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This post is all about college hacks.

college hacks

College is a complete juggling act and these college hacks will make your life a million times easier.

Going into my senior year of college, I WISH I knew these hacks as a freshman. Seriously, I am mad it took me three years to discover some of these!

I am being your big sister and giving you an inside look on the college tips and tricks that will change your life.

This post is all about the best college hacks.

The Best College Hacks:

1. Take Advantage of Free Printing 

college hacks

There is no reason for you to have to buy a printer in college, NO REASON! 

So this first college hack is dedicated to explaining why. Printing is everywhere on campus. The library, your major's building, or a special organization you're apart of offers it as a perk. Regardless of where you are and who you are, there is free printing available to you somewhere on campus so USE IT! 

2. Go to Events on Campus 

college hacks freshman year

These events might seem lame or boring, but they are a great college hack if you know how to work them!

Attending free events offered by the university not only saves you money, but also provides you with food, pens, scantrons, coupons, the list goes on. There is always a sweet incentive for attending these events, the key is just to know how to find it!

3. Sit in the Front Row 

college hacks study tips

This is a very obvious college hack that you have probably heard, but I'm saying it again for the people in the back (pun intended).

Sitting in the front row of a class not only keeps you engaged, but also keeps you noticeable to the professor so that they are more likely to help you because they remember you!

4. Record Lectures (if you can) 

college hacks dorm

This is a college hack that a lot of people don't think of and that can resole a common issue: not being able to get down everything that the professor is saying.

Recording lectures can solve that issue and allow you to go back and hear anything that you may have missed. And the best part is that you can literally turn voice memos on on your phone and let it go ! No one will know you're recording and you'll have access to everything!

5. Use a Planner 

Ok this isn't even really a college hack because so many people use them and know of a planner's greatness but I just felt like I had to include it anyway. 

So for those of you who don't use a planner, USE A PLANNER, it will save your life in college, there is no doubt about that! 

6. Listen to lectures at 1.5 speed 

college hacks saving money

This is a great college hack for those in online classes!

Often, online classes have like 4 hours worth of lectures to listen to/watch each week! That's so time consuming! To beat this, listen to lectures at 1.5 speed to save time! 

7. Make Scrambled Eggs in a Coffee Mug 

This college hack saved my life freshman year when I was in the dorms! It saved me trips to the dining hall and ensured that I got a good breakfast before beginning my day.

All you have to do is crack eggs into a mug, add milk and cheese, wisk, and then heat in the microwave for 45 seconds! Seriously, if you have a microwave in your dorm, make this hack. You won't regret doing so! 

8. Use Soda Pop Tabs for extra Closet Space 

This is another great money saving and storage saving college hack that not enough people know about!

College closets are tiny, no matter what your living situation is. Hooking hangers together with soda pop tabs saves so much space because it hangs things lower instead of horizontal so that you can fit more on the original rod. How cool is that? 

9. Hang Photos/Prints with Washi Tape 

Copy This Hack:

This is an awesome college hack for those who are trying to save money! 

Washi tape saves you from having to buy frames or worrying about glass if they break. It also is very friendly to walls so paint won't peel off when you have to take it down. This hack is very unique and genius, for sure! 

10. Place your Phone in a Cup for a Makeshift Speaker

I cannot tell you how many times I have used this college! 

All you need is your phone and a glass, two items that are super easy to acquire because they are always around. Place your phone in the glass and BOOM! amplified speaker on a budget. You'll look super smart using this college hack for sure! 

11. or as a Make-Shift Alarm! 

Seriously, if you have trouble waking up because you can't hear your alarm, try this hack for that too! 

12. Use your Keurig for More than Just Coffee

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Keurig just essentially heat up water, thus when you use it and don't put a K-cup in, it can make you almost anything! Oatmeal, tea, instant meals, ramen, the list goes on! This college hacks allows you to cook from your room as well as save money! 

13. Place Dryer Sheets over Air Vents for a Clean Scent 

Copy This Hack:

This is a great college hack, especially for dorms where many people live and candles are usually not allowed. 

You need laundry sheets anyway, so why not use a couple to make sure you're room stays fresh as your clothes? It's a very easy yet super smart college hack that I think anyone living in a dorm should definitely try!

14. Have a Friend Ask You Questions During a Presentation

college hacks organizing

This college hack is so genius and let me tell you, IT WORKS! 

Before you give a presentation, ask a friend to ask you a specific question in the end. It makes you look very knowledgeable and prepared, and makes them look very engaged. It's a college hack that benefits all, what more could you ask for? 

15. Get a Laundry Bag with Straps (or wheels) 

Ok I had never heard of this college hack before I came to do this post. And now that I have, I'm kind of mad I didn't know about this during my freshman year because tbh I would have done laundry so much more!

Laundry bags with straps allow you to carry your laundry to the laundry room up and down stairs with ease! Now if that isn't a hack I don't know what is, seriously look into buying one NOW!

16. Keep Dry Shampoo and a Hat Handy 

There are some days when your hair just will not cooperate. This college hack is to fight those days!

Keeping hats and dry shampoo in your room at all times saves you on every bad hair day, and also allows you to save time in the shower. We love a good time saving college hack!

17. Always Carry a Water Bottle 

Did you know that often when you think you're hungry, you're actually just thirsty? Thus, this college hack is a great way to keep the weight gain at bay!

I always carry a water bottle with me and TBH it's become one of my greatest secrets and college hacks that I'm now sharing with you so FEEL SPECIAL OK? Seriously, the benefits of water are insane and keeping water bottle with you at all times ensure that you steadily drink some throughout the day! 

18. Take Your Student ID EVERYWHERE for Discounts!

college hacks

This college hack is one that many students do not often think of. Student IDs give you such much more than access to things on campus, but things off campus as well. Don't believe me? Above is 49 places OFF CAMPUS that you can use your student ID and save money! How awesome is that? We love college hacks! 

19. Keep Granola Bars Handy, too! 

You never know when you're going to get hungry. It could totally be in the middle of your streak of classes when lunch is like 2 hours away. Sounds like a tragedy right? Well it doesn't have to be!

Keeping granola bars on hand at all times is such a great college hack because it ensures that you can cure your hunger no matter where you are. Seriously, keep some in your room, backpack, car, and wherever else you can think of so that you never go hungry in college!

20. Slippers!

dorm hack

Copy This Hack:

This is the coziest college hack I've got for you! 

Slippers are a must in college because those dorm or apartment floors can get cold and nasty. Protect your feet and keep them warm by always having slippers on hand! Trust me, you'll thank me later! 

21. Brita Filter

I am so dependent on my Brita filter it isn't funny! And freshman year it was such a college hack for me because it allowed me to stock up on water and not have to go to the water fountains all the time!

You never know what's truly in your tap water, especially if you're going to school out of state. So have piece of mind about what you're drinking by just keeping your water filtered in your Brita! 

22. Have a Bedside Caddy/Self

If you're in a dorm, make sure you get one that attaches to your bed, espeically in a lofted bed. And if you're in an apartment, get a night stand! 

Both are some of the best college hacks because they allow you to keep your most important items like water or your phone right beside you at all times. Gone are the days of frantically searching for your phone when you wake up because of this college hack! 

23. Headboard Pillows

Copy This Hack:

Headboards are a must in college in my opinion, but sometimes they can be uncomfortable to lean against for long periods of time.

So college hack! Get a headboard pillow! They are pillows in the shape of your headboard that make lounging in bed that much more comfy. It might seem counterproductive, but for those that can work from their beds, you have to get one! 

24. Chew Gum While You Study, and then again when You Take the Test

dorm hacks

This is one of the best college hacks that I know of, and trust me it TOTALLY works! 

Chewing gum while studying and then chewing that same flavor during the test triggers memories of when you were studying and allows for recall to happen faster because your brain is primed to remember everything going on the last time those senses were being used in that way. It's kind of confusing to understand but bottom line, it works and you should totally try it! 

25.  this works with Perfume, too!

Honestly, this works with anything that has to do with taste or smell. If you can do it while studying and during the test, your brain is just that more likely to remember everything you were studying in that situation! 

26. Lap Desk

Copy This Hack:

I wish I had known about this college hack earlier. My legs would not have gotten burned by my laptop so much! 

Lap desks not only make a made bed look that much cuter, but they also are so functional, especially when you just wanna be in bed and have so much to do. A lap desk allows you to remain productive from the comfort of your bed, how cool is that?!? 

27. Get Hair Turbies for After Showers 

TBH I've been using this college hack since I was like 9! 

Hair turbies for after the shower are such life savers because they are designed to only be for wet hair and means that you don't use towels up as fast or have to laundry as much! And they're fairly inexpensive, so definitely give them a go! 

28. Blackout Curtains 

This is the college hack that guarantees incredible sleep! 

Blackout curtains have saved my life each year of college and I know that they can save yours too. And the cool thing is that they aren't that much more expensive than regular curtains, but honestly you wouldn't be wasting money if they were! 

29. Go to Your Professor's Office Hours 

I cannot stress this college hack enough! Going to your professor's office hours does wonders for your grades! 

I suggest going to just introduce yourself at the beginning of the semester. That way, should you ever need anything, they know your name and face and are more likely to reciprocate. Professors want to reward the students who try, this is a great way to show that you're serious about being in their class so that they are more willing to help you in whatever way that they can! 

30. Find a Good Bathroom

This college hack seems weird, I know. But trust me, it comes in handy when you don't feel good or are limited on time!

What I mean by "find a good bathroom" is find the ones that people don't super know about, and then gravitate towards those when you can so that you never have to wait! Finding bathrooms early on makes college so much easier! 

31. Read Teacher Evaluations! 

These students are happy because they read teacher evaluations and now have the better professors for the classes that they have to take! Want to be happy? Be like these college students and use teacher evaluations when deciding your class schedule! 

Because seriously, it makes your semesters a lot easier when you have good professors, and isn't the goal to have the best semester possible? is an amazing place to search for teacher reviews also!

This post was all about the best college hacks.

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