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This post is all about items every college student needs to have.

items every college student needs

One of my all-time favorite things that I did before going to college was spend hours researching the items that I HAD to get for the dorms.

Like, the ones college students actually swore by. Now that i'm in college, I know just how helpful these lists are because these dorm essentials people were recommending were dang GOOD.

Whether it's an item to survive living on your own or a product that will keep you from losing things when you're going out, here are 25 items every college student needs to know about and have.

 These are seriously so important to have at school!

This post is all about items every college student needs to have.

Best Dorm Living Products:

1. Mattress Pad

Dorm beds are super uncomfortable so a mattress pad is 100% essential. I would recommend these for any apartment that comes with a bed/mattress too.

The mattress pad above is the one I had in college and sweaarrr by. I actually ended up getting a queen size one for my bedroom at home because it's so good.

Now that I am in an apartment, I moved the memory foam pad to the guest room and have this one on my bed. They are both AMAZING. 

2. DampRid / Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier was something I didn't even think of buying until I moved in to my dorm. Most of the time dorms are old and can get really musty. A dehumidifier with keep your things dry and prevent you from getting sick!

3. Fan

I pretty much had my fan on 24/7. This is something I absolutely could not have lived without at school.

Dorm rooms almost always have horrible A/C (especially those first few weeks) so having a fan is a must.

4. Shower Caddy

If you are going back and forth from your room to the showers, a shower caddy is necessary.

I would also (majorly) suggest the mesh ones so that water doesn't pool up!

5. Shower Shoes

This one is pretty self explanatory. If you are living in a dorm with community bathrooms please do yourself and everyone else a favor and wear shower shoes!

6. Baskets

My secret to keeping my dorm looking clean is having a ton of baskets. Having a designated basket for everything not only keeps you organized but will make your room look much cleaner too!

7. Extension Cords

A lot of times the wall plugs in dorms are located in inconvenient or hard to reach places. If you don't want to be stuck sitting right by the wall to charge your phone, I would definitely suggest buying a couple extension cords. 

8. First Aid Kit

I alway kept a first aid kit in my room with extra bandaids and Neosporin inside.

So many people didn't bring one of these and they would always come to my dorm room asking for things!

Best Daily Life/School Products:

9. Scrunchies With Zippers

These are absolutely genius.  Put your money, keys, or anything you don't want to lose in your scrunchie! 

They're perfect for everyday use but also amazing for when you go out!

10. Phone Wallet

At school you will always want to have your student ID and debit card on you. Having this wallet on the back of your phone guarantees you will have your cards with you at all time!

dorm room essentials

11. Water Bottle

I filled my water bottle up everyday before class and these HydroFlasks kept my drink cold all day! 

12. Airpods

I know AirPods are a bit pricey but I promise you will get so much use out of them. I always used mine to listen to music while walking to class or doing homework. The fact that they are bluetooth makes working easier without getting caught up in wires.

13. Rain Boots

If you are going to school somewhere that rains a lot, you will need a pair of rain boots. Trust me, sitting in a 2 hour lecture with wet socks is pretty much the worst feeling ever. 

14. Umbrella

Having an umbrella on you is great if you know it's going to rain. Plus, this one is mini so it can easily be carried around in your backpack.

**i totally forgot an umbrella and it was horrible when it was raining!

15. Planner

This is probably the most important item you need in college. If you don't have some kind of planner there is no way you will remember everything you need to do.

I wrote out all my assignments at the beginning of the semester so I had them planned in advance.

16. Alexa/ Bluetooth Speaker

Having a bluetooth speaker is always a great thing to have. Having an Alexa is even better because you can literally just tell her what song to play! 

I also LOVE my JBL Flip!! Highly recommend.

Best Organization Products:

17. Space Saving Hangers

You are going to quickly realize how little room you have at school compared to your room at home. These hangers will save you so much space and prevent you from having to squish all your clothes into your small dorm closet. 

18. Cloth Clothes Storage

These are great for moving into your dorm. Plus, you can keep them to store seasonal clothes under your bed!

19. Shoe Organizer

This is key to keeping your closet organized! 

20. Plastic Drawers

innovative products for college students

Plastic drawers are a great and cheap option for extra storage. I especially love this one because it looks nicer than the ordinary clear plastic drawers.

21. Mirror + Jewelry Organizer

This is one thing I didn't have when I was in school but totally wish I did. Definitely don't forget a mirror...I was stuck using my roommate's 24/7 because I forgot one. ?

My sister actually got this for her dorm and it was amaazzzing. 

This post was all about items every college student needs to have.

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