29 Best College Costume Ideas for Couples

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This post is all about college costume ideas for couples.

college halloween costume ideas for couples

Are you looking for college costume ideas for couples that will having everyone wondering "How the he** did you come up with that?!" then you're at the right place.

One of the best parts about halloween with a boyfriend/husband is being able to find a really cute couple costume together.

But, why does it always take so much longer to find than you would think?!

These are the BEST college costume ideas for couples for a weekend that you'll never forget.

College Costume Ideas for Couples:

1. Tacky Tourists 

Create This Costume:

This couples costume idea is great for the couple that loves to be goofy and just have fun with it! And good news, it will be super cheap to create because all of these clothes are always available at the local Goodwill!

2. Plug and Outlet 

This unique couples costume idea is sure to spark some attention;). What a great way to show the world that you and your better half can't work without each other (barf hahaha).

3. Tom and Jerry 

Create This Costume:

A timeless duo that is too easy to not copy. I'm definitely going to suggest this couples costume idea to my boyfriend for this Halloween. I'd love to annoy him all night long! lol 

4. Netflix and Chill 

Create This Costume:

One of the most used phrases in college, so why not dress up as it to poke fun at your culture! We all love that! 

And, to pull off this costume idea, all you have to do is grab some everyday items and design a t-shirt! How easy is that? 

5. Astronaut and Alien 

Create This Costume:

Going along with this couples costume idea is not only easy and fun to do, but it also ensures that your look is out of this world!

6. Mario and Luigi 

Create This Costume:

Tag team saving Peach with your significant other in this super fun and easy couples costume idea! 

Playing dress up for Halloween is a game, remind everyone of their favorite video game by being the greatest brother duo Nintendo has ever seen! 

7. Cosmo and Wanda 

Create This Costume:

Grant everyone's wish all evening long with this fun and even funnier couples costume. Just wear pink and make your man wear all green to create this super awesome duo!

8. Superman and Louis Lane 

Create This Costume:

Talk about a power couple! This college couples costume idea would scream just that! Can you imagine walking into the party and being a dominant force right off the bat? Well if you can, then this is the costume for you and your better half! 

9. Steve and Blues Clues 

Create This Costume:

We spend a lot of our college careers wishing that we could go back to simpler times. This college costume couple idea is a great way to do just that! And, like almost all of my other suggestions, it's a great costume to make from what you already own! 

10. Carrot and Bunny

Create This Costume:

This college couples costume idea is one that puts a fun twist on something simple!! 

11. Curious George Costume

Create This Costume:

A classic, but a goody! Love this costume and how it also brings us back to our childhood!

12. Wonder Woman 

Create This Costume:

Um, who wouldn't want to dress like Wonder Woman with their significant other?!

13. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Create This Costume:

This college couple costume idea is perfect for the college couple who would love nothing more than to never have to grow up! And it's one that I can promise is unique and not thought of by many other college couples!

14. Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny 

Create This Costume:

This college couple costume idea is for the spicy couple that isn't afraid to be dramatic in public! It's a classic duo that is perfect for the college halloween party vibe! 

15. Salt and Pepper 

I find this college couple costume idea very genius, not only for how creative it is...but mostly because it would be insanely cheap!

Like one wears white, another wears grey/black and and then you paint and S and P on, boom done! 

16. Jim and Pam

Create This Costume:

I'm going on a kick about our favorite TV couples, but who else is better to emulate? 

Jim and Pam are another great and easy couples costume idea, especially for college couples because The Office is such a popular show to binge while in college! 

17. Rachel and Ross 

Create This Costume:

One of everyone's favorite TV couples, to love and to argue over whether they were on a break or not (I'm totally Team Rachel when it comes to this btw!)

But regardless of your stance, Rachel and Ross are a great couple to design your costume around! Dress like you're in the 90s, add an apron and have your guy carry a dinosaur or play monkey, I promise no one will be able to tell the difference! 

18. Chandler and Monica

We all know that this is another Friends duo is  that we have idolized forever, and with good reason!

So if we all love Chandler and Monica, why not be them for Halloween? All you really need to do is dress like you're from the 90s, this picture above is great inspo. I mean, could it BE any easier? 

19. Napoleon Dynamite and Deb

Create This Costume:

This couples costume idea is one of the most classic duo options out there. And it's another great option for a DIY or last minute throw together because you can incorporate so many basic pieces that you already own! 

20. Aladdin and Jasmine 

Create This Costume:

Ok have you seen the new Aladdin movie? If not, like go see it because once you did you will only want to do this costume and this costume idea only! 

This couples costume idea is a great option because it is a childhood favorite, as well as current trend since the new version of it came out this past summer! 

21. Daenerys Targaryn and Jon Snow 

Create This Costume:

TBH, this Halloween is the only one in which this couples costume idea will be this significant. Why? Because it's paying homage to a show that was taken from us too soon (...and by too soon I mean there should have been more than 6 episodes in the final season but that's a convo for a different day!) 

Regardless of my thoughts on the final season, this is a couples costume that is sure to scream power and wow all who see you! 

22. The Joker and Harley Quinn

Create This Costume:

This college couples costume idea is perfect for the couple that wants to look psycho on Halloween! And with so many fun colors and makeup options, it's a couples costume idea that is sure to impress and also be super fun to create as well! 

23. Justin and Britney in Denim on Denim 

Create This Costume:

Who doesn't remember this ICONIC duo and outfit? Answer: NO ONE! 

Thus, this college couples costume idea is one that is sure to be remembered for a long time! If you want to stay in everyone else's memory, then all you and your better half have to do is rock every kind of denim that you own! 

24. Deer and Hunter

Create This Costume:

If you're better half is quite the catch, then I highly suggest this couples costume idea! It's an easy one to create from basic pieces, and is a great idea if you're boyfriend loves to hunt!

25.  Jackie and JFK

Create This Costume:

Ah, yes, a timeless duo that will never go out of style. If that's you and your better half, then this is the perfect couples costume to showcase at your college halloween party! 

26. Jack and Coke

Create This Costume:

I find this couples costume idea to be very creative and funny. It also looks super easy to throw together and is the perfect duo for a typical college party! 

27. Sully and Boo

Create This Costume:

Who didn't love this duo as a kid? I know I did! Bring back some great memories of one of our generation's best movies with this funny couples costume idea! P.S. It's a great one to DIY or throw together at the last minute as well! 

28. Cop and Robber

Create This Costume:

Guilty until proven innocent! Unless you're guilty of having the best college couple costume idea, then you're totally guilty no trial needed! 

29. Cory and Topanga 

Create This Costume:

And last but not least, another take on a classic TV show that is the perfect couples costumes for you and your significant other to throw together! 

This post was all about the best halloween costumes for college couples.

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