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Looking to buy the best appliances on the market? These are the top 7 best places to buy appliances in 2022. 

costco appliances

I wish I would have been more grateful for my furnished apartments when I had them because, let me tell you, I had no idea how expensive appliances could be ??

As I'm starting the process of budgeting for our home flip, I have come across some really good and I think I've officially nailed down the best places to buy appliances. From the best blenders to washing machines I've got it all covered. I swear I should have a doctorate in appliance research?.

Whatever it is you're buying, you're going to want to check out these seven best places to buy appliances.

This post is all about the best places to buy appliances.


1. Lowe's

I love Lowe's. They have the best customer service, especially when it comes to big purchases like appliances. I would 100% buy all of my major home appliances from Lowe's (Fridge, Washing Machine, etc.). 

They offer delivery and protection plans. They also have a price match guarantee so you know you're getting the best deal!!  

2. Best Buy

Best Buy pretty much has it all. They have all of the major appliances and then they also have the smaller kitchen appliances like blenders or coffee makers

I specifically added Best Buy because they have some really good Black Friday deals that you definitely need to keep an eye out for!!

3. Costco

If you really want high-end appliances but don't want to buy that high-end price, you definitely need to look at Costco for appliances! They carry Dyson products and other super nice brands at discounted prices. The amount I save always pays off my membership costs.

Also, Costco has an amazing return policy and warranties when it comes to big purchases. 

4. Amazon

Amazon is definitely the best place to order all of the small home appliances (think toaster, blender, waffle maker). Technically you can order large appliances from Amazon, but personally I would probably go through someplace that specializes in appliances and appliance delivery for those major items!

Amazon is also amazing if you broke the lid to your blender or a handle on your crockpot because they sell all of those individual replacement parts. 

5. Abt Home Appliances

Abt Home Appliances is perfect if you are looking for a very specific product. They have a TON of stuff so it would probably be overwhelming going in without a pretty good idea of what you want. 

They are a three-generation family owned business (LOVE that) and specialize in every appliance from dishwashers to bluetooth speakers! 

6. Home Depot 

Home Depot continues to impress me! They have SO much besides lumber and power tools ?. Along with Lowe's, they carry most mainstream appliance brands and have options for every budget! 

Home depot also has some really good sales from time to time, so always look out for those!

7. AJ Madison

AJ Madison is a really big appliance corporation, and they pretty much have every major appliance. They are a great place to buy appliance packages because they have good deals and specialize in appliance delivery! 

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