41 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens They Will DIE Over

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This post is all about Christmas gift ideas for teens.

christmas gift ideas for teens

Let's be real, girls are never easy to shop for but teenagers are a whole nother story. These Christmas gift ideas for teens are guaranteed to be a hit.

Plus, I made sure that my little sister who is a teenager approved all of these to really make sure they are the go-to gifts!

This post shows you 41 best Christmas gifts for teens.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens:

1. Earrings 

Earrings are always a good Christmas gift idea for teens because teen girls love to accessorize! Right now, the trendy thing is to have dainty earrings like the one above. 

2. Old English Initial Necklace 

christmas gift ideas for teens

These necklaces are SUCH a fashion trend right now, and current fashion trends make some of the best Christmas gift ideas for teens! 

PS - I am getting this for my little sister (she's a junior in high school) and she's very "in" with the cool style...I think if the teen your shopping for likes "cool" and popular things she will definitely like this.

3. Polaroid Camera 

If there is one thing that I have learned, it’s that polaroids are coming back, and they are SUPER popular amongst teens. 

So if the teen in your life doesn’t already have one of these, I highly suggest getting them a Polaroid camera for Christmas. 

4. Perfume

All girls love perfume but getting a nice perfume is definitely not something a teenager wants to buy. BUT, it is something they would love to receive as a gift!

This Gucci perfume is a good option because it's Gucci so duh but also is on the lower end pricewise of "expensive" perfumes ($50ish). 

5. Scrunchies
teen gifts

Scrunchies are BACK. I love how scrunchies play up a normal hairstyle or even look cute on your wrist. 

These are really popular among younger girls so this is a perfect easy gift for a teen! 

6. Record Player 

Record players are another retro item that is coming back into style for the younger generation. Teenagers think that they are so cool, so it would make an AWESOME Christmas gift idea for teens this year! 

7. ...and Vinyls for it!

IF you’re gonna get a teenager a record player, they need records to play on it right? 

8. USB Tassel Keychain

How cute is this keychain?! This would be a really cute stocking stuffer idea!

9. Journal 

Teens can be full of angst, or they can just have a million thoughts that they want to write down. Getting a teenager a journal is never a bad idea, especially when it comes as a Christmas gift! 

10. Disposable Camera

The early 2000's are coming back babbyyy! Really though, the teen would DIE to recieve these and be like "how did you know?!"

11. Cute Sweatshirt

Are you really a teen if you don't wear sweatshirts and leggings EVERY single day?! No, you aren't.

I give teens sh*t for this, but realistically I did this too in high school. If you are like this, ask for some cute sweatshirts like the one above!

12. Birkenstocks 

I have seen teenagers EVERYWHERE rocking these shoes. I have a pair and they are so comfortable and easy to slip on when you are running somewhere quick! 

And like the hoodies, these have a bunch of different styles and colors so your teen can find the one that they love the most! 

PS: Chances are your teen will want these plastic birks in white.

13. Short Uggs

UGG's are so nice to have when it's cold out and something that last forever (I still use my Ugg's from 5 years ago haha).

14. Gold Wall Grid

I always like to redecorate and add things to my room decor. This gold wall grid is so cute to hang photos or other fun images on! 

This is so simple but will definitely be used for years to come! 

15. Makeup

This set of Mario Badescu is really popular and a Christmas gift that seems expensive but it isn't!! It's under $20 :).

16. Makeup Brush Set 

This is the perfect makeup brush set for someone interested in makeup but doesn't have a ton of brushes. Amazon has a ton of questionable makeup brush brands but this is a really good one!! It's sold at Ulta too but the convenience of Amazon is amazing.

17. Fjallraven-Kanken Backpack

Teenagers don’t want to carry purses anymore, they want to carry mini backpacks! 

This mini backpack is super cute and exactly what teenagers want. 

18. Charging Phone Case 

Teens are SO attached to their phones. We've all been there - you're out and about and your phone dies and no charger to be found. The worst feeling. 

So keep them happy and their phones fully charged by giving them a phone case that is also a charger for Christmas! 

19. Face Mask
teen gifts

How FUN does this face mask look? I can TOTALLY see teenager girls obsessing over it at their next sleepover. And it’s really inexpensive, so it’s for sure a great Christmas gift idea for teenage girls!  

20. Lightbox With Letters

These are so much fun to have in your room! You can switch up the words for whatever your mood is. 

So fun for a teenager! 

21. Rose Quartz Jade Roller 

Teenage years come with some mean skin problems... trust me I've been there. These feel so nice on the skin and have a ton of benefits like improving blood circulation and reducing puffiness. 

I would have loved receiving this as a teen so I know yours will too! 

22. Weighted Blanket 

This is a perfect gift for any teen that tosses and turns at night or is always stressed! 

Weighted blankets have so many benefits. Your teen will definitely thank you for this one. 

PS- weighted blankets are AMAZING!

23. Relaxed Cropped Shirts 
teen gifts

These cropped shirts are realllyyy popular among teens and something will be worn a TON!

24.  Facial Spa Massager 

Again... taking care of your skin is so important as a teen! This is such a good way to cleanse, exfoliate and massage your face. 

Help your teen feel like their best self with this facial spa massager. 

25. String Lights 

Teenage girls are always striving to get that Tumblr aesthetic going. And string lights are a great way to help achieve it!

They can also be super inexpensive if you get them on Amazon so if you need a more cost friendly Christmas gift idea for your teen, definitely look into this! 

26. Cute Winter Hat

Love this hat and it will definitely be a go-to for winter!

27. Vans 

​Vans are a great shoe to have. They add a little something to an outfit but are so easy to slip on! 

These are perfect as a gift for the teen that is always on the go and needs a simple shoe to throw on. 

28. Airpods

If you haven't caught on to this trend yet, let me tell you -  Airpods are the new thing that pretty much everyone is getting! 

They honestly are amazing and I know any teen would be soo happy to get these as a gift. 

29. Neon Sign 

Neon signs are SO in right now that they would make the PERFECT Christmas gift for a teen. They light up a room (literally lol).

30. Ray Bans

My first nice pair of sunglasses I got was when I was a teenager and I still have them to this day. It's a big responsibility to make sure you don't lose them or break them but that's what your teenage years is all about. 

I love these Ray Bans (I have them too!). Ray Bans last forever so they are perfect for a first nice pair. 

31. Laneige Lip Mask

This stuff is the BEST! I use this every night and am officially hooked.

This is a great stocking stuffer Christmas gift idea for any teenager in your life! 

32. Salt Lamp

Salt lamps have sooo many benefits like raising energy levels and cleansing the air but they also add a cool touch to any room. 

It’s a great Christmas gift idea for the teenager that is always looking to add something cool to their room, but might also need to keep their temper in check from time to time. 

33. Clarisonic Brush

One of the worst things about the teenage years is puberty and the acne that comes with it. A Clarisonic brush is a great solution to the acne part, I’ll let you know if I find a solution to the puberty part lol. 

A Clarisonic brush might not seem like the greatest Christmas gift idea for a teen, but I promise that its one they will use all the time and be thankful for in the end! 

34. Gift Cards 

Teenagers are probably the pickiest age group out there. If that sounds like the teenager in your life, then I have a simple solution for you: Giftcards!

If there is a store your teen loves, there are gift cards for it too. I’ve found that gift cards are the easiest Christmas gift ideas for teens and also go over super well with them, so you can’t go wrong! 

35. Beanie

It's officially beanie season. You can't have enough beanies! 

I've seen so many people wearing this brand around too. So many different style options and I love the look of them! 

36. Hydroflask

Hydroflasks are ALL the rage right now.

They come in super fun colors and keep water cold for HOURS on end. They’re really popular amongst teens so it would obviously make an awesome Christmas gift idea for a teenager! 

37. Slip Hair Ties

These scrunchies are highly talked about and is known for being able to wear them without getting kinks in your hair. 

38. Eno

Another idea for the teen that loves to be outside is an Eno, which is a hammock that you can pretty much hang anywhere. I can promise that pretty much any teenager would LOVE to get this as a Christmas gift this year. 

39. Books

A lot of times over Christmas break, teenagers want to read a book just for fun. They’re SO tired of reading books for their English or history classes in school!

So, a great and honestly inexpensive Christmas gift idea would be a couple of books. Amazon has literally every book in existence so I promise that you can find one that the teen in your life will like. 

40. Echo Dot 

Echo dots are like the PERFECT size for teenagers! 

And in the new echo dots, the speakers are just as good as in the bigger Echos. So a Dot is all that a teenager needs!   

41. Texting Gloves 

Teens and texting are as much of a package deal as peanut butter and jelly are, am I right? But in the winter months it’s cold and teen’s fingers struggle to text, which to them is not ideal. 

Make it easier for the teen in your life to keep up with their favorite past time by getting them gloves that they are able to text through. This is definitely the MOST teenager kind of Christmas gift that I’ve ever heard of! 

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This post was all about Christmas gift ideas for teens.

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