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Looking for the best 18th birthday gifts? Here are 30+ gift ideas (for both him & her) that they will be obsessed with!

18th birthday gifts

Let me just tell you, I have never wanted to put so many things on my birthday wishlist as I did this year. Being on TikTok, all I see all day are the cutest trendy gift ideas that I immediately add to my wishlist. Lucky for you, I’m not keeping them all to myself! Maybeeee I’m a little biased, but I really think I have the best taste in gifts. You could ask any one of my friends, they know gift-giving is 100% my love language.

I gathered up the best 18th birthday gifts that I had on my birthday wishlist and that will continue to be put on every one of my birthday and Christmas wishlists!! I even added some super cool gifts that I would give my guy friends for their 18th birthday!! Whether you are looking for 18th birthday gifts for him or for her, trust me, I’ve got you covered! 

This post is all about 18th birthday gifts.


Best Overall: Shoes - Platform Converse & Nike Blazers

"They look good on the feet, easy to rock with whatever fit."

Most Popular Gift For Her: Glossier Gift Set

"I love love love using this set as my travel set since it is all TSA size approved!"

Most Popular Gift For Him: JBL Clip Blutetooth Portable Speaker

"Portability is amazing. Perfect for most situations!"

Best Under $25:  Free People Claw Clips

"Heavy duty, holds my thick hair. 10/10"

Best Custom Gift: The M Jewelers Nameplate Necklace

"I've purchased many pieces from this company, for myself and for gifts. I'm always very happy with the jewelry and the service."

Best Tech Gift: iPhone Projector

"I bought this projector as a gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it!"

Best Clothing Gift: Traveler Exercise Mini Dress

"I love how it holds everything in! If you are reading this, this is your sign to just buy it!!!"



1. Your Emotions Are Valid Crewneck

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that 18-year-old girls love all things trendy. This Mayfair group sweatshirt is the epitome of trendy right now, she will be obsessed with it! Love the brand’s message too!

custom 18th birthday gifts

"Fit is perfect. Soooo comfortable. Love how this one has a lighter inside material than the “empathy” ones. Perfect for warmer weather."

2. Lululemon Sherpa Belt Bag

Okay, Lululemon just came out with these new sherpa belt bags and I have never been so obsessed!! They are so, so cute and trendy! If your 18-year-old birthday girl is into fashion, she will love this gift!

18th birthday gifts girl

"Soft and cute! If you’re thinking about it just buy it! I’ve been using it everyday I go out and run errands. I bought the creamy white one"

3. Glossier Gift Set

Calling all skincare queens!! I know when I was 18 I was obsessed with skincare products. I wanted to try everything!

This glossier gift set is awesome because it allows you to try a bunch of mini products and it also comes in really cool packaging (perfect for a gift)! 

18th birthday gifts for her

"I love love love using this set as my travel set since it is all TSA size approved! It is also super cool that the packaging is eco friendly, love to see it!"

4. Nécessaire Body Care Gift Set

The aesthetic of this brand alone makes me want the whole line!! This necessaries shower set is the perfect gift to pamper the birthday girl. She will definitely get good use out of these! 

18th birthday gifts for grandson

"Best lotion I've used. I love that it absorbs quickly, keeps my skin moisturized, and is unscented."

5. M Jewelers Necklace

One of my best friends has this necklace and she never takes it off. It is so subtle and understated, the birthday girl will wear it with everything.

Plus, any customized gift is so much more meaningful than an average gift! 

6. White Platform High-Top Converse

These are some of the most popular white sneakers for girls right now - especially for older teen girls! Seriously, I have seen them everywhere!

Get the birthday girl something she will literally wear all the time (*cough cough* these converse)!  

18th birthday gifts for him

"I've always been a fan of converse and these platforms give off a whole new vibe that i’m loving. love pairing with dresses, biker shorts, and denim."

7. Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’62 Fragrance Mist

If you have never smelled Sol De Janerio products before, you’re seriously missing out. This is one of the yummiest warm vanillas scents that every 18 year old girl will be obsessed with! 

gifts for 18th birthday girl

"Smells great 🙂 Would purchase again. 10/10. I would buy this for my entire family so they can all smell like me."

8. IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo

This is hands down my favorite dry shampoo on Earth. Pretty much every girl I know uses dry shampoo in between washes, and nothing can compare to this stuff! Treat your birthday girl with this IGK dry shampoo! 

special 18th birthday gifts

"Love this product - works so well without drying out my hair"

9. Yin Yang Print Fleece Throw Blanket

Want a cute and cozy gift? This throw blanket looks sooo warm and fuzzy and the pattern is extremely trendy and cute!

If this isn’t your birthday girl’s style, there are a ton of super cute and cozy blankets on Urban Outfitters. 

luxury 18th birthday gifts

"So unbelievably soft and cute."

10. Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

Here’s another skincare find that is super well renowned. This mask is meant to be worn while sleeping and you wake up with a glowing complexion!

I have been wanting to try this for so long and I’m sure your birthday girl has too! 

etsy 18th birthday gifts

"Makes my skin so soft and so clear! My complexion is definitely thanking me after this purchase!!"

11. Free People Claw Clips

Claw clips are the number one most trendy accessory ever right now. You can’t go anywhere without seeing a girl with a claw clip!

I am sure your birthday girl would be thrilled to receive some new claw clips, especially if they’re from free people! I want to order these for myself! 

pandora 18th birthday gifts

"Heavy duty, holds my thick hair. 10/10"

12. Traveler Exercise Mini Dress

Getting tired of me saying everything is trendy? Sorry not sorry, but this exercise dress has been sooo trendy this year.

I’m telling you, 18 year old girls are constantly chasing the trends. They will be so impressed with your gift giving skills if you get them this Abercrombie traveler mini dress! 

mens 18th birthday gifts

"I love how it holds everything in! If you are reading this, this is your sign to just buy it!!! I wish I bought this in all colors!"

13. JW PEI Bag

These bags have been all over my Instagram feed lately and I’m pretty sure every teenage girl owns one or wants one. The style is super unique but it still something that the birthday girl could wear with pretty much every outfit! 

14. Wicks and Stones Wanderlust Crystal Candle

Have you ever walked into Anthropologie and smelled that heavenly scent? Their candles there are next level. Treat your birthday girl to something a little fancy that she has probably always wanted but never buys for herself! 

amazon 18th birthday gifts for her

"I recently purchased the moonstone one which smells AMAZING! Not only does the candle smell beautiful but the packaging of a beautiful too!"

15. Magazine Subscription

I don’t know about you, but I would be thrilled to receive a magazine subscription! I linked Vogue here, but if your birthday girl is super into cooking, get her a bon appetite subscription, or if she’s into something else find a magazine that she will enjoy receiving month after month. This is the definition of a gift that keeps on giving.


16. Nike Blazer Mid '77 Vintage Sneaker

Nike Blazers are THE trendy shoe for men right now. They are a super simple design and the birthday boy could wear them with pretty much any outfit! 

traditional 18th birthday gifts

"I just got the all white one with black Nike check, they look good on the feet easy to rock with whatever fit."

17. Aloha Corduroy Hat

I recently saw this hat on TikTok and I immediately was trying to think of someone I could buy it for. There are a ton of colors on the Katin website so you can pick one out that your birthday boy is sure to like! 

18th birthday gifts for daughter

"Love the hat. Great quality. Flew off my head while boating, turns out it floats too."

18. Carhartt Jacket 

It amazes me how Carhartt has become such a trendy brand! If you live in a cold area, or you know he is just in need of a nice, heavy-duty jacket, you should definitely get him this Carhartt jacket!! This is a simple statement piece that he can wear all the time, and it will last him forever!

"This is a great jacket that will feel even better after more wear and a few more washes."

19. Levi's Knit Beanie

I was going to put the classic Carhartt beanie, but then I found this Levi’s one that I loved even more!! I know the boys in my life would be obsessed with this beanie, you definitely should get it for the 18 year old birthday boy! 

"Love this beanie..Fit was perfect, pretty thick with a comfortable lining.Look is great and is warm. Also packs in my coat pocket well."

20. Charging Station

This is one of those gifts for the guy who has everything. If he already has a phone, apple watch, and AirPods, get him this charging dock to keep hum organized!

Not only is this helpful for charging all of you devices, but it just looks so much better than a big jumble of cords on your nightstand! 

"I usually never write reviews but this product is awesome!"

21. Spike Ball Set

Every teenage boy loves Spike ball. If you have never heard of it, it is a super simple game that comes with a mini trampoline sort of thing and a ball. I don’t know what the fascination with this is, but I’m telling you, he will be excited!

"I am OBSESSED with spike ball and this kit was great! Has everything you need and a bag to hold it all in. Definitely recommend for any age!"

22. Herschel Backpack

This is a super practical gift that he will definitely get good use out of. Whether he is in high school or going into college, this is one of those things that he will use every day and think of you every time! 

"Great quality backpack at a great price. Not to mention that it looks good too."

23. Hydro Flask

You have really been living under a rock if you don’t know about hydro flasks. They are probably the most popular water bottles every right now and everyone has at least one or two. I think this is a gift you can’t go wrong with because it will get used no matter what! 

"I’ve had many Hydro Flasks before, but this is my favorite."

24. iPhone Projector

How cool is this? If your birthday boy is into tech~y things, this is an awesome gift! He can have movie nights with his friends and probably even figure out a way to play video games on a big projector. You can’t beat this gift for the price! 

"I bought this projector as a gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it!"

25. Ray-Ban Square Sunglasses

This gift is another amazing option if you are super stumped and have no idea what to get for him. Sunglasses are going to get used for sure, and if you go with a classic style, you really can’t go wrong. 

"These sunglasses are amazing. Very stylish, very retro and the price I purchased them at was UNBEATABLE!"

26. Shoulder Massager

I don’t know what it is about massagers, but guys are obsessed! If you want to gift the birthday boy a little bit of self care and relaxation, get him this shoulder massager! It has great reviews and sounds so nice! 

"Love is not a strong enough word- I never would have thought that a neck massager could be this good but it literally feels like a person massaging you."

27. Air Tags

If he is notorious for losing things, you need to get him a set of the new Apple air tags! You can attach them to anything and they connect with your Find My iPhone, telling you where they’re located. With the newer phones, these tags are crazy accurate and will tell you down to the foot how far you are from your belongings! Tech guys would love this gift! 

28. JBL Clip Blutetooth Portable Speaker

You really can’t go wrong with gifting a quality bluetooth speaker. This JBL Clip is awesome because it is small and compact, so it is easy to take on the go (which is perfect for an 18 year old boy). 

"Portability is still amazing. Perfect for most situations!"

29. Layer comforters, throw blankets, and pillows for a hotel bed look

Looking for a gift that will keep the birthday boy smelling good? This is one of the most popular mens colognes right now and apparently it smells sooo good! A cologne or a perfume are always good gifts because they are sure to be used! 

best 18th birthday gifts

"It smells so good. It’s not an overwhelming fragrance. It’s my new favorite scent on him. He loves it."

30. Nike Socks

Talk about something that will always get used, pretty much everyone has some of these Nike socks. They’re definitely a guy’s go-to sock option. I know you may be thinking, really, socks? But he will definitely appreciate these. If you want to level up the gift you could add a pair of shoes too! 

"My Teen needed white socks for LAX, and these fit the bill. Her team tie dyed them and wears them frequently. Exactly what we expected for a Nike sock!"

This post was all about 18th birthday gifts.

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