45 Best Couple Costumes Your Friends Will DIE Over

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This post is all about the best couple costumes.

couple costumes

Looking for the best couple costumes of the year?

These costumes will be so fun to put together with your date and will leave you with something to talk about for years to come.

Plus, we tried to have these costumes not break the bank (because let's be real, Halloween costumes can really add up).

This post shows the best couples costumes of the year.

Best Couple Costumes:

1. Grease 

One of my favorite Couples costumes is Grease inspired! 

This is such an easy costume to recreate, you might already have a majority of these items at home.

Copy this costume:

2. Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf

This is another great couples costume for 2019 that is easily created!

You can throw on some clothes you already have an add some specific details to make your idea come to life.

Copy this costume:

3. Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny

Copy this costume:

How cute is this?!

 If you don’t already own a bodysuit like that, you can easily find something like that on Forever 21 or another inexpensive store.

I love this funny couples costumes because it is classic but still cute!

4. Netflix and Chill

Copy this costume:

What a funny couple costume idea?

I think this is so creative and will give all your friends a good laugh!

5. Lilo and Stitch 

Haha! I think this costume is so clever. I honestly might be doing this one for halloween.

6. Dentist and the Tooth Fairy

Copy this costume:

                                             This is such a creative couples costume for Halloween!

                                                     I seriously this is so unique and I have never seen this done.

7. Dirty Dancing 

Copy this costume:

This is one of my ALL TIME favorite movies!

So easy!! Basically, you just need a pink dress and a your boyfriend needs a black top and pants.

You are set to have the time of your life, sorry I couldn't help myself !

8. The Deer and the Hunter 

Copy this costume:

Okay, this has to be one of the best couples costumes ever!

I love this adorable idea because there are PLENTY of deer makeup tutorials and this is easy to create!

9. Beauty & The Geek

Copy this costume:

This Beauty and the geek idea is so original and will for sure have your friends laughing!

To recreate this look, you just need some big hair, some beauty queen makeup, a dress and a crown.  The sash and some glasses which can be DIY'd.

10. Saved By the Bell

Copy this costume:

Saved by the bell is such a classic show and this couples costume idea is too good to not share!

It doesn’t take much makeup and just a little teasing to out your best Kelly Kapowski face on, as well as creating Zack morris's look with some acid washed jeans which can even be found at thrift stores.

11. Jim and Pam from "The Office"

Copy This Costume:

    I love this costume idea!

    I just recently started watching this series and seriously think this idea is easy to create and DIY.

Most likely you have a lot of these items already and can easily swap some items out!

12. Peter Pan and Wendy

Copy this costume:

It's a classic Disney costume but super cute to use for any couples costume idea for Halloween!

This is a great costume idea, I mean come one!!

13. Meredith Grey and Derrick Shepard 

Copy this costume:

The true pair in the Grey’s Anatomy universe, Meredith and Derek are another fitting couples costume to make sure your Halloween photos go down in history.

I love this show so much, and this costume is so clever!

You can easily wear scrubs and add name tags so you don't just look like a regular doctor couple.

14. Bob Ross and Painting 

Copy this costume:

Okay hear me out, what could be better than dressing up as the coolest painter and those happy little trees!? This is a costume you can't get in any Halloween store so it is unique and creative!

15. KFC Costume

Copy this costume:

This costume is so funny!

The KFC man with a chicken is so hilarious and a unique idea.

16. Daisy and Gatsby

Copy This Costume:

This Gatsby themed couples costume idea is super clever!

Daisy and Gatsby are a classic OTP couple. This is also an easy costume  to recreate!

Gatsby is easily created and Daisy can be portrayed with a flapper costume.

17. Robbers

Copy This Costume:

18. Firefighter and Dalmatian 

Copy this costume:

The Dalmatian is a Firefighters side kick just like the couple who is wearing the costumes.

This is an easy DIY for any college couple who wants their friends to ooo and ahh!

You can easily wear clothes you already have at home and add subtle touches to complete the look.

19. Phantom of the Opera

Copy this costume:

The Phantom of the opera is another classic movie that I am sure most people have heard of!

This costume can be portrayed easily and luckily Amazon has a whole Phantom of the opera costume pre made and you can purchase a dress for the girl costume.

20. Pink Lady and T-Bird

Copy this costume:

This Pink lady and T bird costume idea is perfect for a college Halloween costume!

21. Shaggy and Scooby

Copy this costume:

This Scooby Doo idea is priceless!

It will make for some cute pictures and have all the couples jealous!

22. Waldo and Wenda

Copy this costume:

Wheres Waldo is a classic Halloween costume that is so easily re created by a hat and a striped tee!

This is the perfect college couples costume because it is affordable.

23. Carl and Ellie from "Up"

Copy this costume:

If you have not seen the movie "UP" where have you been? 

Seriously, Carl and Ellie are the sweetest little couple and this Halloween costume is a cute couples dream.

It is a simple look which you can wear clothing pieces you already own and add flying gog​​gles and the adventure book!

24. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

Copy this costume:

The Incredibles movies are such great movies and every time one comes out the Halloween costumes I see that year are ALWAYS Incredibles related and they are super cute!

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible are a power couple so why not be one with your boyfriend?

25. Alice and Mad Hatter 

Copy this costume:

Growing up I always asked to be Alice so this costume is super nostalgic for me and something I MUST DO!

26. Gum Ball Machines

If you are doing a couples costume this could work for you or maybe you are pairing up with a friend!

This gum ball machine idea is super original and I can guarantee no one else will have the same costume.

Copy this costume:

27. Devil and Angel

I know what you are thinking...

A devil and an angel HOW ORIGINAL!

This can be done with a girlfriend or a boyfriend and look super cute even though it is done frequently.

Copy this costume:

28. Fighter Pilots

best couples costumes ever

(source @pinterest)

Copy This Costume:

Fighter Pilots are great to dress up for Halloween!

29. Sven and Olaf

Copy this costume:

This is a funny but cute couples costume idea for halloween!

Sven and Olaf are such a well know dynamic duo and it will be easy to create these costumes.

30. Astronaut and Alien

Astronaut meets Alien is such a different Halloween costume idea that will turn heads at any party.

31. Barbie and Ken

Come on Barbie, let's go party!

Barbie and Ken are easier to portray than you would think.

Add a pink dress and if you have blonde hair all you need is a cute barbie decal sticker and for ken a neck scarf and some shorts and a top you already own.

32.  Batman and Batgirl

33. Lion and Zookeeper

This Lion and Lion Keeper idea is a great college costume idea for any couple!

34. Burrito and Guac

35. Gossip Girl

36. The Notebook

The Notebook is such a well known movie for being the best love movie and Allie and Noah are legendary in the romantic movie world.

This costume is another easy couples costume for 2019 to re create.

37. Juno

When it comes to hilarious couples costumes this is my top favorite that will have your friends DYING in laughter!

Juno is the movie where the teenage girl gets pregnant- uh oh!

This couples costume is genius, and can be created with some easy Amazon pieces.

38. Commercial Characters 

We have all seen the funny state Farm and Progressive commercials and how freaking hilarious is this couples costume idea for Halloween?

39. Cosmo and Wanda

Copy This Costume:

We all grew up watching the Fairly odd parents right?

I always loved this show, and love this idea for a couples Halloween costume!

You can create this on a budget and even DIY it!

40. Aaron Samuels and Regina George

Copy This Costume:

You're hair looks sexy pushed back!

That's right, This is such an iconic Couples Halloween costume duo, right?

This is an easy costume idea to achieve while being super trendy and will have your friends DYING over how cute you look!

41. Double Stuff Oreo

A double stuff oreo?

Come on, this is a cute couples costume idea that is totally easy to  DIY if you are on a budget and look like a million bucks! 

DIY or pre buy the Oreo cut out for the costume and add a white beanie and tee to complete the oreo goodness.

42. Cactus and Tumbleweed Couple 

This couples costumes idea will for sure prick your friends humor and have them laughing.

This cactus couples costume idea is actually clever and cute, I seriously want to try this out this year!

45. Bad and Boujee

Okay, us millennials know about being Bad and Boujee and the fact that this is a costume idea will honestly make your friend roll over laughing!

This is so easily created and such a funny couples costume idea... needless to say I love this!

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This post is all about the best couple costumes of the year.



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