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This list of the Best College Girl Gifts 2023 is certain to have so many items that will be at the very top of any college girl's Christmas wishlist this year.

christmas gifts for college girl

If you are looking for the best Christmas gifts for college girl 2023, you have come to the right place. College girls can be so hard to shop for since we typically care a lot about the gifts we receive. No matter who this college girl is in your life, we love to keep up with allll the trends, so it can get kind of complicated.

Being a senior in college, I am certain these gifts will be asked for by so many college girls this coming holiday season. I know I will be asking for a ton of these gifts myself, and if I'm not, a ton of my friends are.

Some of these gifts may seem random, but every single one of these 35 gift ideas can be the absolute best Christmas gifts for college girl 2023. You are sure to find something to give to the college girl in your life, or find something new to add to your own Christmas wishlist!

This post is all about Christmas gifts for college girl 2023.


Best Overall: Gel Nail Kit

"The perfect gift! I originally purchased the nail kit for myself and now I always get it for my girlfriends who love doing their nails as well. Overall, its worth it!"

Best Under $25:  LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

"I have never been as obsessed with a lip mask before. I actually use it primarily in the day because it gives you the perfect shine. Such a great gift idea as well!"

Best Value: Workout Set

"The quality of this workout set is just like others that are $100+. Love, love!"

Most Popular:  Ice Roller for Face

"Absolutely love this ice roller!!!! It stays cold and feels amazing! Plus it’s super easy to clean."

Best Custom Gift: Airpods Case

"This was one of my boyfriend's favorite gifts so far! Super sleek and stylish and love how it can be personalized!"


Taking pictures in college is an absolute necessity and something every girl does almost every day. This instant print camera is the perfect Christmas gift idea for girls who like to get creative with their pictures. It prints out little pictures automatically and then you can put the photo anywhere you like! They look so cute and you can connect them to your phone to get the pictures digitally as well.

Being safe on campus is any college girl's number 1 priority. This Apple AirTag is so nice to put on keys or a wallet so nothing gets lost when you are out with friends or at class. You can also get it customized or add a cool case so it will look super cute with the rest of your stuff.

This workout set is adorable and so comfortable. It makes me feel so confident and cool going to the gym by myself or with friends. It also is so nice to be able to throw on when going to class or running errands without even having to think about it. It comes in so many colors so you can get as many sets as you want and wear them anytime!

This 2024 College iPad Planner is the most perfect gift for the type A college girl who needs to stay organized throughout the next school year. It includes everything a girl in college needs to stay on top of her classes, work, social life, etc.

It's also super cute, you are sure to get many compliments on it ;).

The Stanley Travel Cup is a MUST HAVE right now! This is one of the very best Christmas gifts for college girl 2023. So many girls are using these in college for everyday use. They can hold so much and are so nice for the busy girls who are not able to go home or refill a lot during the day. They are worth the price and are extremely popular right now for a reason.

I am obsessed with my Kindle Paperwhite and use it all the time. It is SO easy to carry around with you and store in your room, backpack, or wherever you keep it. I got mine for Christmas last year and now I read so much more and have so much more fun reading. A paperback book can be exciting, but there are so many ways to get books for free on your Kindle and it makes reading so much easier.

This sleeping mask is blowing up right now and for such a good reason. It is so moisturizing, smells amazing, and looks even better. You can use it at any time of the day (not just when you're sleeping) and it makes your lips look so good all day long. I personally love the Berry kind but the rest are equally as amazing.

8. iPad

iPads are soo popular right now and almost every college girl probably wants or has one already. They are so nice to take notes on, study for tests on, and do homework on. I have a ton of friends who have iPads and everyone swears by them. They last for such a long time and will most likely last you throughout college and beyond.

Slippers are an absolute necessity in college no matter where you live. They are so nice to slip on in your dorm or apartment, especially if you live somewhere where it is cold for the majority of the year. A nice pair of slippers will do you so well in college and will last you so long. These Ugg slippers are so popular for this reason. They are so cute and comfy, and you can tell they are high quality.

Nike sneakers are no longer "in" so other white shoes have become a lot more popular for college girls. These Veja sneakers are so different and cool. You will not see a ton of people with these on campus, but they are super trendy and a good quality pair of shoes you should have on campus.

These are the coolest headphones I think I have ever seen. A really good pair of headphones or earbuds are essential if you are in college, and the Apple Airpods Max has it all. They may be pricy, but if you are in the market for a really good, super cool, long-lasting pair of headphones, these will keep you focused and looking super cool on campus.

These gold rings are so cute and trendy! It's so fun that you can mix and match the rings to fit your style and outfit as there are so many possible combinations. If you are a gold jewelry girl, you absolutely need this ring set to step up your jewelry game. They'll make you look super chic for very cheap!

This is the perfect journal for girls who want to journal but don't know where to start. It is such a cool concept to complete at the beginning and end of your day and brings some positivity and meaning to your daily life. It can be so fun for a college student who has a lot going on and a busy schedule to sit and write for a couple of minutes each day.

Getting your nails done on a college budget can be EXPENSIVE. Gel nail kits can save your nails and your bank account while in college. They are so easy to use and turn out so well for free! It can also be fun to do your nails with your friends and learn how to perfect the gel manicure together.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup is everything. This primer and highlight kit is the perfect starter Charlotte Tilbury set for any college girl who doesn't want to spend so much of her own money on makeup. It can get expensive and may not be entirely worth it if you don't do your makeup more often than on the weekends. It will take your going out makeup to the next level by getting this flawless filter set as a Christmas gift!

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An ice roller is a perfect gift for a girl who lovesss a good morning routine. If they don't have one already, a face ice roller gets you more than ready for the day. Especially if you are busy and pack your daily schedules, this is the perfect addition to a busy morning that will make you feel prepared and ready to take on the day.

gifts for college girl

The Aritzia Super Puff is an incredible winter jacket! It is so warm and cozy, and comes in so many different styles and colors. Seriously, you could never have all of the different kinds of Super Puffs they make. I have bought this jacket before, and I am obsessed!! I will definitely never get a different winter jacket ever again. Winter coats also make great Christmas gifts, so if you're in the market for a new one, I 100% recommend the Super Puff.

A weighted blanket is a perfect gift for a college girl. They are so cozy and can make you feel so comfortable after a cold day of walking to class or studying for a huge exam. Blankets are a MUST HAVE in college, so why not get a huge weighted blanket?

Simple, cute jewelry is always an amazing gift to get any girl. Jewelry is a must-have for going out, hanging out with friends, or even just going to class in college. Having cheap jewelry (especially it being a gift under $15) is so nice for college girls so they do not have to worry about losing it or tarnishing it.

Sephora has so many amazing beauty products, you have to admit you love going in there. But the best products there can be SO expensive and sometimes you just don't want to spend so much money on something you may just not use again. That's why this sampler favorites collection is the perfect gift for someone just wanting to try some things out!

This sunset lamp is so cool and can change the entire vibe and attitude of any room it's used in. It's the perfect unique gift under $25 that girls will loveee. Especially if you are living in an ugly dorm room, this lamp will make your room feel so much cozier and like you're at home.

Packing cubes are the perfect gift idea for a college girl who lives far away from home. If you need to pack up into suitcases to go home for breaks or holidays, packing cubes can make it so much easier to figure out how to pack and bring everything you want back home with you. If you are going abroad to study at any point in college, too, these can be lifesavers when trying to pack months of clothes into a single suitcase.

These shorts are so cute and would be another good staple for a going-to-class outfit. They come in so many colors and are super, super cheap compared to other athletic clothing brands. If you go to a school where the attire is athleisure, you should want to get these flowy running shorts more than anything.

christmas gifts for college girl

Lululemon ANYTHING can be perfect gifts for college girls. The Scuba Hoodie is super popular and can be worn with basically anything. It comes in different styles but all are in the comfiest, softest material which makes the price of this hoodie SO worth it. If you are looking for a long-lasting sweatshirt to wear on any occasion, THIS is it.

If you are living on your own for the first time and have no idea what to cook, you need an Air Fryer. They are life savers when it comes to cooking or reheating anything. They make it so easy to make dinners like you would have at home, but faster and just as delicious. There are also so many cookbooks and Air Fryer recipes now that it can be so fun to have your own and try out new recipes!

best college girl gifts 2022

Gorjana is probably one of the BEST jewelry brands out there. This necklace has a matching bracelet and is so dainty and adorable. They are amazing quality and can be a great gift for a college girl who wants at least one piece of good quality jewelry. Everything on their website is so pretty, but this necklace is definitely a favorite.

To go with your brand new iPad, this iPad case with a pencil holder is so nice and practical. So many college girls love this case for their iPad, and it comes in tons of different colors to match your style. If you are looking for a practical, cute iPad case at an extremely good price, this is the one!

I love this Beach Waver Curling Iron because it makes your hair look so cute and can be much simpler to use than curling all your hair with a curling iron. It adds a fun new texture to your hair, especially if you have stick-straight hair but want it to be voluminous and fun for once. It also can be super fun to use for a costume or date party!

Getting ready for class every single day can be challenging sometimes, but being able to throw your hair up in a claw clip can be one of the greatest gifts for college girls. It makes getting ready for college faster and easier to not have to worry about your hair. It also keeps your hair out of your face when trying to focus in class, which can be so helpful for girls who have tons of hair. I love my claw clips and see them all over campus every day!

You absolutely need a robe for college, and if you don't have one already, this is the one you need. A pricier robe can last you so long, and if you are using your robe every day of college, you will want to get this one. It is so soft and comfortable, and not too big that it takes up too much space in college dorms or apartment closets.

You can not go out in college anymore and not see every girl wearing gold hoop earrings. They are THE college girl staple and an absolute must-need for going out and going to class. This gold hoop earrings set will get you all set for college, and should last you a very long time. They are also so cute and trendy for an amazing price.

Another clothing item you'll see on campus all the time is these cloud slippers. I have never worn comfier shoes in my life before I tried these, so they are definitely among the best gift ideas for college students. You will be able to wear these everywhere. You can get a fun color or a really basic color so they match everything as well.

College showers (dorm showers especially) can be nasty, but these shower steamers can make them feel at least a little bit cozier and relaxing. If you are typically a bath girl who can't take baths anymore, you should try these steamers. It feels a little bit more like a relaxing bath than a gross dorm shower.

If you are a girl who doesn't like to have your phone with you in bed, or if you're on the top bunk and need a way to check the time, you should try this LED alarm clock. It is so aesthetic and can look so cool in any room. Cool alarm clocks can be so hard to find because they aren't very popular anymore, but this is a cool alarm clock I would definitely recommend getting.

best college girl gifts 2022

It can be soo hard to find a good perfume, especially a cheap one, that will last a while. This Glossier perfume smells extremely good and is so popular among college students. I love asking for perfumes for Christmas because I don't like buying them myself (especially if they're niceee perfumes) so I would recommend this Glossier You perfume to go on your wishlist this year.

This post was all about Christmas gifts for college girl 2023.

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