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When you're a senior and it's your last year in high school, you need to take full advantage of every opportunity.

This senior year bucket list is the perfect resource for all the best ideas of things to do before graduation. 

From skipping school to joining a new club, the senior year bucket list has so many ideas that you might have never thought about. 

You can ALSO download a blank senior year bucket list to customize your own! 

Do something new and get out of your comfort zone!! It's your last chance so enjoy it while you can (cheesy but true). 

senior year bucket list ideas


  1. Go to EVERY home football game.
  2. Join a club.
  3. Go to homecoming.
  4. Take a trip with your best friends.
  5. Write a time capsule letter.
  6. Go to a pep rally.
  7. Do a senior prank.
  8. Participate in Spirit Week.
  9. Do a color run.
  10. Go to a concert with friends.
  11. Apply for college.
  12. Get into college!
  13. Skip school for one day.
  14. Make a "High School Years" playlist.
  15. Ride bikes to school.
  16. Make a nice dinner for your family.
  17. Go ice skating.
  18. Journal
  19. Take polaroid pictures.
  20. Say YES more often.
  21. Pull an all nighter.
  22. Sleepover with all your friends.
  23. Explore your town.
  24. Tell your teachers you appreciate them.
  25. Breakfast with friends before school.
  26. Go out of your comfort zone.
  27. Movie nights.
  28. Go to a basketball game.
  29. Attend an event you normally wouldn't go to.
  30. Leave your name somewhere in school.
  31. Make your own yearbook of all four years.
  32. Volunteer.
  33. Waste less time on social media.
  34. Donate blood.
  35. Pay for the next person in a drive-thru.
  36. Go to prom.
  37. Hide notes of encouragement.
  38. Reach out to new people.
  39. Go to the school musical.
  40. Go on a spring break vacation.
  41. Carve a pumpkin.
  42. Host a Girls' Night.
  43. Grab lunch with a long lost (or new) friend.
  44. Forgive an old grudge.
  45. Pull an April Fools' Joke.
  46. Conquer a fear.
  47. Go camping.
  48. Keep a tradition (or start one for yourself!)
  49. Decorate Gingerbread houses.
  50. Go to a Pumpkin Patch.
  51. Go Black Friday Shopping.
  52. Go bowling.
  53. Learn to cook at least 3 different meals.
  54. Take a family vacation.
  55. Go to breakfast with friends before school.
  56. Apply for scholarships.
  57. Tour a college with friends.
  58. Have a food fight.
  59. Say yes to everything for a day.
  60. Decorate your parking spot.
  61. Go to a midnight release of a movie.
  62. Go hiking.
  63. Take a weekend trip with your best friends.
  64. Attend an extra study session for a class.
  65. Do a senior photo shoot with your best friends.
  66. Go to (or host) a NYE Party.
  67. Go to a drive-in movie.
  68. Write a letter for yourself in 5 years.
  69. Graduate!!
senior year bucket list things to do

Honestly, I wish I did a lot more in high school so trust me when I say it's better late than never! 

Senior year is sooo much fun and I know this bucket list will give you ideas to make it even more memorable. 

Things like creating your own yearbook of pictures throughout high school and making a playlist of all the popular songs from your 4 years is such a great way to look back and remember all the best times. 

senior year bucket list 2020

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