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This post is all about our favorite high school graduation gifts 2022 graduates will love.

high school graduation gifts 2021

Being a recent graduate myself, I know how picky we can be when it comes to gifts. Picking out the perfect gift for a teenager can be hard because styles and what is considered "cool" changes so frequently.

Luckily, I can tell you first hand what is trendy right now and give you tons of suggestions of gifts to buy a graduate for a high school graduation gift in 2022. From personalized gifts to college essentials, I have all the gift ideas to choose from that are guaranteed to make any high school graduate love your present.

This post is all about high school graduation gifts 2022.


1. Initial Makeup Bag

 high school graduation 2021

Every high school or college aged girl needs a great makeup bag to carry around when going to a friend's, traveling back and forth from college and home, or even just to store extra makeup in.

This makeup bag from Etsy can be personalized with the graduate's initials and is the perfect size to travel with. This makeup bag is a super cute and thoughtful gift that I can guarantee any graduate would love to receive. 

2. Split Colored Custom T-shirt

 high school graduation 2021

I have seen these split t-shirts all over Tik Tok and I can tell you first hand college girls wear them all the time. I actually want one of these myself so I know for a fact that any high school graduate will be obsessed with this shirt.

You can order this on Etsy and customize it for any college you want. This is definitely a gift that will have all the graduate's friends asking where they got it from!

3. Bluelight Glasses

College students are constantly on their phones or laptops which can be really harmful to their eyes. Blue light glasses protect harmful light from damaging your eyes while working on a phone or computer which is why they would make a great gift for a student about to enter college. Plus, let's be honest, girls love to wear them just because they're super cute too.

4. Customized Stickers

Stickers are a super popular thing to have custom made right now so they would make a great small gift if you want to add just a little something extra or even give them to a friend as a gift.

RedBubble is the best site to find literally any sticker you could think of, so buy a few that you think the graduate would like!

5. Polaroid And Film

Polaroids have made a huge comeback in the past few years and everyone is using them again. College is the ideal time to take lots of pictures and giving a polaroid as a gift is a fun way to encourage the graduate to take lots of pictures to look back on all their fun memories.

Don't forget to give them film as well!

6. Disposable Camera

If a polaroid is a little out of the price range you are looking to spend for a high school graduation gifts, 2022 graduates will definitely be obsessed with getting a disposable camera too! I have seen tons of college students carrying these around to take pictures recently. 

These are so fun because you don't get to see the photos until you get them developed which can make for tons of great laughs when you get them back.

7. Customized Dainty Rings

 high school graduation 2021

There are a lot of jewelry options for graduates but a lot of them are either expensive or kind of tacky. These rings are the perfect way to give a personalized high school graduation gift to remember their special year that isn't too in your face.

8. Planner

 high school graduation 2021

I seriously don't know what I would do without my planner in college and I can guarantee any high school graduate will be needing a planner for the year ahead. Make planning their homework fun by giving them a super cute planner.

Papier has tons of cute designs to choose from that would make a great high school graduation present because who doesn't love cute school supplies?!

9. Northface Backpack

Chances are, the graduate you are buying from has been using the same backpack through high school and it is time for an upgrade. This is the exact backpack I have right now and I absolutely love it. This is a gift that will be used for years to come.

10. Initial Necklace

This initial necklace from Amazon is super popular right now and is one of my staple jewelry pieces. It is inexpensive but is so cute paired with any outfit. I have this necklace myself and wear it almost every day. I seriously recommend it to everyone!

If you are looking to buy a personalized gift for the graduate that is reasonably priced, this is the gift.

11. Soft Robe

senior graduation gifts

Having a robe in college is a must especially if the graduate is planning on living in a dorm with community bathrooms. No one likes having to hold their towel up while also trying to carry all their bathroom products to the community bathrooms so this will make things so much easier.

This Ugg robe is definitely one they'll be using all throughout college. It's so soft! 

12. Bluetooth Speaker

Having a speaker in college is an essential and this one is the best of the best. It is a super great quality speaker that is also water resistant. All of my friends that has this speaker loves it and is always the person chosen to play music. If they don't have a speaker already, this is a gift that I can guarantee will be getting used constantly.

13. Duffle Bag

high school graduation gift ideas

I found this bag recently and was immediately obsessed. Like, I am about to buy it for myself. Everyone needs a duffle bag to pack clothes in for the weekend especially if they plan on traveling back and forth from school and home.

This is the perfect sized bag for a weekend trip which I can guarantee any college student will be making frequently. I promise, this gift will be a hit.

14. Customized Clear Bag

graduation gift ideas

One thing I totally forgot I needed for college was a clear bag. I realized this pretty early when I was going to school sporting events and had to leave my purse behind because only clear bags were allowed. 

15. Portable Blender

How cool is this portable blender?! I seriously wish I had known about this sooner. Staying healthy in college can be a struggle especially if you are trying to cook in a dorm. This blender is small and portable which totally changes the game when it comes to bringing smoothies to class.

16. Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are a college outfit essential and I can tell you first hand girls and guys wear them at least three times a week to class. Give the graduate an assortment of cool colored or designed hats to wear to class. I can promise their bad hair days will thank you.

17. Wall Jewelry Organizer

gifts for seniors 2021

Organizing jewelry can be a struggle especially when living in a tight space like the dorms. This jewelry organizer is one of the best and I remember seeing so many girls use it in their college dorms.

If you want to get this but add a little something extra, you could always buy a couple cute necklaces or earrings to go with this gift.

18. To-Go Coffee Cups

To-go cups are pretty much an essential when it comes to college. Pretty much everyone brings coffee or water to class and having to buy a water bottle every time is expensive and wasteful. Give the graduate a cute customized to-go cup to carry around their drinks to class.

19. For The Girls Game

For the Girls is the number one college game for wine night with the girls. Every girl has sat around with their friends before thinking of something fun to do and this game is the answer! This is a fun gift that will keep on giving in college when they are hanging with their friends.

20. Fuzzy Blanket

high school graduation gifts

You can never have to many throw blankets! This Barefoot Dreams is one of the most raved about blankets. It's insanely soft and would look cute on any dorm bed or couch. I know for a fact, they'll be using this for years and years to come. 

Give the graduate the gift of comfort in 2022!

dorm room essentials

21. Colored Pens

Like I said before, school supplies is actually so exciting to get (I couldn't tell you why) but even my mom loves fun note taking supplies. Taking notes with fun colored pens always makes studying a little more fun and helps you remember your notes better.

This is a fun and inexpensive high school graduation gift that is perfect for any student going into college (or work!).

22. Sephora Perfume Set

One of the biggest compliments is having someone tell you you smell good. Not only is this perfume set from Sephora great to test out different scents, it also can be traded in after for a full-sized bottle of your favorite from the collection. 

If you want to buy the graduate perfume but don't know exactly which one, this is the perfect gift to give them!

23. Noodle Cooker

Cooking in college is such a pain and cooking supplies is not only expensive, but are also way too big to keep in a college dorm.

This mini pot is the perfect size to cook noodles or soup in that will allow the student to cook without taking up space and will keep you from having to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive cooking supplies that they won't use.

24. Candles Of The Day

 high school graduation 2021

Candles are always a safe bet when it comes to gift giving because everyone loves them! But, these ones from Anthropologie are even cuter because they have sweet saying and adorable designs on them for every day of the week.

We all need a little pick me up throughout the week and this is such a sweet and creative gift to do that.

25. Custom Wall Art

This is another personalized gift that is inexpensive but so adorable. You can find all kinds of cute custom wall art from Etsy to give to the graduate for their high school graduation gift. Make sure you find a cute frame to go with it!

26. Key Rings

 high school graduation 2021

Keeping track of keys is such a hassle in college and I can tell you that from personal experience. I lost my dorm key the first week of moving in which was not only super inconvenient, but also cost me an extra $100 that I did not want to spend. 

These key rings are a small and adorable gift to give anyone that will for sure come in handy. They come in pretty much any pattern or design so pick one out that the graduate will love!

27. Custom College Apparel

graduation gifts 2021

If you want to give a high school graduation gift that has to do with their future college, this is such a great sweatshirt to do that. We all received college apparel for graduation but a lot of is it is pretty basic and not always that cute.

Recess Apparel has some really trendy pieces for Big Ten schools. We also love Hype and Vice for cute college (and gameday!) apparel.

28. Phone Case

 high school graduation 2021

All of us are guilty of dropping our phones and the worst is picking it up to see it is cracked. I can promise this will only happen even more in college. Buy the graduate a cute but protective phone case to keep their expensive phone safe through their college years.

29. Fuzzy Slippers

 high school graduation 2021

I am seriously obsessed with these slippers from Anthropologie. I am a bit ashamed to say this, but I definitely wore slippers to class a few times. Whether they are lazy like me and wear slippers to class, or just wear them around the dorm like normal people, slippers are a fool proof gift that will be getting used constantly.

30. Silk Pajamas

 high school graduation 2021

We all have pajamas that we wear to bed but I know I don't have any near this cute. Give the high school graduate a cute pair of silk pajamas to lounge around in while doing homework or even just watching Netflix. 

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