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cheapest products
cheapest products

Everyone has that one product that they cannot live without. The product that you will love amidst the hates. As one of the viral TikTok sounds go, "If she has a million fans, I'm one of them. If she has one fan, it's me." 

The best part about these products is, they're hella cheap. Oh yeah, everyone has a favorite product that just so happens to not break the bank.

We hope you enjoy and please let us know what your favorite cheap product is that you cannot live without!

Here are all the cheapest products the BSL Team cannot live without.


favorite products 2022
favorite beauty products

1. Hannah's Aquaphor

Aquaphor is genuinely my number one used product and it’s so cheap. There are so many expensive beauty products that I buy, but nothing will ever be as good as Aquaphor. Your lips will thank you 😉 - Hannah

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favorite products 2022

2. Sarah's ride-or-die lotion

I HATE the feeling of dry skin. Like I get uncomfortable with myself if my hands are even slightly dry haha I would've said Aquafor, but Hannah beat me to it, so this is the second best thing. A bottle of this lasts forever and it works great! -Sarah

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3. Sophia's earrings

These are $13 and I have them in all three sizes they offer. I wear them everyday (like actually everyday) and they never turn green. Also, they’re so light!!! - Sophie

favorite products 2022
trendy products

4. Shelby's holy grail lip balm

I actually can't live without lip balm... If I'm on a deserted island, bet your bottom dollar this bad boy will be one of my three items I'm allowed (tampons and kindle that never dies with every book that exists in the world on it are my other two items if you're wondering). I feel like there's no other explanation needed (?). Lip balm is amazing. I will say though, I don't mess with Kiehl's lip balm or car maxx, they make my lips super dry. I also love Laneige, but more for the lovely shine it gives my lips. - Shelby

This post was all about the cheapest products the BSL Team cannot live without.

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