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If you're looking for the best Friendsgiving ideas I have got you covered. From stylish decor to yummy meals here are all the ideas you need to throw a Friendsgiving party everyone will want to be invited to.

friendsgiving decor

Every year I throw a Friendsgiving party so it's kind of become my "thing". I am always researching and testing the best Friendsgiving ideas and I am here to tell you the ones that have made the "do it again" list.

I am definitely not a Friendsgiving expert but I am often looking at the cheapest ways to throw a Friendsgiving party while still making it so. much. fun.

I also should note- I am totally over the top when it comes to party planning. No tacky decorations or plastic table covers for me (although I totally get why people use them...I am so not judging you!). There are so many Friendsgiving party ideas that are circulating the internet that it can be hard to decide which ones are truly worth your time.

This post shows you 10 of the best Friendsgiving ideas for an insanely fun party that will be talked about for the rest of the year.


1. Send A Paper Invitation

I know what you may be thinking... online invitations are so much easier!!

Let's be honest, they don't hold as much importance as the traditional paper invitations you can get in the mail. 

Paper invitations can be done really cheaply. They also can then be taped to the fridge of the guest and it creates anticipation for the event. 

I've also listed my favorite FREE Friendsgiving invitations in this post.

2. Assign Everyone A Dish To Bring

This is key to having a stress-free Friendsgiving party.

Trust me, your friends won't mind bringing a dish and it will save you so much time/money.

I always come up with a menu that I like (also included in this post!) and try to leave the more complicated menu items to me (aka turkey). In their invitation I add that they are being asked to bring mashed potatoes (or anything- just using that as an example!).

I leave the more complicated/important items to friends I know I can trust to bring them. If I have a guy friend who maybe isn't so much into cooking, I just have him bring a pie or cranberries that you can get at the grocery store.

3. Give Each Person A Place Card

I always have seats assigned and put a cute name card on their plate of where they are suppose to sit.

Now, I will say that I have never NOT assigned seats. It's just something that I do. But the formality of putting a place card on their table setting is so fun!

It's not something that usually happens so it adds a special touch. Last year I used kraft paper as my table cloth and I wrote their name in cute calligraphy with a gold sharpie marker.

My favorite place card I've seen this year is this one (a easy DIY for you!).

4. Opt For (Cute) Disposable Plates

Believe me, when all is said and done you will have enough dishes to clean that you will be so thankful for those paper plates you decided to buy!

There are so many cute Friendsgiving plates available that you can easily order from Amazon and have shipped to you very quickly. 

These are my favorite because they look like fancy wooden plates but they are inexpensive and naturally biodegradable! Saving the environment one step at a time right?!

5. Use A Banner To Decorate

Friendsgiving decorations can be SO over the top. 

An easy way to decorate the walls around you is to get a cute banner. They are really inexpensive and can be used as a photo backdrop as well. 

I always like to get a funny saying like "let's get basted" but they also have really cute gold balloons that say "happy friendsgiving".

6. Serve Your Food Buffet Style

This is simply the easiest way to serve food because people can just get up and get more food when they're ready.

I always set up a table that is specifically for all the food. It works out great!

7. Come Up With A Drinking Game

If you are serving alcohol at your Friendsgiving party, it is so fun to come up with a drinking game.

I always create my own game by mentioning funny things that have happened with my friends that year (I go all extremes...cheesy ones and scandalous ones. It makes it more fun!). Whoever it applies to needs to take a drink.

If you and your friends really like to drink, it's fun to put disposable shot glasses at each table setting and you all take a shot together to cheers to friendship.

8. Decorate The Table

Recreate this Friendsgiving party idea:

You don't have to go crazy. You also don't have to spend a lot of money.

I wrote a post all about cheap friendsgiving decor, you can read that here

Pinterest has SO much friendsgiving table inspiration that you can look at. I also like using pictures of my friends and I to decorate!

9. Have Music Playing In The Background

Music totally sets the mood and can turn into a fun dance party (truth-- it always turns into a dance party!).

My favorite playlist by far is Hipster Cocktail Party on Pandora. It is definitely jazz vibes so if you want something different, there are a million friendsgiving play lists on Spotify you can choose from!

10. Get A Piñata

Okay, this one I haven't done but I totally want too!

I was scrolling through Etsy and found this super cute mini pumpkin piñata and thought about how fun that would be. Plus, it would make for some great decor before it's smashed. ?

I can't even remember the last time I was at a party with a piñata. It is definitely time to bring that back!

This post was all about the best Friendsgiving ideas.

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