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If you're looking for the most cheerful Christmas card ideas, you're in the right place. Here are the cutest photo cards, homemade cards, and non-photo Christmas cards!

christmas card ideas

I am obsessed with sending and receiving Christmas cards during the holidays. Seriously, there's nothing better than picking out the cutest design online and sharing all of your happy memories from the year with everyone you love. Plus, some of my favorite Christmas decorations I have ever seen are displays of Christmas cards!

The hardest part of looking at Christmas card ideas is there are so many good ones, and I can never pick just one favorite! Lucky for you, I narrowed it down to 54 realll good Christmas card ideas after looking at almost every website that sells them! Here are the absolute best photo cards, homemade Christmas card ideas, and non-photo cards too! 

This post is all about Christmas card ideas.



Okay, brace yourself for how freaking cute these Christmas card ideas are!! If you're on the fence about what style to go with and you want something that's unique and different, go for one of these trendy Christmas card ideas, they're all so fun!

1. “Merry” Trendy Christmas Card

I am obsessed with this card. The funky typography is so trendy right now, and the color combination is everything! 

2. “With A Bow” Gold Detailed Card

The gold bow detail, the simple script, and the scalloped edge, this card is just too cute.

3. “Bark” Dog Christmas Card

I wish I had a fur baby just so I could order this card! If you have a pet that deserves the spotlight, you definitely need this Christmas card! 

4. “Fa La La La La” Simple Card

The font combination here is too good! I love the signature at the end. 

5. “Merrier Than Ever” Colorful Card

How precious. If you want to do something with a little color, this is the cutest card for you! 

6. “Festive Characters” Holiday Card

Now this is SO cute. If you want to do something with fun, bright colors instead of traditional Christmas colors, this might be one of my favorite options! 

7. “Happiest Holidays” Photo Card

This is just too good. The font combination and the understated design are just perfect. 

8. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Card

Are you kidding?? This is too cute to be true. If I ordered this card I would definitely choose a photo with red accents to match the script! 

9. Carols, Cocoa, Snuggles & Cookies Card

This card has the warmest and coziest message that we all love during the holidays. The colors and fonts are just too cute! 


When it comes to Christmas card ideas and Christmas decor, my style is super traditional and classic. These cards have that warm, holiday feeling we all know and love. I have a feeling everyone you send these cards will be obsessed with them.

10. Simple Script with Scalloped Edge 

Everything about this simple card is just perfect. This might be my favorite one of all of them. 

11. Holiday Plaid Single Photo Card

Want that classic Christmas vibe? This card could not be more perfect for you. 

12. Merriest Christmas Gold Accent Card

Want a gold touch on your Christmas cards? This is a sweet and simple card that will look so cute with a bold photo. 

13. Botanical Happy Holidays Card

Want something with a little botanical flare? This is the cutest card! 

14. Family Bauble Photo Card

Papier kills it yet again with this super festive and creative card! The photos in the ornaments is such a fun style. 

15. Wreath Photo Frame Card

How gorgeous is this? I am obsessed with this wreath framed photo card! 

16. Merriest Christmas Plaid Border

Come on, I am sold just from the advertisement photo. The little boy is precious and the Christmas card design is almost as cute as he is! 

17. Flourish Simple “Merry Christmas” Card

This typography is so trendy right now and such a classic, simple vibe. This is one of my favorite Christmas card ideas because it is festive, sweet, and simple! 

18. Minimal Plaid Holiday Card

This is such a good vibe with the warm white background and black stripes. Obsessed with this card! 


Want a clean, sleek look for your Christmas card? These minimalistic Christmas card ideas are perfection. Keep that classic black and white color scheme, simple fonts, and layouts, and let your pictures be the star of the show! You're going to love these minimalist Christmas card ideas!

19. “Jolly” Black and White Card

One word: obsessed. This Christmas card is so adorable, I love the simple photo in it too! 

20. Modern Minimal Photo Card

This card + a snowy photo = perfection!! This is about as minimalistic as you can get and I am in love! 

21. “Merry” Calligraphy Card

This card is precious. I love the super simple message, and the classic calligraphy that's not super loopy or hard to read. 

22. “Effortless” Simple Holiday Photo Card

Hear me out, if West Elm designed a Christmas card, it would definitely look like this. The little beige brushstroke, the very simple text at the bottom, I love it all! 

23. Arch Cutout “Happiest Holidays” Card

Technically you can make any card an arch cutout, but tell me this card wasn't meant to be an arch!! 

24. Beige & Black Simple Card

The cursive is so pretty and the color combination is one of my all time faves. 

25. Peace Joy Love Photo Card

Giving me all the vintage vibes and I love it. The font and message could not be any more simple, but it really works! 

26. Happy Holidays Simple Border Card

I love the way the typography on this Christmas card wraps around either side of the photo. Those little details are what make a minimalist card interesting! 

27. Warm Wishes Card

This style is so popular right now and I am obsessed. The font and the oval photo are the perfect combination. 


Not into the photo cards, or didn't get around to picking out any good pictures? No problem! There are probably about 100x more non-photo Christmas card ideas out there to choose from than photo cards, so narrowing these down was tough! If you don't feel like making photo cards and sending them to everyone you know, at least send your family some sweet non-photo cards! 

28. Retro Tree Grand Holiday Card

Beyond obsessed! This is one of my favorite Christmas vibes.

29. Snowy City Card Set

I am obsessed with art like this! Not sure if this makes sense, but it gives me Anthropologie Christmas window display vibes (that we all love). 

30. Snow Tiger Pink & Red Card

Want something fun and girly? These cards are so unique, nobody would have anything similar to you! 

31. Christmas Cheer Drink Card

Everything about these cards is a YES. The colors, the simple illustrations, the message, it's all just the perfect cheery vibe. 

32. Mixed Pack of Colorful Cards

Get the homemade card vibe without having to do the work. These cards have the cutest designs. 

33. Snowglobe with Elves Card

I have had this illustration saved on my Pinterest Christmas board for years, and I have no idea it was a greeting card! Ordering ASAP. 

34. Love Peace Joy & Hope Card

This is so subtle yet so bold at the same time and I love it! It's so cool how you can customize your name and have them printed. 

35. Love, Cheer & Happy New Year

These colors are so trendy right now and the message is adorable. This is the perfect card to send if you forget to send Christmas cards and it's more of a New Years card. 

36. Christmas Postcard

Something about the old fashioned Christmas vibe makes me so happy and this postcard is just that! I would love to customize these postcards and send a nice message to everyone I know and love! 


If you want to spread your faith and holiday cheer in one, these Christmas cards are perfect for you. Maintain that trendy, sleek look while sharing your reason for the season! 

37. Wonders of His Love Plaid Stripe Card

The red stripes on this card make it look like a wrapped present! 

38. Blessed Christmas Simple Card

This card is stunning with a dark photo in the background! 

39. “Let Us Adore Him” Card

It doesn't get much more simple than this. Let your pictures be the star of the show with this pretty card. 

40. “Faith Love Family” Minimalist Card

The watercolored greenery on this card is so gorgeous. So simple and so pretty!

41. Rejoice Black and White Card

Want something bold that will stand out amongst every other Christmas card this year? This black background is bold and beautiful! 

42. Simply Blessed Card 

Love the font combination on this Christmas card! Such a short and sweet message too! 

43. Bible Verse Christmas Card

Something about the signature at the bottom of this card is so perfect, I love it! 

44. May Every Heart Rejoice Card

The subtle touch of green on this card is so perfect for the holidays! 

45. “Sweeping Sprigs” Photo Card

How pretty is this? The watercolor border and simple, muted colors are a perfect combination. 


Want to save some money and make something a little more meaningful? These homemade Christmas card ideas are so cute and most of them look pretty simple to recreate! Your family and friends will be so excited to receive a sweet, homemade card!

46. Joy Wreath Homemade Christmas Card

This homemade card is so sweet, try and find a gold pen and some green brush pens to recreate this simple Christmas card! 

Recreate this Christmas card idea:

47. Holiday Sprigs Homemade Christmas Card

Feeling extra artistic? Break out your watercolor and attempt to paint these pine sprigs and holly berries!

Recreate this Christmas card idea:

48. Hot Pink Happy Holidays Homemade Card

I have been obsessed with pink Christmas stuff this year, and this homemade card is one of the cutest Christmas card ideas I have seen in a while! You could totally DIY this! 

Recreate this Christmas card idea:

49. Holly Jolly Water Color Homemade Card

This is such a simple design. If you have kids, this is definitely something they could make and send to all of your family! 

Recreate this Christmas card idea:

50. Thumbprint Reindeer Homemade Card

This is just about the easiest DIY Christmas card on here! The white spots really tie it all together, so don't forget to add those! 

Recreate this Christmas card idea:

51. DIY Gingerbread House Christmas Card

How cute is this? This is something that would be so cute to have kids make and decorate however they want! 

Recreate this Christmas card idea:

52. Felt Reindeer Homemade Christmas Card

How precious is this! Seriously, the shapes are so simple, you could totally do it!! 

Recreate this Christmas card idea:

53. Merry & Bright DIY Christmas Card

This might look intimidating, but I promise you can do it! Draw your lights in pencil first, it will make your life so much easier! 

Recreate this Christmas card idea:

54. Muted Colors DIY Christmas Cards

Feeling really crafty? Make a whole set of homemade Christmas cards! Loving this color scheme! 

Recreate this Christmas card idea:

This post was all about Christmas card ideas.

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