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From modern white wreaths to traditional Christmas wreaths, you're guaranteed to find multiple options you'll love decorating your door with this holiday season.

christmas wreaths

photo credit: @whitehomeonthehill

Christmas wreaths are the tried and true way to decorate your doors, walls, and windows for the holiday season. Not only do they make for amazing decor, but they are also super easy to hang up (we all love fast and easy holiday decorations, right?!)

The best part about decorating with Christmas wreaths is that there are so many different styles and colors to choose from which means you can pick out one that matched the style of your other decor perfectly. I usually go with a more neutral Christmas decor theme so I LOVE a good white wreath. While I’ve added plenty of those in this post I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea so I added a ton of more traditional Christmas wreath options as well as some fun colorful ones!

No matter what color scheme or style you choose to go with this season, I have got you covered on all the best Christmas wreaths to add to your decor.

This post is all about the best Christmas wreaths this season.


1. Pine Needle With White Berries Greenery Wreath

I absolutely love the frosted leaves and little white berries on this Christmas wreath. Such a cute little wreath to use on your doors and windows.

"Super vibrant and looks great on my door! I love hoe realistic it looks!"

2. Dusty White Christmastime Wispy Lavender Christmas Wreath

If you’re not much of a fan of traditional Christmas decor then this lavender Christmas wreath is right up your alley.

christmas wreaths with lights

"Neutral enough for the minimalist in me but festive enough to decorate for Christmas."

3. Mistletoe Merry Christmas Wreath

Small businesses on Etsy have some of the cutest Christmas wreaths around and most of the time they are completely customizable! This icy mistletoe wreath is definitely one to consider!

fresh christmas wreaths

"Super cute, good quality - better than expected, arrived on time. Fab really - can’t ask for much more!"


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4. Pre-Lit LED Faux Needle Pine Plant Wreath with Pinecones

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of stringing lights onto your wreath then consider a prelit one like this option from Target!

large christmas wreaths outdoors

"Such a pretty green color and the lights are such a nice, sparkly touch!"

5. Faux Cypress Wreath

Absolutely LOVE this Christmas wreath. I usually go for lighter-colored wreaths but this dark green Cypress wreath has me considering a different route this season...

minimalist christmas wreaths

"I bought one for my front door and it looks incredible! I’ve received so many compliments! Perfect for the season!"

6. Unlit Silver Hoop Greenery With Bell Wreath

How cute is this?! A wreath like this is perfect if you want to add a little ~spice~ to your door or window but don’t want to go overboard with decor.

unique christmas wreaths

"This is a beautiful wreath and the perfect size. Wrapped red jingle bell garland around it for the holidays."

7. Pre-Lit Faux Eucalyptus & Pine Wreath

This is another amazon pre-lit Christmas wreath option! The mixture of different leaves and lights in this wreath is to die for.

christmas wreaths for front door

"Classic and yet can be a modern statement on the right accent wall. Love it."

8. Unlit Iced Long Needle and Pinecone Wreath

Super simple but SO cute! I’m obsessed with this wreath and am honestly wishing I had more than one door to decorate with after finding this.

neutral christmas wreath

"Simple. festive, and the perfect size for my door! Couldn't as for much more!"

9. Faux Needle Pine Plant Wreath with White Berries

This is actually the exact wreath I used last year and I have zero complaints. Loved how it looked on my door and held up all season. It really does look exactly like the picture in person.

christmas wreaths for windows

"No shedding and it can be moved anywhere from the front door to the table centerpiece. Love it!"

10. Pre-Lit Gold-Leaf Magnolia Wreath & Garland

Gold is the perfect metallic to accent with during the Christmas season and this wreath does it perfectly. If you wanted to save some money, you could even DIY this by using an old wreath and painting a few of the leaves gold.

artificial christmas wreaths

"The touch of gold on this wreath is stunning! We've gotten so many compliments on it already."


11. North Pole Trading Co. Greenery & Pinecone Indoor Christmas Wreath

Almost all of the “all-white” Christmas wreaths are made of that cheap plastic that I personally am not a fan of. While this wreath may not be completely white, it is covered in “snow” so it looks pretty dang close!

white christmas wreath

"A beautiful wreath! We haven't had any problems with shedding like many others do. LOVE!"

12. Faux White Pampas Grass Wreath

I already made up my mind that this is the wreath I am buying this year so watch for it in my future insta stories and Christmas pictures! I mean, is anyone surprised that I’m going with an all-white wreath? Too cute...

neutral christmas wreaths

"Beautiful quality ... full and stunning touch to our decor"

13. Faux White Berries Garland & Wreath

Now that I’m looking at it you could totally use this wreath to decorate during the fall as well as Christmas. A multi-seasonal decor option? I’m here for it!

outdoor christmas wreaths

"A perfect wreath for the holiday season! A great size and makes for a great accent piece."

14. Faux Pine And Snowballs Wreath

The little snowballs on this wreath are super unique and of course, so adorable. This would make the perfect wreath on any front door or even bedroom door!

flocked christmas wreaths

"This looks so pretty above our fireplace in the winter! Has been a staple in our Christmas decor."

15. Flocked Artificial Pinecone Wreath

Here is another “flocked” wreath that is pretty close to an all-white wreath! This wreath really does look like it’s covered in snow which totally gives it that “white Christmas” vibe. Definitely another favorite.

real christmas wreaths

"Just as gorgeous as the photo! Beautiful construction and very realistic looking."

16. Heavy Flocked Mini Wreath

Mini wreaths are such a fun way to decorate for Christmas! They may be a little small on front doors but they look great on bedroom doors, walls, and smaller windows!

mini christmas wreaths

"Such a good size to use as table centerpieces and on my smaller windows! SO cute!"

17. Two-Tone Pom-Pom Wreath Cream

I actually DIY’ed a wreath a few years ago that looked almost identical to this and let me tell you… it took me hours. Honestly, save your time and just buy this wreath. This is a super cute option for neutral lovers but it still gives off that Christmas-y feel.

pom christmas wreaths

"This wreath is gorgeous! Well made, and fast delivery. Will be beautiful displayed all winter long."


18. Shatterproof Berry Greenery Artificial Wreath In Burgundy & Gold

Multi-colored wreaths are a little more out of my comfort zone but there are so many cute options this year that I would totally jump on board to get. I know bright and colorful decor is all the rage at the moment so I’m not surprised to see it playing a part in Christmas decor as well (not complaining either!) This burgundy and gold wreath is a subtle way to add a pop of color to your Christmas decorations that still looks “Christmas-y”.

colorful christmas wreaths

"Cute, simple, and adds the perfect amount of color into my otherwise neutral Christmas decor!"

19. Frosted Pine and Ornament Wreath & Garland

You know the Christmas song “Silver and Gold”? Here is that song in Christmas wreath form! Such a stunning option for all those who love guys and girls who love their metallics.

christmas wreaths for sale

"I have gotten hundreds of compliments on this wreath already! Make for a stunning centerpiece on any wall."

20. Flocked Shatterproof Wreath In Red, Pink, White, & Gold

This Christmas wreath is perfect for anyone who wants to somewhat stick with the traditional color scheme but make it a little more ~fun~. The pink ornaments are such a cute addition to spice up an otherwise normal Christmas wreath. 

I can totally see all the college girls looking to decorate for Christmas with this on their door!

ornament christmas wreaths

"I cannot express how much I love this wreath! It adds such a fun and festive touch to my door."

21. Multi Pom Mini Wreath In Cream

I am totally getting either kids or college girl vibes from this pom pom wreath! But hey, even if you’re an adult who loves this wreath- no judgment. This wreath is available in a larger size which would be best if you’re using it to decorate your door. But, this mini wreath is perfect to use as a centerpiece or on bedroom doors!

pom pom christmas wreaths

"So cute! I have the regular size wreath, and this is a baby version of it!"

22. Colorful Frosted Pine Wreath With Multicolor Christmas Ornaments

Love, love, love! If I were to branch out and buy a colorful Christmas wreath this is one I would definitely be considering. The multi-colored ornaments and mixture of green and white flocked leaves are so fun and a great way to incorporate different textures and colors into your Christmas decor.

"This colorful Christmas wreath was such a fun switch up from our normal green ones! Absolutely LOVE"

23. Pink, White, & Gold Christmas Ornament Wreath With Lights 

Not only is this gold, pink, and white ornament a statement piece because of its bright colors, it also comes prelit! This wreath is a super cute option that eliminates the hassle of having to string lights.