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Looking for the best kitchen tupperware? Here are 13 tupperware sets that you definitely need in your life!

kitchen tupperware

I know you have that crappy kitchen tupperware that your mom gave you when you moved out for the first time. It leaks all over the place, you can never find a matching lid and container, and you don't feel too comfortable putting it in the microwave. Now that you're all grown up, it's time you invest in some good tupperware.

If you cook a lot, you probably use tupperware all the time. I know I love having leftovers, and if they're in a nice tupperware, they taste even better ?. Some of these kitchen tupperware containers are straight-up pretty enough to be decor!

This post is all about kitchen tupperware.


1. 40-Piece Airtight Food-Storage Containers With Lids BPA-Free

These are some of the best kitchen tupperware on Amazon, people seriously rave about it! It currently has over 3,500 five-star reviews with people who are obsessed with these containers!

One specific thing that people love about these containers is the window in the top that makes it easier to see into them! 

"These storage containers are great! They are stackable so they do not use a lot of space under the cabinets. Cleaning is easy..."

2. Full Set of 8 ZipTop Reusable Bags

Looking for something a little different? These ZipTop bags are an amazing option for food storage and on-the-go use! They come in a large variety of colors and types of containers.

These are amazing quality and will reduce your single-use plastic consumption ? #winning.

tupperware catalog

"I am so happy that I ordered this set. I use them in the refrigerator to store leftovers and opened containers of carrots and celery. I love the idea of reducing my consumption of single-use plastics."

3. Airtight Leak Proof

Food Storage Containers with Lids 

If you want seriously leak-proof containers, these are the ones for you! There is nothing worse than packing food in tupperware and having it leak all over the place.

These containers are made by the same company that makes my vegetable chopper (that I have an unhealthy obsession with ?). So basically, I can just trust that these containers are really good because their chopper sure is! 

"As soon as I purchased these containers I filled a few with water and closed them. After shaking them very hard I saw that they were truly leak proof!"

4. Katie Kimmel Leftovers 3-Piece Container Set

How freaking cute are these? This is an affirmation we all need to practice haha. I know you let your leftovers get nasty in the fridge.

It's so easy to forget about them, so if you have containers like this, maybe it will be a good reminder!

tupperware containers large

"These are the cutest storage containers for food I have ever seen! A little smaller than I expected because I didn’t read the description, but these are perfect for college kids or a new apartment!"

5. Bayco 9 Pack Glass Meal Prep Containers

How cool are these meal prep containers? Most kitchen tupperware doesn't come with all of the little dividers to prep a meal with different things!

They are glass, which is a huge bonus, and they are leakproof and airtight! Also, you get nine containers and nine lids for a great deal!

"These glass meal prep containers are perfect in every way. I was using Pyrex glass bowls for years and they would eventually break, get lost or lose their lid seal so I needed to find a replacement."

6. INKA InvisiSeal Food Containers

Ever since I discovered these online, I can not stop thinking about them! First of all, the company is an awesome small business owned by women of color ? and they're all about sustainability and durability!

Not only are these containers super pretty, but they also claim to withstand "approx. 40 times as many uses as the average food container"! I'm dying to order these.

amazon tupperware clearance sale

" WOW this stuff is like Tupperware on steroids! The material is the same as what's on my vitamix, SUPER frickin strong. But it's like 10x lighter than my glass containers."

7. Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver

So apparentlyyy these containers can extend the lifetime of all of your produce in the fridge! I don't know about you, but nothing irritates me more than buying a ton of fresh produce and having to throw it out in a couple of days because it all went bad (where are my Costco shoppers?). I'm very intrigued to try these!

"I will never toss strawberries or mushrooms or hopefully any other produce again. I just used mushrooms from last fridays grocery order in our Alfredo tonight(7 days later)."

8. Pyrex® 6-piece Glass Food Storage Container Set with Wood Lids

These are an oldie but a goodie. Pyrex containers have always been popular, so if you're looking for some containers that your mom will probably be jealous of, these are the ones! They're a little pricey, but you're paying for that Pyrex quality!

amazon tupperware containers

"I like my bowl set with lids; very attractive on the counter and in a pantry. I like the different sizes. I may buy another set. They are stylish and practical for everyday cooking and baking."

9. Glass Food Storage Containers (A Set of Five Colors)

Okay, fun colors, I see you! These containers have over 12,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, and people just rave about them!! I love that you can also order them in a set with all pink, blue, green, or orange!

This is honestly a steal since you are getting ten containers! 

"This is THICK glass. I’ve been using them for over a week and have been loving them. Perfect sizes and the lids snap on easily. Will buy another set in the future."

10. Porter 5-Piece Pantry Bundle

You have probably seen these containers in the Anthropologie home section and been like ... wow that's one pretty lunch bowl. Who knew you could order one big set from W&P and try all of their gorgeous kitchen tupperware.

In this five-piece set, you get a 16oz bowl, a 24oz bowl, two stand-up bags, and a classic porter bowl. Check it out!

glass tupperware

"Kick disposable plastic to the curb with Porter, our line of reusable containers that ensures sustainable and stylish storage for every bite and sip."

11. Twelve Piece Plastic Nesting Bowls Set With Lids

If you couldn't tell already, I'm really into black accents in my home! I thought these nesting mixing bowls were so cute and they are awesome storage containers. Sometimes I like to serve food in bowls like this and then for leftover storage you just throw on the lid and stick it in the fridge!

"These bowls are great. I use them for outdoor parties and inside casual entertaining. They are sturdy and clean up well. the lids fit securely. These are light weight and durable. I recommend these bowls."

12. Pyrex 4pc 3 Cup Rectangular Glass Food Storage

I just recently saw these glass containers at Target, and I almost bought them because they were so cute and seemed like such good quality, and then I reminded myself that I already have a full set of tupperware at home! But, take it from me, these are super cute and also seem very durable!

tupperware containers

"these are great containers. Great for for storing everything. Pre-cut veggies, fruits, yogurt, cheese, or for storing cooked foods, salads, everything!"

13. Glass Food Storage Bowls with Silicone Sleeve and Airtight Lids

Are you worried about having glass containers because you think you will break them? These containers have a silicone sleeve to protect them from breaking, which is awesome!! This five-pack of kitchen tupperware is totally worth the hype!

"The measurements are great for portioning of food, if you’re concerned about individual portions. The silicone bumpers offer great protection and grip. The snap lids are tight and clear."

This post was all about kitchen tupperware.

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