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This post is all about college Halloween costume ideas.

creative college halloween costume ideas

Finding college Halloween costume ideas is quite the task.

From making sure you look really freakin' good to finding a costume that doesn't break the bank can be a really hard task.

We're here to show you the best college Halloween costume ideas that check off everything on your wishlist.

College Halloween Costume Ideas:

1. Rosie the Riveter

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If Beyonce can rock this costume, then so can you! And even better you can rock this same costume as Beyonce while ballin' on a budget! 

2. Alien Costume

hottest college halloween costumes

Credit: @emma_deshaw

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This costume idea is perfect for those who need something cheap and kind of lazy to throw together. All you have to do is get a plain white t-shirt and write on it in sharpie! How easy, cheap, and genius is that? 

3. Regina George

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This is another great college costume idea for those who need to not break the bank! Take any old white tank and cut holes and then wear that over a purple tank! Easy and simple and a funny relevant costume for college, what more could be better? 

4. Hot Secretary 

I literally am obsessed with this halloween costume idea because it's so funny and clever.

5. Hot Cat

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This is a great college halloween costume idea that balls on a budget because it takes mostly pieces that you already own! Just dress in all black and find some cat ears for a very easy, yet oh so classic halloween costume idea! 

6. Bank Robber

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Ok, if you haven't figured it out by now, the cheapest halloween costumes are the ones that you can create from mostly things that you already own! This bank robber costume idea is no exception. Just find a sack and wear a striped top and beanie and boom! you're stealing everyone's money while saving all your own! 

7. Boo from Monsters Inc.

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Yes! Another super easy and cheap costume to throw together and rock as homage to one of the best movies of our childhood! Like seriously, how easy and budget friendly would this halloween costume be to throw together?

8. M&M

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This is a great halloween costume idea that saves money and is super easy for you and a bunch of friends to rock.

Whether you get a legit M&M shirt like I've linked below, or you make it on your own, it's a classic costume that will look as good as these candies taste! 

9. Margarita

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I'm obsessed with this college halloween costume idea! All you need is a green dress, and you can totally make the lime headband from craft paper and glitter! We love a diy costume idea! 

10. Dora the Explorer

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Not gonna lie, I found this show super annoying as a kid, but now, I find it a cheap halloween costume idea! We love a good change in opinion, don't we?

Seriously, this is just purple shorts and a pink top. Find a purple backpack and carry around a fake map to be what was most girls favorite TV show when they were 4! 

11. Damien From Mean Girls

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I FIND THIS SO GENIUS! Like I'm doing this for halloween, boom done! You just need a blue sweatshirt, which if you don't have it is so easy to get! And then you write on paper that "she doesn't even go here". Easy. Cheap. Genius. Do this for halloween if you wanna win the game! 

12. Cereal Killer

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I just find this so punny and the fact that it is super easy to DIY just makes it even better! Use this great halloween costume idea to kill the party, literally! 

13. Ginger Bread Man

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This is a great and cheaper halloween costume idea because it is all DIY. Like glue craft paper and ribbon onto a brown dress to become what most would think is a tasty treat! 

14. Gumball Machine 

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Again, the key to cheap halloween costumes is to use what you already have. And if you don't have it. Ask a friend because someone you know is bound to have what you need!

Take a white shirt and glue pom poms onto it. Like HOW easy is that? Super easy, do it. thank me later! 

dorm room essentials

15. Skeleton 

hot halloween costumes

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This is such a budget friendly twist on a common halloween costume that I just had to share! 

Get a black tank and white t-shirt, cut the white t-shirt and bam! you're a skeleton. And the cool thing is you can do this with a white tank and black shirt too, either way works! 

16. Darla from Finding Nemo 

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I have a friend who did this costume, and it was literally the funniest thing ever. And she literally found this sweater for cheap and then thrifted/borrowed the rest from others! 

17. Kim Possible 

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Call me, beep me, if you want a great halloween costume idea that doesn't break the bank! 

No really, this another easy to throw together halloween costume idea that honestly all you need is cargo pants for! 

18. Minnie Mouse 

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Ah yes, another childhood favorite anyone can create as a costume! 

Wear all black, rock a red tutu, and put white circles on the tutu and boom! you'll be part of the Mickey Mouse clubhouse in no time! 

19. Arthur

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Another super easy college halloween costume idea to throw together. But if you do this idea, you have to keep your fist clenched all night, no exceptions! 

20. Bob Ross Costume

Channel your inner artist and inner Persian by throwing together this look that screams artist from super basic everyday pieces!  

21. Mime 

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Can you tell that there are so many things one can do with a striped shirt!  This is another great costume one can create with it! Just add some white face paint and boom! you're a mime!

Also, this is a great costume idea if you don't super want to talk to anyone because you can just stay silent and be "playing the part!" 

22. Football Player 

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Who doesn't own a football jersey? If you don't someone you know does. Rock it for the evening and boom! a super cheap halloween costume everyone will love!

23. 50 Shades of Grey 

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What a funny, and much more innocent take on a naughty halloween idea! And you can literally just tape paint chips to a black dress. If you already have a black dress it would be a totally free costume! 

24. Fruit Costume

Just draw on a yellow shirt and make a headband with green craft paper. Super DIY cheap and fun to do for a halloween costume this year! 

24. Hot Nerd

Copy this costume:

It is amazing to me how many costumes we can create just from what we already own! Like this costume, I have white shirts and black skirt and glasses I can tape and a calculator from my dreaded calculus class! 

Wait. . . you do too? Well then boom! you have a halloween costume you don't have to pay anything for either! 

25. Athlete

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This is a super easy costume for all the girls to get in on! Just wear jerseys and baseball hats to play the part of the athletes you cheer on every weekend! 

26. Killer Costume

hot halloween costumes women

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This is another costume you can make from items you already own, if you're ok with getting them messy! 

27. Jelly Beans 

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This is another great halloween costume idea that I'm obsessed with and very much contemplating doing for myself this year! Blow up balloons and tie them in a clear sack around you to emulate one of everyone's favorite treats! 

28. Mummy

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Do you own toilet paper or have a dorm bathroom you can steal some from? Then you have a mummy costume my friend! And, a mummy costume that didn't cost you a dime. We LOVE to see it! 

29. Zombie

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Just pair a ripped up white shirt with fake blood and gore for this super easy, yet slightly scary halloween costume idea! 

30. Greek Goddess

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Another college costume idea that you can create with a bedsheet, who knew there were so many options for this time?

31. Rock Star

Rock whatever party you're attending with this awesome, yet super budget friendly halloween costume idea! 

This post is all about the best cheap college Halloween costumes.

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