18 Best College Halloween Costumes You Need To See

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This post is all about college Halloween costumes.

college costumes

Halloween weekend in college comes with a weird amount of pressure for finding really good college Halloween costumes.

You know A LOT of pictures are going to be taken and this is really one of the main times in life besides when you're a kid that having a good costume matters.

The internet is filled with a ton of bad Halloween costumes, but this post has the BEST costumes, especially for college parties.

This post shows you 42 of the best college Halloween costumes for this year.

College Halloween Costumes:

1. Hot Biker

lazy college halloween costumes

(source: Instagram @kayybeck)

Recreate this costume:

This is like an ideal college halloween costume idea!! And I bet y'all already have a lot of these pieces in your closet already so it won't be super expensive!

2. Goddess 

best college halloween costumes

(source @sashaallison127)

Recreate this costume:

How cute is this Halloween costume idea?! Plus, it would be really easy to put together!! 

PS- Cut a large white t shirt like this girl did to create the dress!

3. Exercise Barbie 

college creative halloween costumes

(source @ashlynk19)

We love a classic cat costume, and we especially love one that is easy to recreate!! 

Recreate this costume:

4. Aliens

college halloween costume ideas for parties

(source @katieyocca)

The perfect college halloween costume to do with your friends or alone!

Recreate this costume:

5. Hot Bunny and Angel

college halloween costumes best friends

(source @kelsey_peltz)

Recreate this costume:

Really this is TWO really great college costume ideas that we are LOVING. 

6. KISS 

college halloween costumes

(source @allychev)

Recreate this costume:

SO cute and honestly, you could wear that shirt with leggings for a cute outfit after Halloween.

7. Animal Themed

college halloween diy

(source @tori_allison1)

Recreate this costume:

PERFECT themed costume for a big group of people!! Definitely a college halloween costume ideas classic.

8. Murderer Costume

college halloween girls

(source @barbiebeckyyy)

Recreate this costume:

This would be a really fun costume to create with your friends. Plus, it's the perfect amount hot college halloween costume while not being too scandy. 

9. Army Girl

college halloween party

(source @suzanna_rosee)

I have never really seen this costume done before and I really like it! Super refreshing to see something that a million and one girls haven't done (btw, not judging those girls...I am one of them haha).

10. Rabbit Costume

college halloween

(source @_journs)

Recreate this costume:

A basic but super cute costume!! Plus, you probably already have half of these things in your closet!

11. Magic 

creative college halloween

(source @suzanna_rosee)

Recreate this costume:

Another really creative college halloween costume I don't see too often!! 

12. Killer Bunny

creative halloween college

(source @sea_jayyyy)

Recreate this costume:

13. Sports Players

easy halloween costumes

Recreate this costume:

This is such an easy costume to create! Ask your guy friends for some jerseys and put your hair up cute, add some glitters, a sweat towel and you're good to go.

14. Hot Teacher

genius halloween costume ideas

(source @nicoleeeadamss)

Recreate this costume:

A classic, but a goody. Love how easy this college costumes would be too create!

15. Deer

halloween costume deer

(source @suzanna_rosee)

Recreate this costume:

16. Mouse Killer

halloween costumes best friends

This mouse killer costume is such a fun idea to do with one of your friends!!

17. Frat Boy

hottest college halloween costumes

(source @raytothechell)

18. Lilo and Stitch

last minute halloween costumes

(source @hannah.oceana)

Copy this costume:

How could would this be to do with your best friend?! 

This post is all about the best college Halloween costumes.

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