My All-Time Favorite Things of 2019 (seriously I’m obsessed with all of these)

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by sophia lee

Every year I love to look back and tell you all about my favorite products I discovered and I think this year might be some of my favorite things EVER! 

Also, all of them are really budget friendly (I think everything is under $30!!). I even included food because duhh.

These are my die-hard, tell everyone I see, buy a million times again products. I am OBSESSED with all of them!!


1. Dry Shampoo 

These two dry shampoos I have been obsessedddd with this year. Let's be real...I try to go as long as I can without washing my hair.

I like the Detox Dry Shampoo for the two days after I shower when my hair isn't that greasy.

I bring out the big boy (the IGK First Class Dry Shampoo) when I need major help. Like when my hair is so greasy that people ask if I just showered haha. I'm not kidding it makes it look like my hair is freshly clean it's SO good.

2. Face Razor 

Hollllyyy sh*t this has changed the way my makeup looks. Whenever I would wear foundation you could see all that hair on my cheeks and it just wasn't cute (go look in the mirror, you probably have it too haha).

Plus, your girl has a mustache so I need that gone too ;). 

It does NOT grow your hair back dark or thick. It for real makes your makeup look insanely good.

These are the razors I use and recommend. I get them from Amazon and can get them shipped overnight. I have purchased ones from Target before but liked these better. 

3. Elf Poreless Primer

You guys. One of my favorite bloggers (Emily Gemma) recommended this and because it's so cheap I decided to try it out.

I am OBSESSED and have worn this under my foundation every day since.

4. Oui Hair Oil 

I go through a lot of different hair oils and this is one of my favorites. It makes my hair soo smoth and silky. 

5. Kiehl's Eye Cream

I have officially hit the age where I start using eye cream haha. I don't want wrinkles but I really just love how moisturized my under eyes are after I put this on. 


1. Jean Jacket

I went through a fashion crisis this summer and felt like I had nothing to wear (can you relate?? HAH!). 

I ordered this jean jacket on Amazon to wear out when my friends and I go to the bars and I had to stop wearing it because I had like 5 Insta pictures in a row of me wearing the same outfit hahaha.

It really is so cute and super cheap too.

2. Pajamas Joggers

BUY THESE. I promise you that it will be the $9 you've spent in a long time.

These are from Walmart and are so soft I want them in every single color.

3. Phone Case

I randomly found this phone case on a Target run and I get so many compliments on it. It's reallllyy cute and under $20!


1. Trader Joe's Brown Rice 

I eat rice with a ton of meals and would always burn that 5-minute rice at the grocery store.

I decided to try this from Trader Joes and its the best freaking rice I've ever had haha. I buy like 6 rices at a time. It's sticky and moist (gross but it is haha). The BEST.

2. Pop Corner Chips

These are my current favorite snack and I've gotten my whole family hooked on them. They're addicting but I like them because they are a "healthy" version of chips and are pretty inexpensive too (I want to say 2.99 for a big bag).

I just get these at the regular grocery store.

3. Oat Milk 

Another year, another new milk discovery. 

I used to always get almond milk in my lattes or use it as creamer in my coffee I make at home but this year I discovered oat milk which completely replaced that. 

Oat milk is the new phenomenon in the milk world and for good reason. It's soo much better than any other milk I've had in my coffee and I love it. Highly recommend trying! 

4. Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning 

You guys. This stuff is life changing. 

It's all the seasoning from an everything bagel MINUS the bagel. I put it on so many different things but my favorite is avocado toast.

I eat this combo literally everyone morning haha seriously soooo good and such an easy meal! 

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