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This post is all about small apartment Christmas decor.

small apartment christmas ideas

The holidays have finally arrived, which means it's time to start decorating!

Holiday decorating is my absolute favorite. I love all the festive vibes that come with Christmas. From the music to the candles to the decor, you really can't go wrong with Christmas!

Decorating a smaller apartment for Christmas can be a challenge. With little space, it's hard to do everything you want to. Yes, everyone would love a big tree and all that comes with grand Christmas decor, but having a small apartment doesn't mean you can't get in the Christmas spirit.

There are so many decoration options out there for small apartments you are bound to find something perfect for you!

This post shows you small apartment Christmas decor.


The living room is where most of the Christmas magic happens.

If you have a small apartment, you may think decorating your living for Christmas is impossible, but there are so many options; from small Christmas trees to alternative Christmas trees, the options are truly endless!

1. Gold Accents

I love how cute this small Christmas tree looks with all of the ornaments; this is exactly what I mean when I say you really can get all the Christmas feels even with a small space! 

Remember, finding decorations with character is so important.

Christmas is all about the memories, and you want to make sure that your decorations tell a story.

Recreate this Christmas decor:

2. Touches of Gold

If you plan to have garland and on your mantel, add touches of gold, whether that be intertwined gold beaded garland or a candle holder.

I love the combination of a metal with greenery, the duo really adds contrast and texture to the space!

Recreate this apartment Christmas decor:

3. Christmas Vase

Many apartments are small and don't have a lot of space - I love finding alternatives to Christmas trees that still give you that festive feel you are looking for.

Whether or not you are having a Christmas tree, I love how this vase looks, and it would add a natural festive feel to any space!

Recreate this alternative Christmas tree:

4. Merry Christmas DIY Banner

Finding ways to DIY Christmas decor will not only help to save money, but can also make the decorating process so much more special. 

I love having little decor touches around my apartment that I created. Everything you create has a memory linked to it. Special little touches like this are what Christmas is all about.

Recreate this DIY Christmas decor:

5. Snow Covered Trees

You do not have to overwhelm your Christmas trees with ornaments every year!

Snow-covered Christmas trees are gorgeous by themselves and add the perfect amount of festivity to the living room.

Recreate this Christmas tree:

6. Merry & Bright 

A banner during Christmas is always a great idea. I love the celebratory addition the banner adds to the living room.

The whole aesthetic of this room is everything I could ask for, and I love it!

Recreate this apartment Christmas decor:

7. A Touch of Stars

The Christmas decor I have seen with all of the stars makes me so happy, I love the look. From the star garlands I've seen to the large star lights, I think they're all perfect for Christmas.

The little accents can truly take your Christmas decor to the next level!

Recreate this apartment Christmas decor:

8. Subtle Hints of Christmas

These subtle hints of Christmas are perfect for the entryway; they feel apart of the room, while still giving you all the holiday cheer.

Recreate this apartment Christmas decor:


Your bedroom can have just as many amazing Christmas vibes as your living room.

I love decorating my bedroom, with a couple of decorative pillows, a tree, some lights, and a little more to give my room that holiday cozy feel that we all love so much.

Christmas decor for your bedroom does not have to be all out and crazy. You can add simple touches and still get the exact cozy feel you're looking for; remember to have fun with it, it's Christmas!

9. A Cute Wreath and Tree

Simplicity can be all that's needed to give you the exact look you want. I love how simple these decorations are - a tall tree, wreath, and fairy lights dangling across the headboard give this bedroom the perfect holiday look!

Recreate this Christmas decor ideas:

10. Jingle Bells

This jingle bell garland might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. As you know, I love almost anything gold but on top of that jingle bells are the epitome of Christmas!

Have fun incorporating different holiday classics in your apartment - from jingle bells to mistletoes (lol I'm just saying it might be cute), there are so many cute options to choose from!

Recreate this apartment Christmas decor:

11. Holiday Banners and Tinsel

As I said before, banners are the best way to easily add a little spark of Christmas to your bedroom. If you are looking for something easy and cute, you will definitely want to consider a banner.

I also love the idea of using tinsel behind the bed to add to the decorations. You can find all the different banners and tinsel, so have fun with it!

Recreate this Christmas bedroom decor:

12. Cute Frames

Switching out your everyday prints for some holiday-inspired printables is such a great way to add holiday decor to your space.

There are soo many Christmas printables out there to choose from on Pinterest; you are sure to find one you love.

Recreate this apartment Christmas decor:

13. Festive Throw Blankets

You can never go wrong with a festive throw blanket!

Festive throw blankets are the easiest way to add a little holiday spark to your bedroom with almost no effort. I mean, not only do they look great, but they're usually super cozy.

Recreate this apartment Christmas bedroom decor:


What is Christmas without a Christmas tree?

Decorating the tree is one of my favorite times of the holiday season. My family all gets together, I make hot cocoa, put on a Christmas film or music, and we go to town!!

Finding the perfect tree for your apartment can be difficult - there's a high chance that a 12-foot tall tree will not fit in your living room. But have no fear, there are sooo many amazing small Christmas trees out there.

14. Modern Twinkles

The modern look in this living room is my favorite and don't even get me started on the tree. 

The twinkles of the tree are perfect and give you just the right amount of light without being too overwhelming. 

This look is perfect for any modern girl out there looking for Christmas decor inspiration!

Recreate this Christmas tree ideas:

15. Pops of Color

How fun is this tree? You can't look at this tree and not feel happy!

I love the festive pops of color and how different this tree is from a traditional version; this is perfect for the girl who likes to stay away from the norm!

Recreate this small apartment Christmas decor:

16. Bohemian Christmas Love

For the girlier girls out there, this look is perfect for you!

Helpful tip: If you're stuck choosing how to decorate your tree, try finding the colors of your room, and decorating accordingly.

Sticking to the color palette will make the tree look like it was made for the space!

Recreate this small Christmas tree:

17. Black and White

Who said black and white weren't meant for the holidays? Definitely not me.

The black and white in this small tree look amazing!

Recreate this Christmas tree:

18. Tall and Skinny

If you have the height but not a lot of area, a tall and skinny tree would look amazing in your apartment. 

The tall and skinny tree allows you to get the full effect with the height of the tree without compromising floor space!

Recreate this small apartment Christmas decor:

19. Tabletop Christmas Tree

If you don't have enough space for a real Christmas tree, then a tabletop Christmas tree is perfect for you!

This little Christmas tree looks fantastic on the entryway table and adds just the right amount of Christmas to the room!

From my experience, I've found that a lot of tabletop Christmas trees come with the stump wrapped in not-so-pretty burlap or cheap-looking gold fabric.

My advice: go out and find yourself a pretty wicker basket or even a brown paper bag would look cute (there are photos below you can use as inspiration) and hide whatever your tabletop tree came in!

Recreate this tabletop Christmas tree:

This post showed you small apartment Christmas decor.

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