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This post is all about college Halloween costume ideas for parties.

costume ideas college

Looking for some last minute college Halloween costume ideas for parties?

These costumes are easy to put together but are guaranteed to make an impact and have everyone asking you how you thought of it.

This post is all about college Halloween costume ideas for parties.

College Halloween Costume Ideas for Parties:

1. Skeleton

Instagram from @shelbyzang

Copy This Costume:

My sister and her friends killed their halloween costume last year and they looked so good!!

This is a super easy costume to copy and you can really use a lot of things you have in your closet. Hot black top, ripped jeans, and some face paint and you're good to go.

2. Hot Devil

college halloween costume ideas

Instagram from the hot af @maryeowen

Copy This College Costume Idea:

Um, how good is this college halloween costume?!

This girl did an insane job at putting together a costume so good that her kids will look back at and realize how cool their mom was. 

PS- this is my cousin so i'm convinced the hot genes run strong ;).

3. Fake News

Copy this costume:

Seeing as this is such a hot topic nowadays, wouldn't it be fun to make fun of how sadly prevalent it is in today's society!

Just write on a basic white top and fold old newspapers into a waistband as a skirt!

4. Cactus 

Copy this costume:

This halloween costume idea for parties is a perfect one to throw together at the last minute! All you need is clothes from your closet and some white pipe cleaners to be the prickliest one at the party!

5. Spooky Bunny

Copy this costume:

The classic bunny can you not love it?! This is a super easy college halloween costume that is guaranteed to make the perfect insta pic.

6. Boo from Monsters Inc. 

Copy this costume:

Ok, if this wasn't your favorite movie when you were a kid, I'm really sorry you had a bad childhood! 

Regardless, this idea is so clever for a last minute halloween costume! All you need is purple leggings, a pink t-shirt, and pigtails. And if you're feeling suer into it, see if you can find a plush Sully and make sure to practice imitating her voice! 

7. Hot Witches 

Copy this costume:

This is such a great and simple last minute halloween costume ideas for you and your girls!

Like the Wednesday Adams idea, you just have to wear all black, adn then witches hats are everywhere and super cheap! Get wicked with your best babes on a budget this Halloween!

8. Animal Themed Costume

Copy this costume:

How cute is this to do with one of your friends?! This would be a super inexpensive costume too!

9. Eye Candy

Copy this costume:

This is SO CLEVER! And another great and easy last minute halloween costume idea. 

And plus, if you do this idea, you're saving some of the candy you would have eaten for your costume. Or you're ensuring that you have snacks as the night goes on! 

10. Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka

Copy this costume:

I was obsessed with Willy Wonka when I was little, so naturally I'm loving this idea! 

And if you don't have a blue tracksuit, anything blue will do . Just make sure you get some gum and put blue eyeshadow all over your nose! 

11. M&M's

Copy this costume:

(^Buy mens for the large fit and it comes in ALL different colors!)

(^White felt with sticky belt for the "M")

Ah yes, another great and super easy halloween costume idea for girls! 

Being everyone's favorite candy can be super easy! Just tape an M to a red, blue, or green shirt and match socks and bottoms to it!

12. Angel and Devil Costume

Copy this costume:

Such a great costume idea to do with a couple or do alone!

13. Alvin And The Chipmunks

Copy this costume:

If you didn't say that in the voice from the movies, I'm . . . not going to do anything about it except be sad that you again didn't have a great childhood! 

This costume is super similar to the M&M's idea, just dress in all green, red, or blue and tape the names to the back to make it look like jerseys. Next thing you know, you and your friends will be asked to sing at the party!

14. Hunter and Deer Costume

college halloween

Instagram @kaitibestor and @saraaahjessup

Copy this costume:

This is such an easy costume and could be put together with things out of your closet. If you don't have a camo shirt, there are super cheap ones that you can buy and prime from Amazon!

Also, these are my friends and they always have the best costumes!!

15. David Bowie 

Copy this costume:

TBH I'm still not over his death. So if you're like me then this is a great last minute costume idea that honors one that we lost too soon!

Not only is this halloween costume idea a great way to pay homage, but its also a great opportunity to go thrifting and perfect your makeup skills! Just grab every glitter piece of clothing you can find and put a lightning bolt over your eye! 

16. Gumball Machine 

Copy this costume:

I just LOVE costumes that turn people into inanimate objects, don't you? 

Will if you do, then this is the costume for you! And again, its one that consists of clothes you probably already own, or at least a friend does! And all you have to buy is some pompoms and glue them on. But if you do, then you're guaranteed to be in a costume that's poppin'! 

17. KISS Costume

college halloween costume ideas parties

Instagram @kaitibestor and @saraaahjessup

Copy this costume:

(^buy this shirt large and distress it...thats what my friends did in the pic above!)

Super cute and easy college halloween costume idea!

18. Cat

Copy this costume:

This girl looks SO good!! Love this costume and how she put it together.

19. Arthur 

Copy this costume:

Another classic twist on a childhood TV favorite! And another halloween costume idea that uses a lot of regular everyday clothing. 

Have a yellow sweater and blue jeans? Then how could you not be Arthur for Halloween? You have to be! It's so easy and so clever that you will get so many compliments! 

20. Robber 

Copy this costume:

This is another great last minute halloween costume idea that you can throw together for a party because it just requires basic clothing and then one extra accessory!

Seriously, everyone is bound to have a stripped shirt like this, or at least know someone who does. Then all you need is a black beanie and an eye mask and BOOM! your costume is stealing the show! (My puns aren't going to stop but all my ideas are still good so PLEASE keep reading! 

21. Girl Scout 

Copy this costume:

 Reliving your childhood can be such a great halloween costume idea, so if you were a Girl Scout then this idea is a must! 

You seriously are just wearing a a regular outfit and throwing your trusty sash on and you are good to go!! SO easy.

22. Boxer 

Copy this costume:

This is such a CLASSIC college halloween costume idea nowadays that I had to include it!

In fact, it has become so popular that Walmart and all other Halloween costume stores now carry a basic sexy boxer outfit that it would be impossible to NOT find it at the last minute. But should you have more than a last minute, get these items from Amazon instead! 

23. Frat Boys

Copy this costume:

Dude this costume is like . . . totally sick! Idk do frat bros say that? If they don't then just pretend I put something there that they would say! 

This is another clever and easy last minute halloween costume that you and your girlfriends can rock! Just borrow hats shirts and shoes from your boyfriend or best guy friend and pretend to be them for the night! 

24. Hippies

Copy this costume:

Hippies are the perfect costume if your in a pinch. Most anyone has flower crown lying around so ask friends! And I know most every college girl owns a pair of bell bottom jeans by now.

25. Barbie

Copy this costume:

A Barbie Halloween costume is a great option. for any of the girly girls out there. You can pretty much put anything pink on and your'e good! If you really want to amp up the costume, iron on the Barbie logo onto a tank or tube top.

26. Mermaid 

Copy this costume:

(^this is the hairclip!)

Mermaids never go out of style, and are super fun to put together. Find some glitter, buy a cute seashell top and mermaid skirt and curl your hair for a super hot mermaid Halloween costume.

27. Mummies

Copy this costume:

How creative is this?! This mummy costume is so fun and could be put together for super cheap. Pick up some athletic tape or foam wrap and wrap it around to make whatever kind of outfit you like!

28. Power Puff Girls

Copy this costume:

This is such a clever halloween costume idea that I just had to share! This would be the perfect costume for a group of three!

29. Salt, Tequila, Lime

Copy this costume:

This is such a great college halloween costume idea for parties if you're in a trio! And you're over . . . ya know what no one is going to arrest you for dressing like alcohol underage so I'm not even going to mention being 21! 

All this costume is is dresses in a certain color, which you or someone you know is BOUND to have, and then decorating signs that show off better what ingredient you are. 

This group halloween costume is one that's guaranteed "teKILL ya" other friends at the party. 

This post is all about the best college halloween costume ideas for parties.


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