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Looking for the best Christmas gifts for grandparents? This post has so many thoughtful and unique gifts that your grandparents are sure to love!


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I typically allow my mom to get the gifts for my grandparents, but she always has so many good ideas that they always end up loving. This year, I started finding some on my own and I have found some GOOD gifts for grandparents.

If you struggle finding gifts for grandma or grandpa and typically just leave it up to someone else, this post is for you! You can feel happy and confident about giving Christmas gifts to grandparents this year with any of the gifts below. I can guarantee this list has an amazing gift for every type of grandparent.

This post is all about gifts for grandparents.


1. Foot Massager

I feel like a foot massager is something grandparents would LOVE. It seems a little extra, but if you have a grandma or grandpa who loves massages and spa days, they would definitely love this at-home foot massager.

2. Kindle Paperwhite

If your grandma or grandpa is a book lover, they definitely need a Kindle. They are so easy to use so they won't get confused (lol), and will allow them to not have to buy every book they read.

They are also super light and portable so if your grandparents love to travel or go south during the winter, this would so super nice for them to have while traveling and being away from home.

3. Repurposed Cotton Sari Robe

gifts for grandpa

A robe is a must-have for any person of any age, but I know my grandparents love their robes, so I know it would be the perfect gift for them.

This robe is stunning and looks so comfortable! If your grandparents already have a fuzzy robe, this would be a great addition to their robe collection.

4. Paint-By-Number Kit

christmas gifts for grandparents

Paint-by-numbers are so fun and can be so therapeutic! This is also the perfect activity for your grandparents to do together.

5. Reusable Silicone Baking Cups

These silicone baking cups are perfect for the grandma or grandpa who loves sweets! They will save so much money using these instead of the disposable cups, and will save them a trip to the store once they run out.

6. Bonsai Starter Kit

This gift is perfect for the grandparents who love to garden but maybe can't during the cold weather in the winter. Bonsais are so pretty and seem like they could be fun to grow, so this would be the perfect gardening kit for the grandparents who love to garden.

7. iRobot Roomba 694

Cleaning can get a lot more challenging with age, hate to say it. If your grandparents have been complaining about cleaning their house and need an easier way to do it, this Roomba will be perfect for them.

8. Zen Garden Kit

This gift is a little bit random but seems like the perfect thing for a grandparent who is retired and needs something fun to do during the day! Creating a little zen garden can be very calming and the perfect thing to do after a busy holiday season.

9. Nespresso Machine

I have only ever heard such amazing things about Nespresso machines and how easy they are to use. Grandparents who have been huge coffee drinkers all their lives needdd this Nespresso coffee maker.

It can save them money if they typically go out to get coffee, and can elevate their at-home morning coffee game to the next level!

10. Sudoku Puzzle Board Game

I know my grandma loves to play Sudoku and Scrabble, so I think she would absolutely love this Sudoku board game. It seems like a lot more fun than playing online or from a book, and allows you to play with others as well. It's the perfect bonding experience with your grandparents!

11. Monthly Wine Subscription

gifts for grandma

Grandparents all loveee wine, especially grandmas. This is a really cool gift that they probably have never heard of before and would probably love to try.


12. Family Birthstone Necklace


These necklaces are soo pretty and I believe any grandmother would love to wear this and show off her grandchildren. I don't know any grandmas who aren't proud of her grandchildren, so I think this would be a great way for your grandma to show off her love!

13. Ugg Slippers

If you have a grandma who is young and likes to stay up with the trends, you need to get her these Ugg slippers. They are all the rave right now and they are so cute and comfortable.

14. Digital Picture Frame

My family got my grandma and grandpa one of these for Christmas a long time ago and they still use it to this day. They love it!!

When family starts moving away and the kids start growing up, all grandparents want to do is be able to see their children and grandchildren as often as possible. This photo frame allows them to do this right from their own home.

15. Pajama Set

Grandmas especially always seem to love pajama sets, so you could not go wrong getting this for your grandma for Christmas this year. Super cute and affordable, right from Amazon!

16. Custom Watercolor House Portrait

grandparents day gift ideas

This house portrait is stunning and perfect for if your grandparents have lived in the same house for a super long time. This is a great way for them to remember a place they have loved for so long.

17. "World's Best Grandpa" Hat

gift guide for grandparents

All guys no matter what their age loveee baseball hats. This one is so cute and I bet any grandpa would wear this loudly and proudly!

18. Box of 4 Jars of Spice Blends

gift for grandmother

Spices can be expensive but also last a long time, so they make a great gift. My mom always gives away these spice gift boxes for holidays and everybody always loves them.

For grandmas or grandpas who love to cook, this would be the best gift to give them to keep them on top of their spices!

19. Customizable Grandparent's Doormat

This is a very thoughtful gift to keep at your grandparents house. Super cute and practical for the cold and snowy weather!

20. Stationary Set

Stationary is always a great gift because no one ever buys stationary for themselves. I think this is also a great gift for grandparents because they are probably the most likely to use it.

This stationary set is so simple and cute for grandparents.

21. Personalized Family Tree Painting

holiday gifts

Some family tree paintings and pictures can be really ugly, but I think this painting is so pretty. I think grandparents would love to hang this super thoughtful gift in their home.

22. Bracelet with Grandchildren's Names

gift ideas

Of course grandpas wouldn't like this gift lol, but this is such a pretty bracelet that grandmas would love. It also fits so many names so if you have a big family, this is a great gift for your grandma!

23. Customizable Calendar

gifts for grandmas

I don't know about anybody else's grandparents, but my grandma loves calendars and always has one hung up in her kitchen. This calendar is such a fun idea for the grandma or grandpa who always loves to have a calendar hung up.


24. Recipe Cutting Board

sentimental gift ideas

This cutting board is absolutely perfect for the grandparents who have a secret family recipe or a family recipe that is passed on through generations. It's so pretty and such an easy way to look at the recipe while cooking.

25. 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

I do not know anyone who loves puzzles as much as my grandma does, which makes me think a lot of other grandmas have to as well. You can find affordable, pretty puzzles basically anywhere, but Amazon has so many that I am sure any grandma would love to receive.

26. Flower Snack Bowls

grandma gifts

You can never go wrong with getting anyone cute plates or kitchen sets. These flower bowls can be used for so many things, and not just in the kitchen. Plus they are super cute and match so many things since they come in so many different colors.

27. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

unique gifts for grandparents

Give your grandparents the perfect gift for keeping them busy and forcing them to do something together! This poster is so fun and can take them a really long time to finish, so it will keep them busy for years to come.

28. MLB Ballpark Traveler's Map

great grandfather gifts

This could win the award for the best gift for grandpa. I think a lot of grandpas are really into baseball (at least that I know of), so this would be the perfect gift for grandparents who have been to a lot of baseball games and stadiums in their day.

29. Leopard Scarf

Another cute gift for the trendy grandmother! Anthropologie has the best and softest winter wear and accessories. This scarf would be perfect for any grandma looking for a cute and trendy new scarf to wear this winter.

30. Set of 9 Whiskey Stones

My grandpa lovesss whiskey so I think this would be a really cool gift for any grandpa! Keeps your whiskey nice and cool while not watering it down, and it looks cooler than ice cubes.

31. Lavender Cedarwood Soap Set

cute gifts for grandma

A nice soap set is always a great gift, especially for parents or grandparents. Williams Sonoma is amazing for this kind of stuff, you can always find some really good house warming gifts like this here!

32. Floral Tea Kettle

This brand of kitchen appliance (MacKenzie-Childs) is famous for their checkered pattern, but I also personally love this floral pattern. It is so pretty and would look gorgeous in so many kitchens.

It may be a little pricey, but any grandma who loves tea deserves a nice, lasting tea kettle!

33. Heated Blanket

A heated or weighted blanket is the perfect gift for a retired grandparent. It is the best thing to snuggle up with on the couch, and absolutely perfect for the cold weather and holiday season.

34. Dutch Oven

Another perfect gift for the grandparents who love to bake! A dutch oven is perfect for baking bread and can be used to make some really pretty and delicious loaves.

One of my friends has this and actually loves it. She bakes sourdough bread in it all the time, and I think I may even get it for my grandparents this year to encourage them to keep baking.

35. Therapeutic Heat Pillow

These are the cutest heated pillows. Perfect for sore necks or other muscles, and absolutely amazing for grandparents as they get older haha.

36. Bath Tray

If your grandma or grandpa loves baths and possibly reading, drinking wine, or watching a show while being in the bath, this bath tray is a necessity. No need to worry about anything falling in the water or trying to figure out where to put your stuff while in the bath. This tray has a spot for everything!

37. Cookbooks

And last but definitely not least, cookbooks! Cookbooks are the #1 gift for grandparents who love to cook or bake. Amazon has an amazing assortment of cookbooks, but these are some of my favorites that I have previously gifted and everyone has loved.

This post was all about the best gifts to give grandparents.

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