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This post is all about cheap Halloween costumes.

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Halloween costumes can become surprisingly expensive and sometimes you just don't want to spend an outrageous amount of money on an outfit you'll wear for one night. But you still want a killer Halloween costume that is a major crowd-pleaser, right?!

That's where these cheap halloween costumes come into play. These costumes will give you all the inspiration you need for an insanely creative costume that doesn't break the bank.

This post shows you the best cheap Halloween costume ideas.


1. Bat

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Ok it looks like this lady spent solid money on a legit costume. You can either buy a bat costume from Amazon or go the even cheaper route by just wearing all black and then cutting a black trash bag into the shape of wings and tape it onto your shirt/dress! Cheap and easy, we love to see it! 

2. Rockstar

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Rockers are a great Halloween costume idea for groups or even just to wear on your own. Just wear black, add your favorite rock band t-shirt, and add some fishnets!

3. Football Player

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Football jerseys are not only super cheap on Amazon if you need one, but honestly do you really need to buy one? Probably not! Borrow from a friend or use the one you wear on game days! Then it's free, which is the best cheap option of them all!

4. Nerd

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Being a nerd in college is ok, especially if it's on Halloween! All you really need to buy for this outfit is suspenders, a skirt, and tie which you either already have or can find for super cheap on Amazon! 

5. Devil

Ugh we love a good devil, especially one that's cheap! All you really need here is to wear all red and add some accessories, all of which are on Amazon!

6. Victoria's Secret Angel

Recreate this Halloween costume:

We all envy the Victoria's Secret models, don't lie, you do too! So why not be what you low key always want to strive for on this one night only? 

Any pink robe will do, and you can make some angels wings or get a cheap pair on Amazon. Then just glam yourself to the gods and boom! Model status, baby!

7. Unicorn

Recreate this Halloween costume:

This would be such a fun halloween costume! Just wear all white and throw a ton of glitter in various places. Make a mystical tutu and a horn to become everyone's favorite mythical creature! 

This light up tutu is a little more expensive but I just had to include it because how cute would it be to wear at night?!

8. Pebbles and Bam Bam 

This is such a good idea for couples that are trying to find a halloween costume on a budget. Honestly all you need to do is buy oversized t-shirts in green and orange and color them in black triangles and then cut it! 

9. Domino

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Honestly all you need besides everything black that you own already is some white printer paper and the ability to cut circles and paste them on your clothes!

Very cheap and very low effort needed for this one!

10. Flight Attendant 

Recreate this Halloween costume:

We all know that we never listen to them when we're on a flight, let's make it up to them by emulating them on Halloween!

If you have a bodycon/pencil skirt and a white top/blouse, find a scarf and practice your hand signals. You're a flight attendant for the night, babe!

11. M&M

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Not only is this such a classic costume idea, but it is also a cheap costume that is ideal for large groups! 

Pick a color, any color and then draw an "M" on the t-shirt and find some same-color accessories. Boom! You're America's favorite candy.

12. Wednesday Adams 

Recreate this Halloween costume:

So maybe fruit or sweets isn't entirely your thing, totally understandable! Another cheap Halloween costume idea is Wednesday Addams. Just grab all black and wear your hair in two braids!

This costume will be all the rave this Halloween, too!

13. Scarecrow 

Halloween is at a time when the air is getting colder, thus flannels become a thing. Take a flannel, find some overalls and a hat and then go to town with makeup to become one of the best symbols of fall!

14. Pirates

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Pirates are great Halloween costume option for friends or couples. There are tons of different ways you could put this look together so choose what you like!

15. Minnie Mouse

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Minnie Mouse is the perfect Halloween costume option if you are on a budget. Put together some Minnie ears, a red tutu, and a black top for a super cute and recognizable costume.

16. Ketchup and Mustard

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Got a red and yellow t-shirt? Then you have a halloween costume! All you have to do is come up with the squirter hat part. Hint: find a witch's hat and spray paint it red!

17. Mummies

Recreate this Halloween costume:

This mummy costume is probably one of the cheapest ones I could think of that is still really cute. You can find adhesive athletic tape from Amazon or your local sports store to put this costume together. Then brush on some brown eyeshadow to make it look a little more dirty and believable.

It's honestly probably easier to DIY this costume than anything else!

18. Skeleton

hot halloween costumes for girls

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Have you caught on to the idea that the cheapest halloween costumes are the ones that you can just take t-shirts and do stuff to? If not, well, then now you can!

This is another prime example of that. To be a skeleton on a budget, then just wear a white or black t-shirt. To bring the costume together, paint some cool skeleton face paint.

19. The Bachelorette

Recreate this Halloween costume:

This is such a brilliant Halloween costume idea that I just had to share! Most girls already have a sparkly dress they would love to wear on the Bachelorette. I mean who doesn't dream of having a bunch of guys fighting for you? Add some flowers to your costume and grab a date! 

20. Minion

Recreate this Halloween costume:

This is a perfect minion costume, but it's a minion costume on a budget! 

I feel like most people have overalls at this point and if not check your local thrift store first! Then, just get a yellow t-shirt and beanie and tape the minion eyes and logo onto them. What a great squad costume!

21. Frat Bros 

last minute costumes from your closet

Recreate this Halloween costume:

I love this costume because it lets us make fun of all our guy friends, and who doesn't want a chance to do that?

This Halloween costume idea is cheap because you either go to Goodwill to get frat clothes, or you borrow them for free from your frat bro friends.

22. Kid from Up 

Recreate this Halloween costume:

The kids from Up are super iconic and totally adorable for a couple Halloween costume.

Basically, dress like a boy scout, add some goggles, and then add some balloons which are like $1 at Dollar General. Easy and super unique!

23. Pot Brownie Scouts

Recreate this Halloween costume:

This pot brownies costume is sort of inappropriate but totally funny. Buy some girl scouts attire and iron on some pot leaf patches for a costume everyone will laugh at.

24. Cat

cute girl halloween costumes

Recreate this Halloween costume:

A black cat is the go to cheap and easy Halloween costume, but you can spice it up a little bit with a cheetah print skirt. You really can't go wrong with this one. Add some whiskers and ears and head out to your Halloween party!

25. Violet Beauregarde

Recreate this Halloween costume:

This Halloween costume only needs some blue eyeshadow, gum, and a track suit. Then you just have to be a brat all night and you're playing the part perfectly! 

26. Alien

Recreate this Halloween costume:

All you need for this out of this world costume is a shiny skirt and a shiny bodysuit. You either have these things, or know someone who does... I promise! But if you don't they're pretty affordable on Amazon, and they're a great investment because I bet you will find yourself needing these again.

27. Popcorn

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Ok, I take back every other "this is the most genius costume idea I've seen" that I've written in any of my Halloween posts! Because THIS ONE takes the cake, and I'm locking my answer in on that one! 

Sure, this costume might look difficult to pull off. But I promise that it isn't! Just tape some white and yellow tissue paper to a white shirt or wear a sparkly gold top and wear some red bottoms to be the most poppin' costume at the party!

28. Mario and Luigi

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Need a duo costume on a budget? I introduce you to some of the world's most beloved brothers: Mario and Luigi! And if you're really on a budget, you don't even have to find special costumes. Just wear red and green and draw on the t-shirts to make them look the part! 

29. S.W.A.T. Team

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Bad people beware because this cheap halloween costume idea for groups is coming for ya! 

All you and your friends have to do is split a bundle of cop costumes and wear all black!

30. The Incredibles 

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Such a great idea for a due or trio searching for a cheap halloween costume! Such a classic that never gets old.

31. Greek Goddess

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Got a white bedsheet? Then you have a Halloween costume! Find some gold jewelry and go full glam with hair and makeup to become a greek goddess for the night!

32. Nun

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Ok if you go to a Catholic university, be careful with this but it could also be so funny! Just order some accessories or the whole costume off of Amazon and your'e good to go for the night!

33. Queen of Hearts

Recreate this Halloween costume:

You'll be the queen of everyone's hearts with this cheap Halloween costume idea! I love the idea of wearing a silk dress with this super cute crown.

34. Kermit with the Tea 

Recreate this Halloween costume:

I LOVE this costume idea because 1. it's so funny and 2. it's fully DIY and DIY's are always cheap and wallet friendly!

35. Dentist and Tooth Fairy 

Recreate this Halloween costume:

This is a great couples costume idea for Halloween that can also be done super cheap! Just head to a thrift store and get some scrubs and a white dress to get this look started! If you don't have any luck thrifting, you can easily buy everything you need on Amazon.

36. Deer 

Recreate this Halloween costume:

This is a cheap Halloween costume idea that really comes alive through the makeup, which us college girls already have! 

37. Velma

Recreate this Halloween costume:

If you can find all orange and love to rock it, then Velma's your girl for Halloween! The Scooby Doo gang would be the perfect group costume for friends!

38. Daphne 

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Or if Velma isn't your cup of tea, or orange isn't (which I totally understand, it looks so bad on me lol) try purple and channel your inner Daphne! 

39. Mr. Monopoly 

Recreate this Halloween costume:

This honestly looks like such a fun costume to create! Wear the business attire you have or thrift it, and then make all of the accessories or buy them here from Amazon!

40. Clown

Recreate this Halloween costume:

I don't know about ya'll but I am deathly afraid of clowns. But, this cute clown costume I will make an exception for!

41. Deck of Cards

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Just decorate oversized white t-shirts with black card symbols. This costume is super easy and can be put together will stuff you likely have laying around! 

42. Cat in the Hat 

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Everyone will easily recognize your costume if you chose to be cat in the hat and thing number 1 or 2. This costume is great for trios!

43. Snow White

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Mirror mirror on the wall, whose costume will be the best of all? Yours! If you choose to be Snow White for Halloween. 

44. Rosie the Riveter 

Recreate this Halloween costume:

For this cheap Halloween costume, all you need is to wear denim on denim, a red bandana, and red lipstick. And then just show off your guns all night! 

45. Lifeguard 

Recreate this Halloween costume:

Ok odds are you or someone you know was a lifeguard in college or high school so if you want to be a lifeguard, ask around for accessories and then wear red and white! 

46. Boxer 

Recreate this Halloween costume:

This costume is super easy and honestly very comfortable as well! If you want to make the costume just that much better you could add boxing gloves, but otherwise a black sports bra, black spandex, and a cute pink robe would be perfect for this costume.

47. School Girl 

Recreate this Halloween costume:

For this costume, just put together a plaid skirt and a black or white top. Or, order the whole costume from Amazon. Then it's back to high school for a night! 

48. Superheros

Recreate this Halloween costume:

This costume idea is so cute and is definitely the perfect theme for a group costume! Get some friends together, each person picks a superhero, and there you have it. Throw on a cape and mask, wear similar colors, and you are ready to save the night!

This post was all about the best cheap Halloween costumes.

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