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dainty jewerly

Minus the earrings in that pic above, you can see almost all of my daily jewelry here. I have small hoops and beaded bracelets I wear too, which I'll have linked below.

I'm a girl that doesn't like change so when I find a piece of jewelry I like, you can bet that I will be wearing it every single day for the next year! Seriously, I really do. I am listing the jewelry below that I wear every single day.

 My necklace and my bangles are real gold so I never take them off but unfortunately that makes them more expensive. All the rest of my jewelry I wear is under $25!

1. My Everyday Earrings

2. My Everyday Necklaces

I have wanted a dainty circle like the one above for years, and continually was going through cheap versions of it that would always end up turning and looking like crap. For my birthday last year, my mom ended up getting me this one in real gold so I could wear it every single day. I love it and never take it off!

The other initial necklace I wear with it constantly (basically every day). I wear it so much that the gold in the back started coming off (the front is totally fine) so I painted clear nail polish on the back so it wouldn't irritate my skin. I constantly get compliments on it!

2. My Everyday Bracelets

I ALWAYS admire peoples bracelet stacks so I love having multiple bracelets on at all times.

I have gold bangles (in pic above you can see them) that I never take off and are real gold. 

They are pricier and I get one for the big events in my life. Hopefully by the time I'm old, I'll have like 100 that I can hand down to all my grandchildren (that's my dream at least!).

I also wear these gold bead bracelets. I am OBSESSED with them! I bought a horrible set from Baublebar around Christmas time and all the gold had rubbed off in about a week. I'm not kidding! I usually love their stuff but this time it was really bad.

I found the ones linked above for a set of two for only $12 so I figured I would try them. I take them when I shower and sometimes when I sleep, otherwise I have worn them 24/7 for about a month. They have not turned colors AT ALL! I am so impressed.

For $12, I feel like you can't beat it!

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