Body Workout:

All of these workouts are body weight routines SO there are no weights or equipment you need. Which, makes it perfect for your dorm!

Doing one of these routines every day can make you feel and look better.

I actually lost weight in college, thanks to doing my routine I showed at the top. 

What's your favorite way to workout in college?

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