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This shows you how to DIY a fall doormat in less than 15 minutes. Plus, it's extremely affordable!

fall doormats

Apparently fall is the time I bring out my DIY doormat skills so now that it is the second year I've DIYed a doormat, I figured it was time to write a post about it!

This is about as easy as it gets when it comes to DIY projects. I started this fall doormat at 5:00pm and was completely done with it by 5:15pm. That is my type of project ?.

I'm going step-by-step showing you how to make a fall doormat DIY of your own.


fall entryway ideas

Fall 2021 Doormat

fall doormat

Fall 2020 Doormat

These are the two doormats I've DIYEd in my days. They are done in the same way so let's get into how to do it...


  • Blank Doormat
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Stencils (unless you want to freehand it but I'm not that good haha)
  • Foam brush
  • Painters Tape (optional but helpful)
  • Flex Seal

Step 1: Get yourself a blank doormat.

blank doormat

You can find blank doormats all over the place. The Target one linked above is the exact one I got. It cost $10.

Here's a blank doormat from Amazon (it's the one I got for 2020 doormat) but if you are near an Ikea, they have them for super cheap.

Step 2: Lay out your saying and tape it down.

fall decor diy

Go to your local craft store and get some stencils that you like the shape of the letters. The one that I am using is from Hobby Lobby but I am sure that any craft store has similar ones!

I had to get creative since I didn't have two O's. That's why it looks like "BOC" haha. 

fall doormat

I found it super, super helpful to tape down the letters before painting. When you paint its really a dabbing motion so they come off easily and can mess you up. The painters tape just makes your life a little easier!

Step 3: Paint the doormat!

I just used traditional acrylic paint. It held up all of last years fall season and still looked amazing by the end of it!

Step 4: Spray doormat with clear coat.

doormat diy

I will say that last year I did not do this, but I saw this spray on Tiktok and apparently it keeps your doormats looking brand new for the entire season so I decided there was no harm in trying it!

I just got it from Home Depot.


fall doormat

And thats how you DIY a fall doormat!!

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