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This post is all about date ideas for teens.

teen date ideas

Let's be real, it is not easy to come up with date ideas for teens. From finding an idea that isn't awkward to making sure it doesn't cost a lot money, you're pretty limited on ideas.

Don't worry though, we've come up with some really genius date ideas for teens.

Whether you are just going out on a casual date with someone you have a "thing" with or are celebrating your 6-month anniversary, this post will give you ideas for the best date ever.

This post shows you 32 insanely fun date ideas for teens.


1. Head to an Amusement Park

Who doesn't love amusement parks?

We know amusement parks can be expensive, so we recommend checking out places like Groupon for deals. This can really cut down on costs and make for a really fun date idea.

2. Go Bowling

If you are the type of person who loves to get out, then this date is for you!

Bowling is fun year round and is the perfect teenage date ideas for winter. Plus, it gives you something to consistently do so there isn't a lot of time for any awkward silence.

Did you know?? If you are nervous for a first date then make the date in a public more crowded place where there is less of a chance to have awkward silence.

3. Get Ice Cream Together

Here at BSL, we LOVE cheap date ideas. The cheaper, the better (at least in this phase of our lives).

This idea is such a cute date idea while being super inexpensive. 

4. See a Movie

What teenagers don't spend a lot of time at movies??

When it comes to date ideas for 14 year olds (and any other teenage age), this is a classic go-to.

Where I live, every Tuesday and Thursday is $5 dollar movies. Look into that at your local theater!

5. Go to a Concert

Concerts are SO fun and make for an extra special date night. 

This date idea is great for 18 year olds because typically you will have a job which means money to go to a concert. When I was 18, concert dates were really popular. 

6. Try a Workout Class Together

My boyfriend and I love to work out together because we are really multi-tasking. Working out and hanging

This date idea may be a little more awkward if you two haven't been together a long time, but trying a fun new workout class together when you don't know what to expect would be so fun.

7. Head to the Zoo

Look up, "free zoos in my area" on Google, and you might be able to find a really cheap date idea that you didn't even know was possible. 

I know near me there are 2 free zoo options which makes for such a perfect date idea for teens.

Not only are you being active and enjoying the day with a special someone, but you are experiencing something new them.

8. Go to a Museum can also look up free museums near you!

Just like zoos, there are free museums in every city which makes for such a great date idea for teens.

If museums aren't free, look up student discounts that they offer.

9. Go on a Hike

If you haven't got an idea from our other date ideas, we are really looking out for you wallet ;).

Free date ideas for teens is something there is not many options for, but going on a hike is one that is super fun!

Hiking is amazing for a date because it gives you privacy to talk, while also being active.

10. Volunteer

SO many teens never know what to do for a date night. 

Not only is it an easy date idea for teens but it also is helping others as well as your community.

Plus, there is truly nothing better than spending time with someone you like and helping someone in need.

11. At-Home Movie Night

You know how we suggested going to the movie theater above?? Well, we might like the home movie date even better.

When my boyfriend and I were in high school, this was definitely our go-to date night. We would stop at the grocery store and load up on our favorite snacks and treats. Then we would head to one of our houses and watch movies. 

Ya know, Netflix and chill ?. Honestly, I am cringing just typing that ??.

12. Window Shop

Heading to the local city and window shopping is a really fun way to get out and explore.

13. Take a Drive

You can NEVER go wrong with a good drive with some music!

If you have your license then this is a cute date idea for a teen because it is just a freeing feeling to be able to drive and enjoy your favorite music with someone you love spending time with.

I am home obsessed so sometimes I would "force" (he secretly wanted to go) my boyfriend to drive around neighborhoods with huge houses. It's still one of my favorite things to do. 

14.Cheer on a Friend at a Sports Game 

This is hands down one of the easiest date idea for teens that is FREE!

When it comes to free date ideas for teens, a sports game for your school is always a good idea. 

15. Enjoy a  Picnic 

Picnics are one of the best cheap date ideas for teens because odds are there is somewhere around you that has a nice view. You can easily pick up lunch, or even pack food from your house!

This is such an adorable first date idea for teens or even just a date for anyone.

16. Cook Out

I feel like this idea is very fun for teens!

This is a really fun double-date idea for you and another couple because you can each pitch in to buy food. 

17. Go Mini Golfing 

Mini-golfing is another one of those classic first date ideas.

This can be a cute idea to get to know someone or have a casual night.

18. Take Cool Pictures

If you are looking for a free date idea as a teen this such a genius idea!

If you and your boyfriend love photos or being creative, this is a cool idea that doesn't cost any money.

Find somewhere to take cool pictures of each other or together and upload them to Instagram.

19. Go to a Water Park

Water parks are the "IT" summer date ideas as a teen because you can cool off but it also gives you something to get out of the house and do.

Water parks tend to run specials so if you have some allowance or some money to play with then this idea is great.

20. Go to a School Dance

In just about every school there are school dances. I remember getting so excited to go to school dances especially with a date. 

21. Take a Walk

Can you really go wrong with a good old walk?

I think walks are such a good date idea for teens under 16 because lets be real... you can't drive, and I doubt you have much of a date fund. Plus, the best conversations come up when you're on walks.

22. Go to the Pool

Do I even need to explain this one? You've probably grown up going to a local pool but having a date there adds a fun new dimension.

23.Grab Lunch or Dinner 

Who doesn't love food?!

A great way to keep a date simple and cheap is to just grab a bite to eat with your date.

Stop by a local sub shop, or a local food place that may even offer deals for students! When it comes to first date ideas for teens this is one of the most used date idea.

PS! A lot of places are starting to have Food Truck Fairs. This would be a really fun date idea!

24. Have a Study Date

Whether you need to study or just complete some homework this is such a  cute date idea for a teen!

For some reason, when I think of my teenage dating years study dates always pop into my head. 

My boyfriend and I are in college and we still have study dates. Multi-tasking at it's finest! (but really, the real reason I plan these is so he can help me with my homework haha).

25. Host a Game Night

Game nights can be super fun for a group of teenage couples who are looking for a free date idea!

I like this idea because it gets you and your crush together while also being fun and cost efficient.

26. Go to a Free Beach in the Area

Okay, I am OBSESSED with the beach!

If you are fortunate enough to have a local beach near you, then this is great idea for a date! 

27. Head to a Town Event

Does your town have festivals or fairs that you could go too?

You would be surprised with the amount of events towns usually organize throughout the year.

28. Go on a Coffee Date 

Okay, you may not be a coffee fan. I sure wasn't yet in high school. But, I still loved going on "coffee" dates. I could get a really good non-coffee drink and sit with my date and talk about random things.

29. Take on a Project

If you're looking for a special date idea, taking on a new project with someone you like is such a cute idea.

Take on gardening, working out or any type of activity that can be continued with that person.

TIP! Doing this will ensure a second date and more dates to get the project done and spend more time together while accomplishing something. 

30. Have a Baking Competition

Cooking or baking with a significant other can be so fun and can also tell you a lot about a person and their abilities in the kitchen.

Find some yummy recipes and test out your skills by seeing what you two can make together! It would also be fun to make it a competition and see who can make a better dish or treat.

31. Go Ice Skating 

Ice skating is another one of the places that offer student deals, which is perfect for a teen going on a date!

A lot of teens have no idea what to do being so young, and this is a fun date idea that can be cheap.

32. Visit the Local Animal Shelter 

Who doesn't like going to the local animal shelter and seeing all the cute animals there?! 

This is something that I love to do on dates but even with my friends too.

This post showed you the best date ideas for teens.

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