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Looking for the ultimate apartment cleaning checklist that will help you keep your apartment sparkly clean? Here is a simple, easy guide to cleaning your apartment.

apartment cleaning checklist

Cleaning an apartment is easier said than done, I know. But cleaning does not have to be a burden... It can be easy, efficient, and fun (?)! I have this little trick that I have done for a few years now that has tricked my brain into thinking I like cleaning…. 

What I do is super simple— we all have a favorite TV show we look forward to watching (whether you're a bachelor or sports girl) and I will save the show for when I’m cleaning. I know this can be hard, but if you wait and clean while you do it you’re not only treating yourself but you’ll also start looking forward to cleaning. I highly recommend trying this little trick out and who knows, you may start to love cleaning. 

Anyways, I religiously use this cleaning checklist and I also have a PDF that goes more into depth on my entire process. I highly recommend downloading the PDF - it’s completely free and will give you a weekly, monthly, bi-yearly cleaning checklist to make your apartment will always sparkle and shine. 

This post is all about apartment cleaning checklist.


Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

 Spray counters, appliances and cabinets 

☐ Sprinkle sink with the baking soda and dish soap 

☐ Empty and scrub all trash cans

 Throw out expired food 

☐ Clean out the filter in the dishwasher

Living Room Cleaning Checklist

 Wash blankets

☐ Dust all the furniture

☐ Vacuum floors

 Dust blinds

☐ Clean windows

☐ Wipe baseboards

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

 Wash sheets/ duvets/ pillows

☐ Dust all furniture (including your bed)

☐ Clean windows and window base

☐ Dust blinds, fans, and closet shelves

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

☐ Wash towels and bath mats

☐ Scrub shower walls and fixtures

☐ Wipe down cabinets

☐ Spray counters and sink(s)

☐ Clean/ scrub bathroom trashcan

☐ Wipe baseboards

☐ Vacuum and mop floors


1. Duster

apartment cleaning supplies checklist

The Swiffer Duster has saved me on so many occasions. It honestly grosses me out how much dust it collects. If you have fans or molding, you need this duster. It reaches places I physically can't and it’s one of my best purchases.

2. Floor Cleaner & Mop

I went a disgusting amount of time in my apartment without a mop. But, please learn from my mistakes. You need a mop. The Swiffer “mops” only clean up surface-level dirt. A mop gets all the dirt and grime that’s stuck to your floor.

3. Vacuum

One of the best gifts I have ever received (yes, I asked for a Dyson for Christmas). Other vacuums have nothing on the Dyson and I will take it with me to the grave. I know that there are some dupes out there that do almost as good of a job. But, if you can get your hands on a Dyson I highly recommend it!

4. Window Cleaner

If you want that classic, clean smell that reminds you of your childhood, this is the window cleaner for you. It has such a nostalgic smell I can’t use any other window cleaner now.

5. Microfiber Clothes

I love microfiber cloths. Not only do they work well but I try to always use them in place of paper towels when I can. Just wash them and it’s as if they are brand new!


6. Counter Top Spray

Mrs. Meyer's multi-surface spray smells amazing (I also love their hand soaps). The countertop spray really gets all the dirt and grime off of my kitchen counters. 

7. Dish Soap

This dish soap passes the test aesthetically and functionally. Love Method’s products and their packaging.

8. Stainless Steel Cleaner

For those of you who have stainless steel appliances, I highly recommend this stainless steel cleaner - it gets the job done and removes all the stains, fingerprints, basically anything and everything on stainless steel.

9. Steel Wool Pads

Steel wool pads cut through grease and get off those hard-to-scrape baked-on food remnants.

10. Dish Sponges

My favorite dish sponges. Ever. They work amazingly well and you can put them through the dishwasher!

11. Disposal Cleaner

This cleaner is essential if you have a disposal. I cannot tell you how important it is to clean your disposal.


12. Toilet Cleaner

Toilet cleaner is not something “exciting” to shop for but you definitely need it! Lysol does a great job and I haven’t been disappointed thus far.

13. Bleach Spray

Bleach spray. I will spray this ALL over and let it sit. I really want to make sure it kills all the gross germs that make their way into my bathroom.

14. Cleaning Gloves

When you’re cleaning your bathroom, I highly recommend using gloves. Those germs do not deserve to be on your hands.

15. Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfecting wipes are uber important to have. Whether you need to wipe off your phone or your bathroom counters really quick these wipes will do the job.


16. Laundry Detergent

There are so many great options when it comes to laundry detergent but this Gain seems to be the most highly rated!

17. Fabric Conditioner

Fabric conditioner is the one item on this list that is not a necessity but I love the way it makes my clothes smell.

18. Color Catcher

Color catcher is so important if you are sharing a washing machine with other people.

19. Stain Remover

For those stains, you randomly find on your clothing and think, “I have no idea how you got there.” As someone who is extremely clumsy, I am indebted to stain remover.


20. Magic Erasers

Magic eraser is truly magic. I don’t think there’s anything a magic eraser can’t get out.

21. Carpet Stain Remover

I have talked about this carpet cleaner so many times on my Instagram stories and I truly mean it when I say I love this product. I use this to get out stains in my couches, rugs, etc. It really works.


22. Start with your surfaces, end with your floors

If I can only give you one tip it would be to start with your surfaces and end with your floors when you’re cleaning! When you clean surfaces so much dirt and dust falls to the floor. If you clean the floors first you’re going to automatically make your floors dirty again which I know you don’t want! Start with the highest surface and make your way down.

23. Don’t forget to clean your dishwasher 

I learned this the hard way. I had NO idea that dishwashers had to be cleaned, but it’s true. There’s a little bucket of sorts that’s at the bottom of your dishwasher (at least that’s where mine is) and it collects all the food that comes off of your dishes. Take out that bucket, dump the junk into the trash and then wash it out with some soap! You should do this once every month at least. 

24. Lemons are AMAZING for cleaning 

Lemons are so amazing for cleaning. I love to put frozen lemon in my garbage disposal and turn it on for a few seconds. Bonus, it will make your kitchen smell so good.

25. Use a duster to get out dirt & dust in hidden places

Dirt loves to collect under my kitchen cabinets so I always take a duster down there and try to get it all out. It’s disgusting, and I do this frequently. I highly recommend you do this as well!

26. Magic erasers are your best friend

Magic erasers will get out any marks you find on your walls counters, etc. I promise you that when you are cleaning you’re going to find little marks you didn’t know existed and that’s where the magic eraser comes into play! 

This post is all about apartment cleaning checklist.

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